Can Pushy Parenting Lead to Successful Kids?

SPED Kids  24 February '17

Pushy Parents Are To Blame For Increase In Special Needs Misdiagnosis, Teacher Survey Reveals

Half of the kids don't actually have a learning disability, according to the educators.

A dream workshop with the New York City Ballet.

Autism  23 February '17

There's A Special Needs Kids Dance Team And They're Preparing For A Dance Competition!

Not even autism or cerebral palsy can stop these kids from doing things beyond their limitations.

Early Autism Diagnosis

Autism  21 February '17

Early Autism Diagnosis: Brain Scans Reveal Which Babies At High-Risk For Autism Development

Experts are big believers of early intervention and prevention and this study proves just how important it could be in babies with a history of the disorder in the family.

Abortion Has Erased Down Syndrome In Europe

Down Syndrome  20 February '17

Abortion Eradicates Down Syndrome In Some European Countries But At What Cost For Parents And Families?

The move to make the world Down syndrome-free is alarming for some parents who believe every child's life is precious.

Brain scans

Autism  17 February '17

Predicting Signs Of Autism As Early As 1-Year-Old? Imaging Study, Brain Scans Could Help

The latest study headed by Robert T. Schultz was published in the Nature journal.

ADHD In Kids

ADHD  17 February '17

Bad Parenting Not To Blame For ADHD, Experts Confirm Brain Structure Is Different In Kids With ADHD

People with ADHD have a brain disorder. They have smaller brain regions that impact their development, according to a new study.

 Fragile X syndrome In Kids

SPED Kids  16 February '17

Fragile X Syndrome: Mom's Positive Behavior And Approach Towards Children Impacts Disorder Decline

FXS is a biological and genetic condition, but a new study learned that parenting styles can help change the symptoms for the better.

President Donald Trump On Autism

Autism  16 February '17

Donald Trump Finds 'Tremendous Increase' In Autism Cases Horrible, Critics Lash At President For Believing Misconception [WATCH]

Trump spoke about his worries regarding autism in a panel among special education experts.

Dyslexia Handbook In Arizona

Dyslexia  15 February '17

Arizona Lawmaker Wants Dyslexia Handbooks In Public Schools To Help Learning-Disabled Students

Rep. Jill Norgaard believes a standardized teaching process will help the kids finish school despite their learning disorder.

Els For Autism Golf Clinic Increases Interest On Autism

Autism  15 February '17

Parenting Struggle: How To Raise A Child With Autism When His Siblings Are Non-ASD

The parenting challenge of raising more than one child, and one of them is under the autism spectrum.

Free Backpacks Are Distributed To Needy Students Ahead Of New School Year

Autism  13 February '17

Young Girls Demonstrating Severe Temper Tantrums More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Autism

With rising autism diagnosis in girls, experts provide more answers on how to spot the cues.

The Real Brain Exhibit @Bristol Science Centre

Autism  10 February '17

Autism Higher In Boys Or Girls With 'Male-Like' Brains, Scientists Reveal New Clues On Brain Anatomy

Boys are generally believed to have greater chances of developing autism, but experts found out even girls are at risk if they have a male brain structure.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

ADHD  9 February '17

Mediterranean Diet Reduces Children's Risk Of Developing ADHD, Study Says

Researchers found out that children with high intake of food in the Mediterranean diet have lesser chances of being diagnosed the disorder.

ICE Deports Undocumented Immigrants Via ICE Air

Autism  9 February '17

Tennessee Girl With Autism Found Locked Up In Wooden Cage, Couple Charged In Crime

Police have charged and locked up Mickey Sparks and Patricia Laws for child abuse.

Another Winter Storm Brings Snow To New York City

ADHD  7 February '17

Is ADHD A Scam? Exposing A Misinformation Campaign For Profit

Children with diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder could be taking more stimulants than they need according to Australian researcher Martin Whitely.

Kim Raver Reads 'Since We're Friends: An Autism Picture Book'

Autism  6 February '17

The Wonders Of Neurodiversity: Why Should Companies Hire Autistic Employees?

More companies are hiring under the principle of Neurodiversity. These are people who belong to the autism spectrum.

Mattel Launch Their New Apptivity Toys That Interact With iPads

Autism  6 February '17

'Autism Games 4 - Matching' App Helps Reinforce Behavioral Therapy In Children With Autism

The new app has been designed with ideals and best practices used in ABA therapy.

Families Who Deal With Autism Struggle To Find The Perfect Place Where They Can Raise A Child With Autism

Autism  3 February '17

Autism Challenge: How To Survive In America’s Small Towns

The best American towns for those under the autism spectrum are Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and New York.

Persons With Autism Need Social Acceptance If They Are To Function In Society

Autism  3 February '17

Persons With Autism: How Bias Thoughts Affect Their Social Interactions

People under the autism spectrum are faced with limited social and economic opportunities because of people's bias against them.

Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center

SPED Kids  3 February '17

Worrisome News: Long Island Parents Learn Via Facebook That Special Needs School Might Close Down

Parents of special needs children are worried over the possibility that the school catering to their kids might close down.

New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike

SPED Kids  3 February '17

Special Needs Kid Beaten At School, Mother Calling On Pasco County School District For Policy Changes

The boy with special needs has OCD, ODD and Asperger's.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism  2 February '17

Autism Risks Higher Among Children Exposed To Birth Complications, Study Reveals

Babies whose birth involved preeclampsia or asphyxia are 37 percent likely to develop conditions under the autism spectrum disorder.

Northeast Finally Gets Taste Of Warm Weather

Autism  31 January '17

Students With Autism Increasing In Colleges, Here's What Schools Are Doing To Support Their Needs

Universities are responding to these special needs students with programs to prepare them for life after school.

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