Path To Closure Of US Detention Center At Guantanamo Bay Still Uncertain

School  23 December '16

School-To-Prison Prevention: Connecticut Program To Reduce Student Arrests And Behavioral Incidents Expands

The state's School-Based Diversion Initiative (SBDI) was established since 2008 and covers at least 31 districts, including the latest additions.

Students protest against university fees court ruling

School  23 December '16

Problem-Solving Skills In Students: Traditional Lectures Won't Help Young Adults Become Problem-Solvers, Study Reveals

Students need to be ready to tackle different problems when they become workers. They sharpen this skill in school.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

School  22 December '16

Student’s Data Provided On Educational App And Websites Could Be Used Beyond Educational Purposes, Privacy Commission Warns, Students Be Careful!

Ontario’s privacy commissioner, Brian Beamish, warns students, parents and teachers of the confidejavascript:;ntiality risks with educational technologies. Beamish said the student’s information could be used beyond educational purposes.

New York City Teachers Rally For More Charter Schools In New York

School  22 December '16

Teacher Shortage Is A Big Problem In US Education, Experts Share Potential Solutions Through Teachers Of Tomorrow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are some great ideas that might help the Education department.

Cradle to College Education

School  21 December '16

Coalition Ask State To Fund Cradle Through College Education

Coalition ask legislators to fund Cradle Through College Education.

Former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager Murder Trial Continues

School  22 December '16

Detroit Education Cases To Have A Significant Impact On Public Education?

Two legal rulings for schoolers are expected to emerge from Detroit’s federal bench in some time. This may have a huge impact on public education.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Holds News Conference On Interest Rate Decision

School  21 December '16

Yellen: Education Is The Key To Economic Success, Yellen Links Economic Success With Higher Education

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has tied the success of a nation’s economy to education during her graduation remarks at the University of Baltimore. She cited the importance of education or completing a college degree.

Blair Faces Mounting Revolt in Top-Up Fees Row

College Success  21 December '16

Higher Education Reforms: Valid Suggestions For The Trump Administration In Improving America's College System

Reforms are expected with a new leader assuming in January. Hopefully, the change will bring improvements and not the opposite.


School  18 December '16

Examining Baby Boomers’ Conditions

To keep the healthiness of every “Baby Boomers”, the Chief Medical Officer for England, Ms. Dame Sally Davies, come up with a new report to assess the health of adults from the uprising issues regarding the factors and the ailments that may comprise these people recently.

Homeless Dallas-Area Teens Receive Clothing From Non-Profit Group

School  15 December '16

Homeless Students Across US Increasing? Recent Statistics Reveal New York Has The Second Largest Homeless Student Population In America

The number of homeless students in the United States is increasing, especially in the state of New York.

Step Up Women's Network's Third Annual 'Step Up For Yoga and Health'

School  15 December '16

The Power Of Meditation: Know The Benefits Of Adding Meditation As Part Of The School's Daily Activities

Meditation does not only calm the mind, but it also helps the child overall well-being.


School  15 December '16

Sex Education: Do Teens Prefer To Be Taught About Sexual Knowledge By Other Teens? Study Claims It Does

A new study claims that teenagers would like it better if other teenagers their age would teach them about sex education.

Learn About One Free Application That Can Help Parent’s Execute Effective Parenting

Behavior  12 December '16

Parenting In The Digital Era

In some cases today, our parents doubt about the proper usage of computers. Should they allow their children to use it? Should they let their children stay longer on playing computers?

Learn One Effective Way Of Restoring Democratic Values Through Education

School  12 December '16

Protecting Liberty: How To Restore Democratic Values Through Education

Research reveal that Americans of today lack regard for democracy. Studies suggest mitigating the disease through education.

Australian Labor Party 2016 Federal Campaign Launch

School  12 December '16

Education Budgets Should Be Increased Both Overseas And Domestic Otherwise The World Will Suffer, Julia Gillard Warns

Julia Gillard warns the governments around the world of the threat on not increasing education budgets. She said it is imperative that both overseas and domestic education funding be made available as the initial efforts to have kids and youngsters into school.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Obama Immigration Programs

School  12 December '16

Indiana Colleges Vow To Uphold Obama's DACA Immigration Program For Undocumented Students Amid Fears Trump Will Abolish It

There are 750,000 students from immigrant families benefitting from the program and their future could be in jeopardy.

USA Directs $50 Billion Loan Portfolio Funds To Education, Philanthropy And Investing Sector

School  12 December '16

USA Directs $50 Billion Loan Portfolio Funds To Education Philanthropy And Investing Sector

With the new administration headed by President-elect Donald J. Trump, changes are starting. It includes the further focusing of funds to the Sector Of Education Philanthropy And Investing.

Apple Hosts Event At Company's Town Hall

College Success  9 December '16

These US Schools Are The Best In Teaching Coding: Did Your University Make The Cut?

HackerRank, a technology company, determined which of the 126 computer science schools produce the top coders in America. Which universities landed a spot in the top 10?

Donald Trump Holds Weekend Meetings In Bedminster, NJ

School  9 December '16

The Problems With President-Elect Donald Trump's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' Free Market Schools

Critics say the market-based approach has been known to fail students and yet the new Education head strongly believes in this system.

U.S. Battle With For-Profit Colleges Flares Over Sale Of Giant School

School  11 December '16

Sale of University Of Phoenix Struggles To Meet Approval Conditions For Continued Federal Student Aid

University of Phoenix owner, Apollo Education Group, won preliminary government approval recently for a group of Wall Street investors including Apollo Global Management LLC, not related to the owning company to buy it.

New York City Teachers Rally For More Charter Schools In New York

School  8 December '16

Dyslexia: The Unrecognized Tabboo

Schools engage in strategies to lower their special education expenses, and dyslexia is by far the largest group within the special education category.

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