General Election - Education

School  8 February '17

Education Technology Helps Create A Diverse And Global American Education System For Students' Gains

Students have a bigger environment to learn from through education technology. They also become innovators who could usher changes in the world.

Is A Yale Or Harvard Education A Prerequisite To Become A Supreme Court Justice?

College Success  8 February '17

Yale Or Harvard: The Making Of A Supreme Court Justice

President Donald Trump's nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court has reached its final stage as the Senate's Judiciary Committee will soon decide on his fate.

Protestors Rally Outside Capitol Hill Against Betsy DeVos Nomination

School  7 February '17

Why Betsy DeVos Is President Donald Trump's Most Unpopular Cabinet Nominee

She's not an ideal Education secretary, according to those who oppose her. Those who love her, however, say she's going to introduce significant changes to improve Education.

President Trump Announces His Supreme Court Nominee

School  6 February '17

President Donald Trump Commends Catholic Schools For 'Tremendous Work'

During the elections, the president received an overwhelming support from Catholic voters.


School  3 February '17

Swiss Tech College Tops List Of Most International Universities, America Has Best 64 — Get The Details!

There were 200 schools ranked in his survey done by Times Higher Education.

Trump's Selection For Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Testifies During Her Senate Confirmation Hearing

School  3 February '17

Republicans To Abandon Betsy DeVos? Education Secretary Nominee Loses Support, Faces Potential Rejection

Democrats, who will be voting against her as a block, only need three Republican votes to reject DeVos.

President Donald Trump

School  3 February '17

Donald Trump Muslim Ban: How Teachers Are Handling Student Discussions About The President's Executive Order

Educators have a big role in making the situation less confusing for America's future leaders.

Missing Dartmouth student found dead

School  2 February '17

Dartmouth College Missing Student Found Dead By Authorities, No Cause Of Death Yet

Adam Wright was the president of the International Business Council in the school.

Attn Gen. Holder And Education Secretary Duncan Announce Action To Protect Military From Unfair Lending Practices

School  2 February '17

Philip Rosenfelt Is Acting Education Secretary Amid Betsy DeVos Confirmation Delay

It's not the first time this lawyer has been in charge of America's schools and the Education department.

First Four-Year Muslim Liberal Arts College Opens In U.S.

School  1 February '17

Donald Trump Muslim Ban: Impact On Higher Education And Learning Could Cost America $700 Million

Some of the best and brightest students currently attending American schools come from the countries the president has on his banned list.

Betsy DeVos

School  30 January '17

Activists Still Protesting Against Education Secretary Pick Betsy DeVos, What Are The Changes She Plans To Implement?

The Senate is expected to give their decision on the nomination of Trump's Education secretary this Tuesday.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Gives NYU Commencement Speech At Yankee Stadium

College Success  30 January '17

Free College Tuition Could Finally Happen In 3 States Amid Oppositions; Get The Details!

Students who plan on going to college in either Kentucky, Rhode Island or New York might want to look into these proposals.

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

School  30 January '17

Arizona Parents, Lawmakers Working Together To Push Mandatory Recess Time And Sunscreen Use In Schools

Learn the details of House Bill 2082 and House Bill 2134 in this report.

The Education Sector Is In A State Of Disorder Due To Trump's Crack Down On Immigrants

School  29 January '17

Trump’s Immigration Order: What US Schools Are Doing To Protect Students

Schools have vowed to protect students who will be affected by President Donald Trump's executive order against immigrants.

250 Soldiers Return From Iraq To Fort Stewart

School  28 January '17

Mom Furious Over Son's History Class; African-American Students Told To 'Act As Slaves' In Skit

The teacher also showed students clips from "Roots" to defend why she had students of color play the slaves.

Republican National Convention: Day Four

School  26 January '17

Donald Trump Orders Border Wall Construction; How Will It Impact Higher Education And Families?

It's not a symbolic move against immigration. There will be a physical wall in the U.S.-Mexican border.

New Technique May Change Debate Over Stem Cell Research

Music.Art.STEM  26 January '17

Lady Professor Is Against 'Feminizing' Education: All Students Need To Be Challenged

Michelle Simmons has been a STEM professor for decades and is leading a team of students in quantum physics for a big project.

Samantha Cameron Hosts A Breakfast For 'Contact A Family'

School  25 January '17

School's Appeal To Parents To Teach Their Children Manners At Home Goes Viral

The discourtesy, offensiveness and disrespect has to stop. Moms and dads, you are the key to this.

George Osborne Prepares For His Autumn Statement On Wednesday

School  26 January '17

Maria Miller Fears That Attention On Brexit Will Delay Her Sex Education Plans

Maria Miller, the chair of women and equalities committee, says that Brexit has caused difficulties in her sex education plan.

Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

School  24 January '17

Obama Fails Public Schools, Billions Spent For Reforms Delivered Nothing

After five years of over-spending, an analysis revealed students and schools in mainstream education did not improve.

Immigrants Learn English At New Americans Center

Homeschooling  24 January '17

More Children Homeschool In America Than Go To Charter Schools; Homeschooling Still Unpopular - Here's Why!

It's not considered mainstream education but homeschoolers have reportedly done and performed better than kids from other schools.

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