U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

School  7 March '17

Betsy DeVos And Education Innovation: What Does The Secretary Plan For Higher Education, Education Technology?

Will the Education head be open to tapping edtech resources willing to help public schools or will her school choice priority remain the first agenda?

President Donald Trump

School  6 March '17

President Donald Trump Advices 10-Year-Old Girl: 'Make A Lot Of Money, Don't Run For Politics'

The president's team visited kids at Orlando's St. Andrew Catholic School as he pushes for school choice for the Education Department.

World Book Day Celebration

School  4 March '17

World Book Day 2017: How To Encourage Kids to Real

World Book Day celebration is now on its 20th year. It encourages children to explore the love or books and reading.

Education Technology Killing Textbook

School  3 March '17

Educational Technology Killing Textbooks? Parents, Children And Schools Prefer Digital Tools Vs. Traditional Tools For Learning

Instead of paper-based learning tools, kids today are enjoying learning through devices and this system is here to stay.

Charter schools

School  2 March '17

What Exactly Are Charter Schools? Government Orders Closure Of Four Low-Performing Charter Schools

Charter schools are privately-run but are publicly-funded.

Donald Trump

School  2 March '17

President Donald Trump's School Choice Initiative Highlighted In Congress Speech

U.S. President Donald Trump urged lawmakers to pass bills on school choice funding but didn't say where the money must come from.

Online Education

School  1 March '17

Online Education Costs Higher Than In-Person Learning? New Study Says Yes

A new study claims online education costs higher than traditional education.

Chance The Rapper

School  1 March '17

Chance The Rapper, Gov. Bruce Rauner To Discuss Chicago Education: 'I'm Eager To Hear His Ideas'

The music artist grew up in Illinois and his dad has served the local government as aide to two mayors and then-Sen. Barack Obama.

Ellen Gives Her Single Biggest Gift Ever!

School  28 February '17

Ellen DeGeneres, Wal-Mart Grant Entire Senior Class College Scholarships; Students To Attend 4 Years At Any SUNY School

Many families from the kids' community are barely getting by and only four percent of adults have college degrees.

Jennifer Garner Promotes Early Childhood Education | Legislative Update Extras | KET

K-12 Reform  27 February '17

Jennifer Garner Meets With US Governors To Discuss Preschool Programs [PHOTOS]

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama confirmed the meeting by posting pictures on his Twitter account.

Homeschooling: Should the State Subsidize It?- Learn Liberty

Homeschooling  27 February '17

Homeschoolers Oppose School Choice And School Vouchers Bills Passed By Republicans

Sen. Larry Taylor and Rep. Steve King's bills will are not popular with parents who home-school.

Inauguration of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice. Jan.16. 2017.

School  25 February '17

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Unveils Education Reforms In Senate, Pushes Department Of Education Restructure

The governor talked about his plans during his inauguration in January and he's now making good his promise to his constituents.

Lawmaker wants homeschooled students to be able to participate in school activities

Homeschooling  23 February '17

Virginia Tebow Bill Gets Rejected For A 3rd Year, Governor Vetoes Proposal Allowing Home-Schooled Students In Public School Football

Following the veto, the bill will get another review in the General Assembly in Virginia's Legislative branch.

 Deep Prayer

School  23 February '17

Indiana House Education Committee Passes School Prayer Bill; When Will Praying Be Restored In Schools?

Some critics said, however, the provisions stated in the bill seem pointless as the state already allows voluntary prayer in schools.

Department Of Education Abolishment

School  22 February '17

GOP Lawmaker Takes Steps To Abolish Department Of Education, Files Bill Proposing Agency's Dissolution

For the transition, Rep. Thomas Massie would like Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, to chart plans and delegate programs at the state level as soon as possible.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

School  22 February '17

Best US Public High Schools 2017: Virginia, New York Top List; What Schools Are In Top 10?

Over 100 schools were ranked from a list of 24,000 institutions across the United States.

Virtual Classrooms In Iowa

School  21 February '17

Virtual Classrooms Growing Popular With Iowa Parents, But Is It A Threat To Public Schools?

The state has two established virtual schools and some are hoping that with proper funding, this will increase in the next few years.

Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking

School  21 February '17

Child Sexual Abuse, Child Sex Trafficking To Be Taught In Public Schools; State Senator Wants Prevention Education

If the Senate approves this bill, the issues will be taught among Grade 5 to Grade 12 public school students state wide.

Start School Later Gets Needed Support

School  21 February '17

Legislation For Kids: Senator Files Bill Pushing School To Start An Hour Later

A bill filed by Senator Anthony Portantino would require schools to start the day at a later time than the regular schedule.

Academe Shows Immigrants' Contribution To American Culture

School  21 February '17

Anti-Trump Protest: US Museums Remove Immigrant Artworks Amid Travel Ban

Museums in America are protesting President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant travel ban by removing or covering artworks made by or donated by immigrants.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Speaks Among Educators

School  20 February '17

Betsy DeVos Is First Secretary With US Marshal Protection From Angry Protesters; Duncan Criticizes Move As 'Waste Of Taxpayer Money'

The last time a cabinet secretary was granted this type of security detail was in 2009 for the then-head of National Drug Control Policy.

How To Cook Crystal Meth

School  19 February '17

Mom Distraught At Teacher Who Gives 13-Year-Old Students Homework On How To Cook And Inject Crystal Meth

The teacher has since been suspended by officials at the Erin Mills Middle School in Ontario.

Latino Workers Stay Home For 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

School  19 February '17

California Teachers Mock Students Who Joined 'Day Without Immigrants' Strike, Social Media Post Sparks Outrage

After the reading the comments from the educators, students at Rubidoux High School staged a walk out during afternoon classes.

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