President Elect Trump Continues His 'Thank You Tour' In Grand Rapids, Michigan

School  16 January '17

Barbara Bush Wants Betsy DeVos As Education Secretary, Believes She's An 'Educator At Heart'

Her son Jeb Bush is also endorsing Trump's nominee for the crucial post that is expected to impact American children's future in a big way.

Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

School  16 January '17

HS Dating Assignment Sparks Parents' Outrage For Its Gender Bias & Sexist Message, Utah School Board Acknowledges Mistake

The homework comprises a separate list for girls and boys that is filled with "old-school" dating tips.

Asylum Applicants With Uncertain Chance Of Approval Receive Orientation Course

School  16 January '17

The Effects Of Tution-Free College Education In The US

The U.S. government is providing tuition-free higher education opportunities for middle and low-income families in the country.

Key Economic And Social Issues To Be Addressed In New Zealand Budget

School  16 January '17

Why These Learning Ideas Do Not Improve Education Despite What Majority Believes

These five Ideas regarding schooling have been causing misconceptions among people as they keep believing it has a positive effect but a study suggested it has an opposite impact.

Women's Access To Education Is Hampered By Poverty

School  14 January '17

Poverty VS. Gender: What Is The Real Culprit In Hampering Access To Education?

The United Nations has focused on reducing gender inequality to improve women's access to education. Studies, however, show that more than gender inequality, it is poverty that hampers access to education.

Chicago College Students Hold Walk-Out And Rally To Protest Donald Trump

School  15 January '17

Donald Trump’s Presidency Ending The Dreams Of Many International Students?

Many international students could reportedly lose their dream because of the possibility of being denied from studying in the United States.

Children with disabilities and autism

School  12 January '17

Rights Of Children With Disabilities, Autism In Public Schools Still Unclear As Supreme Court Decides On Case

The Supreme Court took the case on more rights for children with disabilities and autism in public schools on Tuesday.

President Obama Announces John King Jr. As Education Secretary During News Conference

School  13 January '17

Public Schools Keep The 'American Dream' Burning, According To Outgoing Education Secretary John King

He doesn't know what would be the next step for him after Jan. 20, but he is considering going back to teaching.

Virtual Reality Technology

School  12 January '17

Virtual Reality Technology Changing How Students Learn? Technological Developments Lead To Workplace Inequality

Virtual reality technology can now help students when it comes to learning but a new study also suggests that technology could lead to inequality in the workplace.

Customized Knowledge Seen As A game Changer In Today's Education

School  12 January '17

How Personalized Learning Becomes The Latest Trend In Education

District schools are beginning to recognize the importance of personalized or customized education to increase the learning of students.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

School  12 January '17

Teaching Children How To Spot Fake News? Education Startup Newsela Sets Up Toolkits For Students, Educators & Parents

Kids take a lot of information online being raised in a digital world. So, here's the startup to help them become responsible users of the internet.

Senate Confirmation Hearing Held For Rex Tillerson To Become Secretary Of State

School  12 January '17

How Trump Cabinet Nominees Jeff Sessions, Tom Price & 3 Others Could Affect The Education Sector

These individuals are expected to help the new president make America great again.

Refugees in the United States

School  11 January '17

Arizona To Prioritize Refugee Children’s Education?

Refugees have been fleeing war-torn countries and one of the hot spots in the United States where refugees find a safe haven is in Arizona.

Know the Importance of Mental Health Awareness on Univerisities

College Success  11 January '17

The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness On University Students

Mental health awareness on college campuses is starting to pave way for a positive start.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

School  11 January '17

Planning School Upgrades? Remember Teacher's Experience & Expertise Affect Usefulness Of Education Technology

The human element will always be more significant, especially in education.

David Davis Goes Back To School

School  11 January '17

Donald Trump's New Education Plan Might Cripple Around 1,200 Public Schools In New York

Trump's new policy that cuts down the spending on Public schools is likely to damage around 1,200 schools, according to a recent study.

John B. King Jr.

School  10 January '17

Outgoing Education Secretary John B. King Talks Progress Made In The Past 8 Years, How Education Can Save Lives

The outgoing education secretary, John B. King Jr., said in a statement that education can save lives.

Donald Trump

School  10 January '17

Top Education Magazine TES Wants Teachers To Brainwash Students Against Brexit And Donald Trump

A top education magazine is asking teachers to brainwash students against Brexit and Donald Trump.

From 'Guidance' To 'School' Counselors: Know The Reason Why The Title Changed

K-12 Reform  10 January '17

From 'Guidance' To 'School' Counselors: Know The Reason Why The Title Changed

The term "guidance" counselor was changed to "school" and Terri Tchorzynski of the Calhoun Area Career Center in Battle Creek, Michigan explained the difference.

Reclaiming The Educational Supremacy of the United States

School  9 January '17

Reclaiming America’s Leadership In Education

It is a high time for the United States to reclaim its leadership in technology, scientific innovation and education. The U.S. Congress has started to address the problem besetting the US educational system by updating the Perkins Act.

Michelle Obama Delivers Final Speech At The White House

School  9 January '17

Michelle Obama's Final Message As First Lady To Young Americans Stresses On 'Good Education'

She delivered her speech at a White House event in front of school counselors whom she calls heroes.

A Teacher's Stress Impacts The Child's Mental Health

School  8 January '17

Teachers Are Highly Stressed And Greatly Affect Their Performance

Teachers that are highly stressed negatively impact their student's overall school performance.

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