What Causes Autism?: The Role of Environmental Exposures

SPED Kids  7 November '16

Autism: NOT Caused By Mysterious Environmental Causes? New Research Says The Condition Is COMMON

A research discovers that the increase on the rate of autism among children is not triggered by whatever mysterious environmental cause and was only broadly misinterpreted. It was there even from the very beginning.

Permanent Residences For Autism Schools

SPED Kids  6 November '16

New Autism School About To Open And Give New Life To Children With Autism

Children with autism are very prone to bullying especially in school. Their behaviors and learning capabilities are different from normal people. With this, a group of people decided to create a paradise for them to live freely.

HBO Documentary Screening Of 'Journey Into Dyslexia'

SPED Kids  6 November '16

Dyslexia News & Updates: Parents Call For Support On Dyslexic Students

To provide the interventions needed by the dyslexic students to become successful, a group of parents in Muncie, Indiana demands the adaption of a legal definition of dyslexia in 2015.

Grant May Help Kids With Autism Improve Their Reading Ability

SPED Kids  6 November '16

Autism News & Updates: UCR Professor Receives Grant To Aid Children With Autism Enhance Reading Comprehension

Children with autism are among the most overlooked people in some parts of the world. There are only few programs designed for children with autism regarding behavioral issues, and even fewer programs for learning issues, which made addressing learning difficulties for children with autism very challenging.

2016 InStyle And Warner Bros. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party - Arrivals

SPED Kids  3 November '16

'From Struggle To Success': Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Diagnosed With Dyslexia

Dyslexia may be a real struggle but countless celebrities broke the stigma as they succeeded in the midst of their learning disability.

Chase Coleman

SPED Kids  3 November '16

Black Autistic Teenager Attacked By Man While Running A Race; Perpetrator To Face Charges?

A black autistic teenager was attacked by a man while he was on a race.

Els for Autism Pro Am

SPED Kids  3 November '16

Autism Misrepresented: What The Media Get Wrong About People With Autism & How It Leads to Dangerous Stereotypes

Inaccurate media portrayals of people with autism could encourage potentially harmful stereotypes among the public. Because of this, Autism Canada developed a guide that teaches journalists how to depict autism accurately and fairly.

Young girl takes fight over service dog to U.S. Supreme Court

SPED Kids  2 November '16

Child With Disability Fights For Rights: 12-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Heads To Supreme Court For Service Dog Case

Elhena Fry's family sued her former school for refusing to acknowledge that she needed a service dog and inflicting emotional damage.

Dyslexia In Adults: Signs & Remedies

SPED Kids  1 November '16

Dyslexia Among Adults; Signs To Check And How You May Be Helped

Dyslexia in adults is seen due to lack of diagnosis during childhood. Over 40 million American adults are dyslexic and one among 10 people in the world has dyslexia.

31-Year-Old Woman Becomes First Preschool Teacher With Down Syndrome

SPED Kids  1 November '16

Teacher With Down Syndrome Proves That Everything Is Possible

An assistant teacher defied the norm as she proves that everything is possible.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorders

SPED Kids  1 November '16

ADHD As A Sociological Disorder: Know Why French Children Are Off ADHD Medications

French doctors do not label ADHD as a neurological disorder which saves French children from being medicated for the condition.

7 Inspirational People With Down Syndrome

SPED Kids  31 October '16

Down Syndrome Awareness Month: These People With Special Needs Are Making A Big Difference And Changing Down Syndrome Perception

They are not letting their condition hinder them from achieving their dreams, nor are they letting society dictate what they can and cannot do. Meet these amazing individuals!

Super-parenting for autistic children

SPED Kids  30 October '16

Super-Parenting Vs. Autism: How Can Super-Parents Improve The Lives Of Children With Autism

Super-parenting means arming yourself with the skills helpful in imprving cmmunication with autistic children with the goal of improving their socail skills.

Conquering Autism

SPED Kids  29 October '16

Autism UPDATE: Understanding Why Autism Afflicts More Boys Than Girls

Gender is a substantial factor in Autism as shown by scientific evidence that there are four times more boys afflicted with autism than girls

'Miracle' cure for autism is actually bleach

SPED Kids  28 October '16

'Miracle' Cure For Autism? Authorities Warn Over Church Selling Poisonous Bleach To 'Heal' Autism

Prosecutors are doing their investigation about the claims and the group Autism Speaks is also warning parents to be more vigilant and discerning.

Mom Shocked Son with Down Syndrome Was Overlooked By Modeling Agency

SPED Kids  27 October '16

Baby With Down Syndrome Rejected For Modeling Gig Draws Fans Online, Mom Lashes On Talent Agency For Discrimination

OshKosh wasn't specific about having special needs kids in their ad. The talent agency casting the models only assumed that the company didn't want this.

Students attend an ADHD Camp

SPED Kids  26 October '16

ADHD Cure: How Amphetamine Extended-Release Oral Suspension Become An Effective Alternative Medication To Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Not all children with ADHD are comfortable with pills and similar medications. Oral suspension can be a good alternative.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  25 October '16

Autism Facts: Understanding The Possibility For Having Autism And Facing Depression

Experts explain the possibility of being diagnosed with autism and struggling with depression.

Getty Images Pet Drive 2014: Benefitting The Animals Of New York Animal Care And Control

SPED Kids  25 October '16

Autism & Cats: Why Felines Are Better Companions For Autistic Children Than Dogs

Children with autism are usually hypersensitive to sensory input. Dogs' extroverted and outgoing nature can overwhelm these kids. Cats, in contrast, are quieter companions.


SPED Kids  25 October '16

Autism News: 6-Year-Old Girl Defends Autistic Brother From Classmate Who Called Him ‘Weird’; Youngster’s Powerful Autism Awareness Message Goes Viral

A six-year-old girl defended her brother who got called weird due to being autistic.

Judge Rotenberg Center Torture Compilation by former JRC Staff.m4v

SPED Kids  25 October '16

Shocking Special Needs News: Shock Devices Still Used Against Special Needs People, FDA Urges To Ban Electrical Stimulations

There is one site in the United States that continues to use electric shock on its special needs residence and it has been operating for over 40 years.

HBO's New York Premiere Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

SPED Kids  24 October '16

Dyslexia [LATEST NEWS & UPDATES]: The Troubles Of A Dyslexic And How To Cope With Them

Immersed in a swamp of reading and understanding problems, dyslexics face a hard time keeping up with the world's normalcy.

Here I Am: Behind the scenes

SPED Kids  24 October '16

Down Syndrome [UPDATES]: Offensive Quote No More? How A Music Remixer With Down Syndrome Turns An Insulting Quote Into A Positive Message

Casey Rochell overturned a disgusting quote deriding people with down-syndrome. The world has clearly leapt far ahead.

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