Latino Workers Stay Home For 'Day Without Immigrants' Protest

School  19 February '17

California Teachers Mock Students Who Joined 'Day Without Immigrants' Strike, Social Media Post Sparks Outrage

After the reading the comments from the educators, students at Rubidoux High School staged a walk out during afternoon classes.

Thousands Attend Women's March On Washington

School  18 February '17

Mom Objects To Pink Hats, The Women’s March Symbol, Being Sold At Daughter's School — Here's Why!

Janice D'Angelo complained to school officials about the hats that make a strong political statement.

President Donald Trump

School  17 February '17

Orange Coast College Professor Rants About Donald Trump's Presidential Win, Calls It Act Of Terrorism; Student Who Filmed Criticism Suspended

Caleb O'Neil was suspended for taking a video of Olga Perez Stable Cox, the professor who criticized the president.

Transgender Bathroom In Schools

School  17 February '17

Parents Of Transgender Students Sign Letter For President Donald Trump After DOJ Rolls Back Bathroom Rights

The Department of Justice under the new government has withdrawn its objection to the injunction of Title IX.

Fake News Is Spreading

School  16 February '17

Some Schools In US Adding New Civics Course On How To Spot Fake News

A large number of students cannot detect whether the news they are reading is credible or not, thus having the class is necessary.

Home-schooled Students In Missouri

School  16 February '17

Home-Schooled Students Should Have More Extracurricular Activities, Missouri Senator Passes Bill

Home schooling is legal and accepted in the state but the Education department lacks concrete guidelines for it.

Illinois Governor Bruce Raunder

School  15 February '17

Illinois Governor, State Education Officials Sued By Chicago Public Schools For 'Discriminatory' Funding

Chicago Public Schools sued Illinois over what they believe is discriminatory funding.

Donald Trump Attends Parent-Teacher Conference Listening Session

School  15 February '17

Will The New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Eliminate Common Core?

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has expressed she doesn't support it but she has funded organizations in support of the standards. How will she reconcile this in her work?

Cyber Security A Growing Concerns For Nations

School  15 February '17

Internet Learning: England Schools Offer Cyber Security Lessons For Kids

Cyber security lessons will soon be part of the weekly lessons of students in England as part of the country's preparation for the increasing demand for experts.

Border Patrol Works Along Vermont - Canada Border

School  14 February '17

Canada Public School Board Cancels US Trip After Trump's Travel Ban, Cites Safety Of Students

Despite being good neighbors for decades, the immigration order has caused a problem at the borders up north.

Meryl Streep

School  13 February '17

Meryl Streep Gives Emotional Human Rights Campaign Speech, Defends Trans Teacher And Slams Donald Trump Once Again

The multi-award winning actress was honored with the Equality Award in the said event and talked about a trans teacher who mattered to her.

Teachers Union Rallies At Miami-Dade School Board Meeting

School  13 February '17

Philadelphia Teacher Group Declares Empowering And Helping Educators More Important Than Politics

Teach for America through its Philadelphia director stated that it is bipartisan when it comes to politics.

Newly Sworn-In Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Addresses Staff At The Education Department

School  12 February '17

Betsy DeVos' First Week As Education Secretary Met With Angry Protesters

Her first attempt to visit a public school was welcomed with a protest from those who signified their opposition to her stand on vouchers and charter schools.

Career Fair Held On Rutgers University Campus

School  12 February '17

US Education System Highlights Gap And Segregation, Diversity And Alternative Reforms Needed

America's education system is characterized by divisiveness greatly favoring the upper level of the socioeconomic class.

Government Plans Education Summit

School  12 February '17

Improving Math Skills: Boosting And Narrowing The Gap For Latinos

Hispanic children are lagging behind their white counterparts by three months of learning when it comes to math skills.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Stops By Hour Of Code Workshop Event Within Apple Store

School  11 February '17

The Challenges Of Public Education In The 21st Century: Leveraging Technology, Improving Teaching Skills And Student Competence

The public education system has remained stagnant despite the changing needs of the society.

German Politicians Debate Future of Universities

School  11 February '17

Nap Clubs On The Rise In Schools, Sleep-Deprived And Weary Students Urged To Snooze

There are many factors to why kids today aren't sleeping enough and schools are addressing this issue by encouraging the clubs.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

School  10 February '17

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Calls For More Funds For Pre-Kindergarten Education, Prisons

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley called for more funds for prisons and pre-kindergarten education.

Activists Protest Arizona's Controversial Immigration Law In Phoenix

School  10 February '17

Parents' Lawsuit Seeks To End Bible Classes In West Virginia Public Schools

The "Bible in the Schools" program was established in Mercer County in 1939 and sustained via private funding.

Girl Power Revolutionizes Braille System To Enable Visually-Impaired People To Read From Text

School  10 February '17

Women Power: Revolutionizing The Braille System For The Visually-Impaired

Visually-impaired people will soon be able to read text once the invention of these six engineering students from MIT becomes available in the market.

2012 Vice Presidential Debate

School  9 February '17

Former VP Joe Biden Collaborates With University Of Delaware, University Of Pennsylvania On Foreign And Domestic Policies

Delaware will set up Biden Institute, while Pennsylvania named the former VP the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor.

Trump's Selection For Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Testifies During Her Senate Confirmation Hearing

School  9 February '17

Betsy DeVos Confirmed As Secretary Of Education In Historic Senate Vote After VP Mike Pence Casts Tie-Breaker

The controversial education advocate will now sit as the head of America's school system.

John Kasich

School  8 February '17

Gov. John Kasich's Education Plan: Half Of Ohio Schools Might Lose Money If Enrollees Are Decreasing In Number

Northridge and Benton-Carroll-Salem are just some of the schools that might be stripped off its budget.

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