School Age

'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World

Development  30 November '16

Helicopter Parenting: Why Is This Parenting Style Discouraged?

Experts reveal that helicopter parenting can actually do more harm than good.

Bombings in Aleppo, Syria Affects Families

Health  30 November '16

Bana Alabed Tweets Aleppo Bombings

War is not only affecting families but more importantly children. Children affected by the war in Aleppo, Syria are appealing for help.

Florida Prepares As Hurricane Matthew Barrels Towards Atlantic Coast

School Age  30 November '16

Are You Cramming For Exams? Goodluck Scoring An A

Every student who has panicked while reading the same page of a textbook over and over again may suspect this.

Harmful Effects Of Obesity Among Children And How To Prevent It

Health  30 November '16

Harmful Effects Of Obesity Among Children And How To Prevent It

Obesity places everyone at a very high risk especially children, here are the harmful effects of obesity among children and how to prevent it.

Iowa: The First Battleground For The 2016 Presidential Nomination

School Age  30 November '16

Pedophile Trapping Techniques: Why The Online Realm Can Be A Dangerous Place For Children

Online grooming is a trap used by paedophiles obscured behind the veils of the internet to exploit children sexually.

Students Pledge Allegiance To The Flag In Pennsylvania

School Age  30 November '16

British Columbia Designating A Representative For Children? Youth Strongly Favors A Federal Guardian For Kids

The new representative is keen on finding a solution to children cases in federal authority.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Nutrition  29 November '16

How To Find The Right Granola Bars For Kids

Believe it or not but not all granola bars are healthy. Here are ways on how to spot the healthy ones for your kids.

7-Year-Old Boy No Longer Needs To Wear Helmet Thanks To 3D Skull Implant

Health  29 November '16

This Boy Almost Lost Half Of His Skull But Now Has A New One Through 3D Printing

Who knew that a 3D printer could change this boy's life forever? Learn the story here.

Family Wireless

School Age  29 November '16

Extending Your Child's Focus

Finding it difficult to get your child's attention? Here are some ways to have it for a long time.

Candle Light Vigil Held For 9-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Chicago

Toddler  29 November '16

The Suicide Prevention Hotline Surges As Election Sweeps By U.S Residents

The unanticipated outcome of 2016's election has disturbed people living in the U.S, especially the youth among many others.

Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Worldwide Day Of Play

School Age  29 November '16

Parenting And Sports: Why Parents Should Support Their Sports-Loving Children

Parents who had loved sports in younger ages but not supported by their parents try even harder to support their children.

Soldiers Return Home As U.S. Draws Down Troops From Iraq

School Age  29 November '16

Kids In Danger: Sexual Predators Targeting Vulnerable Children In Residential Childcare Homes?

What happens when children homes become unsafe for little children because of prying sexual eyes.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

School Age  29 November '16

Funds Are Still Limited To Sponsor Children With Disabilities— A Sad Reality?

Innumerable families of children with disabilities with low income were paid a meager amount of tax credits.

Kids Allowed By Court To Sue US Government On Climate Change

Health  28 November '16

Kids To Take Feds, Trump To Court Over Climate Change

Twenty-one children haev been given the legal standign to sue the United States government and maybe even Presdient-elect Donald Trump for causign climate change.

Teacher Surprised With $10,000 As A Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award winner

School Age  29 November '16

Why The Number Of Children In Child Care Custody Are Increasing In The UK

Due to societal problems, more children are be thrown off into child-care systems in the United Kingdom than ever before.

Sydney's Water Babies

Development  28 November '16

Parenting Difficult Kids Is Considered Hard When In Fact There’s Always Room For More Efforts

Parenting techniques and styles could have many effects on problematic children.

Harry Potter fan from Syria gets ebook from J.K. Rowling

Education  28 November '16

7-Year-Old Harry Potter Fan In War-Torn Syria Gets Books From J.K. Rowling

The magic of the Harry Potter series has reached war-torn Aleppo in Syria where a seven-year old girl passes off time to forget the war by reading the wizard's adventures. Author J.K. Rowling surprises her by sending her ebooks of the series.

GTA V - EPIC Moments (#2)

School Age  28 November '16

11-Year-Old Boy Had Too Much ‘GTA V,' Drove A Car And Engaged In A Police Pursuit On A Highway

Too much "GTA V" encouraged an 11-year old to experience driving by himself.

US Heroin Epidemic Takes Toll On Families

Health  28 November '16

Chronic Pain In Children: An Issue That Certainly Requires More Attention

Alberta Children's Hospital wants to build a program so that youth will be help by other people.

Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty

School Age  28 November '16

Living On Skid Row: Homeless Children Increasing In Los Angeles County?

The School on Wheels program aims to help kids living in a homeless situation by providing tutoring and counseling to keep them focused on education.

CPS Confirms Hoverboards Are Illegal To Ride On The Pavement And The Road

Health  27 November '16

Dangers Of Online Shopping: Recalled Toys Sold Online Place Consumers On Health Risks

Parents should be keen when it comes to choosing the items they are purchasing online.

New York Holds Annual Easter Day Parade On 5th Avenue

Behavior  27 November '16

Parenting Facts: Are You Setting A Good Example In Terms Of Behavior?

The key to smart discipline is simple: Teach your child how to control her own behavior so you don't have to.

Comedy Central Live 2016 Upfront - Presentation

Development  27 November '16

Identifying Fake News: Why Children Are Bad At This

Eighty-two percent of middle-schoolers couldn't distinguish between an ad labeled sponsored content and a real news story on a website.

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