NYC program helps refugee kids prepare for school

School  2 January '17

The Importance Of Education Among Immigrants In The United States

Children refugees are in dire need of education and the United States government is already doing its best to work on the situation.

Blair Faces Mounting Revolt in Top-Up Fees Row

School  2 January '17

American Students Applying In Canada Colleges See Rise After Donald Trump's Win

The U.S. neighbor has also been actively recruiting students as a way to address their ageing population.

The Power of A Liberal Arts Education

School  1 January '17

How Well Would Liberal Arts Fare In Donald Trump's America?

If enacted, a proposal by Donald Trump would result in only the wealthy gaining the benefits of the kind of liberal education that is the foundation for success

Sen. Blumenthal Holds A News Conference With Families Affected By GM's Recalled Vehicles

School  31 December '16

US Organizations To Offer Higher Education Scholarships For Students With Physical Disabilities

Efforts for people with physical disabilities to attain merit scholarships have initiated, which is a very positive step towards education.

General Views of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

School  30 December '16

Non-Islamic School Forcibly Teaching Kids How To Pray In Mosques? The Truth About That Viral Video [WATCH]

Is there a reason to fear, panic or worry about the images of blonde students praying like Muslims?

President-Elect Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower In New York

School  30 December '16

Donald Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway Can't Enroll Her Kids; DC Private Schools Giving Her The 'Brush-Off'

The president-elect's former campaign manager is moving her family to serve the new government.

2014 Australian Open - Day 10

School  29 December '16

San Diego School Disciplined Elementary Students Via Planking On Hot Surface, Corporal Punishment Complaint Dismissed

The kids returned home with blisters, prompting parents to complain to the school principal.

Bangkok Anatomy Lab Inundated With Body Donors Following Example Of Revered Monk Luang Phor Khoon

School  28 December '16

Misaligned Pharma Structures Blamed For Poor Medical Education Performance

The poor performance of medical education could be blamed on the misaligned pharmaceutical structures according to study.

Student Loan Rates Double After Congress Fails To Agree On Legislation

School  28 December '16

What Are The Refinance Options For Student Loans This 2017?

There are ways to make the most of one's student loans and Americans should check out the option that would make them pay less interest or give them more years to pay off their loans.

DJ Khaled Visits Harvard University to Host Get Schooled Snapchat College Tour and Meet With Harvard Business School Students

School  28 December '16

Racist College? UW-Madison Defends 'The Problem of Whiteness' Class After Republicans Call For Its Removal

It's under the African Cultural Studies program of the university.

Amazing Science Experiments...

School  30 December '16

Children And Science: Should Parents Encourage Their Kids To Engage in Scientific Thinking?

Science helps children to think about things before they actually happen, and while we will all develop this skill to some extent, practicing this internal hypothesis process from an early age gives children a great advantage. Life is all about making more good decisions than bad decisions and having a solid framework of thought experiments offers a great advantage in life.

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show

School  28 December '16

The Education Community Got Its Most Biting But Helpful Criticisms From Late-Night Comedies In 2016

"Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver is the most relentless late-night host tackling education.

'Financial Missionaries' Preach Personal Finance Mmgt In Christian Context

School  28 December '16

College Loans Hitting Parents Harder As Student Debt Crisis Rises

Experts say that this financial trend is just beginning to simmer and it could get worse.

Evening Prayer Service At New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral Led By Pope Francis

School  28 December '16

Catholic Education: An Important Option In Massachusetts?

Tom Birmingham recalls his experience as a Catholic student and stresses the importance of Catholic education in the world today.

New York City Teachers Rally For More Charter Schools In New York

School  28 December '16

Why Charter Schools Are Becoming Popular Among Students

Charter schools have been one of the biggest developments in school choice reform.

Mobile Health Unit Visits Suburban Chicago

School  27 December '16

Senate Bill 242 Draws Controversy: Should Parents Get Full Rights To Children's Mental Health Records With School Counselors?

LGBT advocates think that the legislation could threaten kids who still have to come out to their parents but what about those with suicidal tendencies?

Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Education Secretary Nominee John King

School  27 December '16

US Education Secretary John King Calls For 'Protecting Our Students' As Betsy DeVos Takes Over In January

Beyond operation and management of schools, it's service to the students regardless of race, religion or orientation must be the priority.

Weekly Council Testing At Beaches In New Zealand

College Success  27 December '16

Students In A North Carolina Community College Get Boost For Its STEM Study On Waterdogs

Nash Community College have students doing graduate-level researchers, thus making them more competitive and capable of carrying out more extensive studies.

Aids Day Is Marked Around The World

School  26 December '16

Students With HIV Concerns Excluded, US DOJ Rules Arkansas School District Violated Federal Act

The barring of the students happened over three years ago and now an official ruling against the school has been determined.

Indian IT Industry Moves Into The Consumer Market

School  24 December '16

Junior High Math Teacher Gets Reprimanded For Using Inappropriate Word In A Math Problem

This teacher got in trouble for using a word he shouldn't have when he asked his students to solve a math problem.

How Parents Can Help Kids with Homework

School  24 December '16

With Involvement Of Technology In Students' Homework, Parents Are Making Efforts For Improved Study Environments

As school assignments go digital, more parents are building dedicated spaces where they can monitor children’s activities.

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos

School  23 December '16

Donald Trump's Education Secretary Pick Betsy DeVos Says US Public School System Is A 'Dead End’; Policies Deterring Students From Higher Education?

Donald Trump's policies in education as well as his cabinet pick for the Department of Education secretary might affect not only public schools but also higher education.

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