Autistic teen 'who could barely tie his own shoes' and spent a YEAR in jail accused

Teens/Young Adults  24 October '16

19-Year-Old Autistic Teenage Boy Accused Soliciting Money For ISIS And Taliban Now Free After A Year Lockup

A 19-year-old St. Clair County teenage boy with IQ of 50 pleaded not guilty on the grounds of probably having autism, after being accused of soliciting or providing support to terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Pakistani Taliban.

A dog accompanies a child with Autism.

Infant  21 October '16

Superpower Dog Ricochet Helps Kids With Autism, PTSD, Anxiety; Miracle Dog?

A dog named "Ricochet" has been called a "Superpower dog" for the reason that she has been helping children and soldiers recover from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities. Ricochet has been doing wonders as people have built a connection with this dog, and in some miraculous way, have gotten over their fears and anxieties even for just a little while.

American Kennel Club Presents The Nation's Most Popular Breeds Of 2015

SPED Kids  20 October '16

Pets And Autism: Know The Benefits Of Having A Service Dog For Children Diagnosed With Autism

Studies reveal that service dogs paves way for social interaction for children with autism.

Teacher Caught Dragging Student No Longer with District -- Supt Placed on Admin. Leave

SPED Kids  21 October '16

Mississippi Teacher Fired: School Officials Fire Teacher Following Shocking Video Showing She Hit & Dragged Special Needs Student By The Hair

The board will still deliberate over whether or not Linda Winters-Johnson will get to keep her special needs teaching license.

Dyslexia News: iPad Apps Help

SPED Kids  20 October '16

Dyslexia News and Updates: iPad Apps That Could Drastically Improve Learning

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty experienced by some individuals around the globe. It is characterized mainly by some problems involving reading and writing skills. However, with the advent of technology and gadgetry, such concerns may now be addressed with the help of mobile applications such as the latest iPad Apps.

SAP Ernie Els Golf Day

SPED Kids  20 October '16

Autism News & Updates: Children With Autism’s Language & Communication Skills Improved By Folinic Acid?

A new study found that folinic acid can improve autistic kids' language and communication skills. Folinic acid is a reduced form of a B vitamin called folate, which is naturally found in foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, peas, and grains.

'FOX & Friends' 2013 Halloween Special

SPED Kids  20 October '16

Halloween And Autism: Experts Say This Is How To Have A Fun & Memorable Trick Or Treat For Children With Autism

A child with autism is used to following routines and Halloween is anything but routinary. Here are ways to lessen triggers.


ADHD  19 October '16

ADHD [LATEST NEWS UPDATE]: How ADHD In Youths Signals Impending Rise Of Bipolar Disorder

A study aims to determine the link between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Bipolar Disorder and whether or not the psychostimulant medication given to youths for treatment of ADHD triggers the onset of BD.

After Many Months Away, Soldier Returns Home From Iraq to Wife And New Baby?

SPED Kids  19 October '16

Autism News: Studies Reveal That Ultrasound Can Possibly Heighten The Severity Of Autism Among Male Children

Recent studies reveal that ultrasound during the first trimester can possibly heighten the severity of the condition of autism in male children.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

SPED Kids  19 October '16

Autism Latest News & Updates: New Study Discovers The Prevalence Of Obesity Among Children And Teens With ASD

New research found the prevalence of obesity among children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

4th Annual Light Up The Blues - Show

SPED Kids  18 October '16

Autism Speaks Announces They Will No Longer Look For A Cure Against Autism

Autism Speaks announced some of the major changes in the organization as they welcome a new president.

Dyslexia News & Update: How Technology Helps Dyslexic Kids Love Reading

Dyslexia  17 October '16

Dyslexia News & Update: How Technology Helps Dyslexic Kids Love Reading

Technology is playing a major role in developing the love for reading in dyslexic children.

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome  16 October '16

Watch How A Little Girl Explain Why Having Down Syndrome Is Special [VIDEO]

A little girl, who knows that she has Down Syndrome, says she’s special because of it.

Laszlo Bax

ADHD  16 October '16

Diagnosing ADHD Is Just A Few Minutes Away With The Help Of This New Technology

Diagnosing ADHD is the primary focus of Braingaze Technology. Reports suggest that the individual will know whether he or she has the disorder in a matter of few minutes.

Dyslexia In Adults: Signs & Remedies

Dyslexia  15 October '16

Dyslexia [LATEST NEWS UPDATE]: They Are Not Dumb, They Need Help! – This Is What It’s Like To Have A Dyslexia

Children with dyslexia are not dumb. How they process information is different from the usual way and what they need is help and intervention not criticism.

Dyslexia Children: To Be Strongest Members Of Society; Couple Develop Pen To Help Dyslexia

Dyslexia  14 October '16

Dyslexia Awareness: Children With Dyslexia To Be Strongest Members Of Society? Couple Develops Pen-Sized Text Scanner To Help Dyslexic Kids

Dyslexic children are born different but with special skills, which will make them excel in other fields to be strongest members of our society. Dyslexia couple develop a pen to help children and adults with Dyslexia.

10th Annual Walk Now For Autism Speaks Los Angeles

Autism  14 October '16

Autism Awareness: People Diagnosed With Autism Are Better With Decision Making

A research surfaced that people with autism are better when it comes to decision making.


SPED Kids  14 October '16

Parenting Tips: What Parents Should Know About Anxiety And The Way It Highly Affects Children

Anxiety may be rampant among children, but parents need a closer look to see how it negatively impacts their child.

Autism Speaks: World Focus on Autism 2016

Autism  14 October '16

Autism Awareness: Get A Glimpse On Theo Palmer's Views On Autism

Stanford researcher, Theo Palmer opens up about autism, genetics, and autism risk factors during a one on one interview with The Scope.

Women and Autism

Autism  13 October '16

Autism Latest News Updates: When Women Are Misdiagnosed Because They Are Women

A lot of women, who have autism, were misdiagnosed because of the reported gender biases.

Technology and Autism

Autism  12 October '16

Autism Talks: Is Technology A Bane Or A Boon For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Technology, especially computers, had been helping children with autism in learning. There are, however, parents who are concerned that this may have negative effects to their kids.

Child with Autism

Autism  12 October '16

Why Simple Objects Could Mean The World For Kids Diagnosed With Autism

Parker and Lucas, both 2 years old and diagnosed with autism, had their eyes and affection fixed on ordinary objects — a blanket and a teddy bear. Their parents later on revealed that these were their source of comfort and security.

Playground for All

SPED Kids  12 October '16

Kids From Tobey Elementary Raise Funds To Build A Playground For Child With Cerebral Palsy

The students said that Hannah Cook, a 5-year-old with special needs, could only use the sandbox in the regular playground.

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