Amber VanHecke

School  24 March '17

Texas College Student Makes Farewell Videos For Family After Being Stranded Near Grand Canyon For Five Days

A college student from Texas got stranded at the Grand Canyon for five days.

Chinese Students

School  24 March '17

Two Chinese Students Die From Stampede, 20 More Suffer From Injuries

A stampede took place in China killing two children.

Protecting Home-Schooled Children From Abuse

School  24 March '17

Protecting Home-Schooled Kids From Abuse: What Can States Do For Home-Schooled Children?

There are some 1.8 home-schooled children in America and although cases of abuse against them are isolated, concerned groups and individuals are pushing for laws to protect them.

Foreign Exchange Students In US High Schools

School  23 March '17

Survey Reveals US High School Easier For Foreign Exchange Students; Sports Demands More Challenging

The Brown Center on Education Policy conducted and compared surveys done in 2001 and 2016 and noted something significant in the results.

Mayor Bill de Blasio

School  22 March '17

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Orders School Staffers To Block Immigrations, Customs Enforcement Agents Without Warrant

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents will not be allowed to get into schools in New York City as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced such act will not be tolerated.

California Teachers Layoff

School  22 March '17

California School Districts Plan 1,750 Teacher Layoffs; What's Wrong With California Public Schools?

Some of the most in-demand teacher posts are getting the cut first even as there's a shortage of teachers as it is.

Artificial Intelligence In Education

School  21 March '17

Artificial Intelligence In Education: How Is This Changing Classrooms And Learning?

Artificial intelligence or AI is shaping classrooms globally and enabling students to gain more knowledge as more opportunities emerge.

Middle School Name IPMS

School  17 March '17

New Florida Middle School To Be Called IPMS; Parents Demand Changing 'Disgusting' Name

The school color for Innovation Park Middle School or IPMS is red. Parents think the students will be ridiculed because of it.

Angelina Jolie As Professor

School  16 March '17

Angelina Jolie Teaches College For The First Time: 'I'm A Little Nervous, Feeling Butterflies'

Angelina Jolie signed for an unpaid visiting professor job at the London School of Economics last May 2016. She will officially hold classes in September.

Higher Education Alternatives

School  16 March '17

Students Looking At Higher Education Alternatives; Where Are The Best Colleges Apart From US And UK?

The political climate in America and Great Britain has students looking for college opportunities in other countries.

Betsy DeVos Revised ESSA

School  15 March '17

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Releases Updated ESSA Guidelines Template; Do States Get More Flexibility?

States have until April 3, 2017 to submit their ESSA but Betsy DeVos' new guidelines is supposed to be adopted as soon as possible.

Children Of Immigrants In The United States Made It To The Top OF Science Competition

School  14 March '17

How Children Of Immigrant Parents Made It As Top Science Students in America

America's future engineers and scientists could be children of immigrant parents.

Westfield Hosts Interactive Artificial Intelligence Storytelling For Kids At Pop-Up Indoor Park

School  14 March '17

How Artificial Intelligence Affects US Education System

Artificial intelligence has proven its benefits the country's educational system.

Teachers' Dilemma On President Donald Trump

School  14 March '17

Educators Facing Dilemma In Teaching Trump's Politics To Students; What's Allowed And Not Allowed?

Teachers are unsure of how to handle social issues and lessons on current events around Trump without offending students, parents, school administrators or the community.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Met With Agudath Israel

School  13 March '17

Betsy DeVos Commends Orthodox Jewish Schools As Models Of Public Education In Her Meeting With Agudath Israel

Betsy DeVos and Agudath Israel have worked together before in fostering improvements for Jewish private schools.

Slavery Auction Posters Upset Parents

School  12 March '17

Parents Upset Over Slave Auction Poster Assignment For 5th Graders In New Jersey School

The school district superintendent and the principal of the South Mountain Elementary School already responded to the complaints.

2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards - Show

School  11 March '17

Enrique Iglesias, Other Latin Artists Reveal Why Education Is Important

Enrique Iglesias and his fellow Latin artists recently opened up about the importance of education in the Hispanic community.

Harvard Law School

School  11 March '17

Harvard Law School No Longer Requires Admission Test, Aspiring Lawyers To Submit Scores From Graduate Record Examination

The Harvard Law School will no longer require admission test to aspiring lawyers.

Utah Lawmakers Repeal No Promo Homo

School  10 March '17

Utah Lawmakers Repeal Law Banning Gay Discussions In Sex Education Classes, LGBT Supporters Commend Senators

The state has a law called "no promo homo" that disallowed advocating homosexuality in schools.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

College Success  9 March '17

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Finally Getting His Harvard Degree After Dropping College 12 Years Ago

In preparation for the big day, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg consulted with another billionaire and fellow Harvard dropout Bill Gates.

Students Protest Tuition Increase

College Success  9 March '17

Higher Education Students Violently Fight For College Costs, Equity In South Africa; Is America Next?

The conflict at University of Witwatersrand started over a proposed tuition fee increase when the students are demanding free college.

Schools Under The CPS System Could Face Early End Of Schoolyear Due To Funding Shortage

School  8 March '17

Chance The Rapper Gives Chicago’s Public Schools $1 Million After Government Cuts School Funding

Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to the CPS to make up for the $215 budget shortage.

Trump Administration Releases New Version Of Immigration Ban

School  8 March '17

American Teen Fails To Get College Aid Due To Immigrant Mom

An American teenager filed a lawsuit after she was denied financial assistance for College because of the immigrant status of her mother.

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