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Mindful Parenting: A Simple And Powerful Solution For Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids In Today’s Hectic World

Behavior  21 December '16

Why People Are Going Crazy With This Post On Parenting

"On parenting" had released their Friday favorites last December 2, 2016. A Pick of Amy Joyce's favorite stories (an editor and a writer of the "On Parenting"), and other stories she recommended and shared in case the readers would like to go through them.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

School Age  20 December '16

Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Parenting?

U.S Sen. Ted Cruz, chairman of the subcommittee on space. He is one of the head of senate’s space, science and competitiveness, discussing about AI and the benefits that it provides to America.

Mindful Parenting: A Simple And Powerful Solution For Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids In Today’s Hectic World

Development  20 December '16

Parenting Change: A Look Back In The Past And Look Forward to the Future

Mother of all ages agreed that parenting today has changed intensely for the past decades. Modern moms nowadays have been given more info because of the internet but it also gives them criticism.

National Geographic Launches Its First Global Retail Store

School Age  20 December '16

Transgender 9-Year-Old On National Geographic Cover Gets Cheers, Jeers & Subscription Cancellation; Do You Laud Or Detest This? [POLL]

Avery Jackson, 9, is the first transgender to land the cover on the internationally-acclaimed magazine.

Middle Child Syndrome

Development  19 December '16

Break The Stigma: Know The Positive Impact Of Being The Middle Child

Know the amazing traits that middle children would usually possess.

Woolworths Carols In The Domain 2016

Behavior  18 December '16

Parenting Inside Out: Parenting Education In The Justice System

Just when everybody thought that inmates could no longer become effective parents, a program comes along.

Homeless Figures Reveal 255,000 Have No Permanent Home

School Age  16 December '16

Child Abuse Case Involving 5-Year-Old With Drugs Sparks Protest As Judge Censors Journalist Covering Story

Isaac Avilucea obtained documents about the case, so he thought he could publish his story. A judge has barred him from doing so.

Daily Farmers Struggle Due To Falling Prices Of Milk In Spa

Nutrition  15 December '16

Got Milk? Common Myth About Lactose Intolerance Explained

Experts explain and debunked the common misconception of lactose intolerance.

First Lady Debuts White House Holiday Decorations

Health  15 December '16

Family Pets: Studies Reveal That Dogs Can Effectively Help Alleviate A Child's Anxiety

Dogs ca effectively ease an anxious child according to recent research.

Three Handy Tips To Help Parents Identify And Encourage Their Children’s Interest

Development  14 December '16

Three Handy Tips To Help Parents Identify And Encourage Their Children’s Interest

Research revel that question-asking is a great opportunity for parents to identify and encourage their children’s interest. Handy reminders listed too.

Parent With Child

Behavior  14 December '16

What Parents Need To Know When They Are Having A Hard Time With Their Kids

If you're a parent and you're at your last thread, this article is for you.

Social Projects Address Needs Of Struggling Families

School Age  14 December '16

Parental Discipline: Children Are Not Only Misbehaving, There Are 4 Reasons Why They Misbehave

Kids misbehave for different reasons. Parent Herald has learned that children misbehave for four reasons: they want attention; they have unmet needs; they want power and control; and they’re testing limits.

Father And Son

Toddler  13 December '16

Life Hacks To Improve Parenting

When your life is already as complicated as it is and you receive an another job, and it’s called Parenting. Raising children costs a lot of time and requires a lot of work. If you are a modern parent who spends time on the internet, then there might be a chance you know what Life Hacks are. These are just effective little tricks to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Mindful Parenting: A Simple And Powerful Solution For Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids In Today’s Hectic World

Behavior  13 December '16

Patience As An Important Factor in Parenting

Parenting is never an easy job. It is a lifelong process that takes so much patience and perseverance to do. A lot of times, we’ve heard parents say that they’re tired, and when they do they often lose patience and start to get mad even on little things.

Latest Electronic Games Debut At E3 Expo

Behavior  13 December '16

This Kid Gets A New Wii U Free From Best Buy Just Because He Goes To The Store Everyday

What a lucky kid this one is because he got a new Wii U for free from Best Buy and all he did is just go to the store everyday to play the game in the display.

Children In Prams

Health  12 December '16

HFMD Is On The Rise Alarming Parents Across Florida Claiming That They Were Unnotified

HFMD is said to have made an outbreak in Florida schools and parents are highly alarmed.

Border Security Remains Key Issue In Presidential Campaigns

Behavior  12 December '16

Considerations In Determining A Midweek Overnight Parenting Time Schedule

A child will not always understand the situation in which he or she is living in. As a result, the child may have a change in attitude due to separation and may sometimes even lead the child to walking down the wrong path for some various reasons. To avoid this type of disaster, the court of the United States has presented some guidance that the parents might want to consider when planning out their parenting schedule.

Long Distance Parenting

Health  12 December '16

Long Distance Parenting: What Impact Does It Have On Children?

Claudia Frys says that her parents had to leave but they made sure to support her in every possible way.

Learn About One Free Application That Can Help Parent’s Execute Effective Parenting

Behavior  12 December '16

Parenting In The Digital Era

In some cases today, our parents doubt about the proper usage of computers. Should they allow their children to use it? Should they let their children stay longer on playing computers?

Father and Son

Dads  10 December '16

Why This Guy Is Considered The Best Dad In The World

After his wife’s death, he dealt many challenges on how to be a single parent to their only daughter. He thought it was not the same without his wife, but the process was an eye-opener to him, he didn’t realize he could do such things. Upon discovering these circumstances he shared his strategies on being a dad to other single parent around the world.

Why Parenting Is Challenging

Behavior  10 December '16

A Great Power Comes A Great Responsibilities

Being a parent is one of the most difficult tasks a person can ever have. But there are new studies that will help parents rear their kids the easiest way.

The Challenges of Parenting

Development  10 December '16

Why Parenting Should Not Get In The Way Of Your Post-Graduate Studies

Raising or parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood and techniques in teaching or pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

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