The Truth Behind The Gender Divide in Autism

Autism  28 January '17

The Gender Split In Autism: Why Is It Underdiagnosed Among Girls

Autism among girls is underdiagnosed because the tests usually focus on symptoms exhibited by boys.

Sydney Davis

Down Syndrome  28 January '17

Student With Down Syndrome Set To Compete In Miss Clemson University Scholarship Pageant

A student with Down Syndrome will be competing at the Miss Clemson University Scholarship Pageant.

No link between MMR vaccine and autism, says new study

Autism  26 January '17

No Connection Found Between Autism And Vaccines, Study Says

For quite some time doctors thought that autism and vaccines are related but a new study suggests that there is no link.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorders

ADHD  28 January '17

Is ADHD An 'Overdiagnosed' Disorder? Why Determining Child's Age Is Vital To Diagnosis

A new study suggests that there is an over diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The Fantastic World Of Dr. Seuss - Press Launch

SPED Kids  23 January '17

What One Maryland Mother Did To Usher Change In Its Special Needs Education System

Katherine Spurlock has a child with dyslexia and wants the system to properly assess its Individualized Education Program.

President Trump at Liberty Ball in Washington, D. C.

Autism  23 January '17

Special Needs Parent Hopeful First Lady Melania Trump Will Help Curb Bullying

Donald Trump's wife has talked about the value of kindness and respect in one of her speeches and she would like to make this her advocacy.

Els for Autism Pro Am

Autism  23 January '17

How Early Diagnosis Of Autism Can Help Future Therapeutic Interventions To Be Successful

Studies show the early diagnosis of autism can improve therapeutic intervention.

2016 Rio Paralympics - Day 5

SPED Kids  20 January '17

Mom Of Special Needs Student Tube-Fed With Bleach Sues Fresno Unified School District

The incident happened in September but Cindy Garcia's daughter suffered permanent damage.

Russian Troops Ordered To Withdraw Following Conflict With Georgia

Autism  20 January '17

Scientists Learn Why Children With Autism Avoid Eye Contact; It's Not About Disinterest Nor Anxiety

The experts hope their findings will help provide for better therapies for the kids and their families.

Berlin UKB Hospital Is Among Germany's Most Modern

Autism  20 January '17

UK Criminal Justice System Failing To Understand How People With Autism Should Be Treated?

Britain's criminal justice system is yet to figure out a way to handle people with autism as they require special handling and care.

Press Preview Of The Toy Retailers Association's Dream Toys

ADHD  18 January '17

Mom Speaks Up Against Judging Parents Of Children With ADHD, Calls For Empathy As 'It's Not A Behavioral Problem'

Jodie Eaton debunks the notion that the condition is a result of bad parenting.

Els for Autism Pro-Am

Autism  13 January '17

Why Parents Are Building A $12M Autism Community At Denton County

Debra Caudy initiated a project that will serve a community of people with autism at Denton County.

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Autism  13 January '17

Autism Treatment Might Be Possible With Cancer Drugs? Clinical Trial Set To Determine Effects

Will this provide important answers to several researches that explored cancer-autism links?

Two children look on unimpressed

SPED Kids  12 January '17

Parenting A Child With OCD: How Parents Should Deal With Obsessive-Complusive Kids

Having a child with OCD is very challenging but there are some important tips that will help parents in dealing with obsessive-compulsive kids.

Activists Rally In Front Of U.S. Supreme Court

Autism  11 January '17

SCOTUS Hearing On Student With Autism Case Could Impact Changes In Special Needs Education - Here's Why!

Parents of special needs kids and advocates are hoping that Endrew's case against the Douglas County School District will prosper in the highest court. School leaders, however, are wary.

19th Biennale Of Sydney - Media Preview

Autism  11 January '17

Painting: A Unique Way For People With Autism To Communicate?

According to an Arizona-based Autistic Artist, art is a unique way to communicate, especially among those who can't express their feelings verbally.

Joe Minogue and Polly Gibson

Down Syndrome  6 January '17

Couple With Down Syndrome Proves ‘Love Is The Greatest Thing’ As They Tied The Knot In The Most Magical Way

Couple with Down Syndrome got married in an unusual way.

DNA Double Helix Turns Fifty

SPED Kids  4 January '17

Genetic Linkage Set Between Communication Skills, Schizophrenia And Autism

All people have features of autism, according to a team of researchers. Their study also reveals that genes influencing communication problems is linked to genes conferring with autism and schizophrenia.


SPED Kids  3 January '17

Children Who Are Out Of The Autism Spectrum Develop Related Psychiatric Conditions Such As Compulsions, Anxiety

Children who are no longer on the autism spectrum develop other psychiatric conditions.

Big companies now hiring more people under the autism spectrum

Autism  4 January '17

More Persons On Autism Spectrum Now Being Hired By Companies

Persons with Asperger's syndrome or autism have been unemployed for so long but there is hope as big companies launch their employment program for those in the autism spectrum.

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