It Helps When Authorities Are Knowledgeable About Autism When Dealing With Related Problems

Autism  2 January '17

Police, Emergency Responders’ Training On Autism Crucial To Prevent Maltreatment Of Individuals With Autism Involved In Troubling Situations

A local group wants first responders to learn more about autism to improve their treatment of affected individuals involved in challenging situations.

'Game Of Thrones' Live Concert Experience Announcement Event

Autism  13 December '16

HBO Takes On 13-Year-Old With Autism, Demands Removal Of Her 'Winter Is Coming' Painting In Art-Sharing Site

Jonathan Wilcox, the father of the teen with autism, is upset that the network has made a sweeping demand regarding his child's artwork.

HBO's New York Premiere Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

SPED Kids  12 December '16

New Law In Oregon Requires Students Be Screened For Dyslexia

Oregon raises awareness for students with Dyslexia and even help in making it easy for them to study and finish school.

Having Difficulty in Reading

Dyslexia  12 December '16

Dyslexia And Creativity

Hearing the word dyslexia might trigger some fond memories about a certain mythology novel. We might think that Percy Jackson and his other demigod buddies are the only ones that suffer from dyslexia. However, it seems that you don’t have to be a demigod to have dyslexia.

Five-Year-Old Girl Abducted in Southern California

Dyslexia  12 December '16

Dyslexia Support: 9-Year-Old Girl With Dyslexia Wins Award For Inspiring Others

Lotte Scaman did not let her learning disability become a hindrance to learning and now she's become a good role model for other children.

Sen. Mike Lee Speaks Out: Fostering The Right Of People With Down Syndrome Is A Must

Down Syndrome  11 December '16

Sen. Mike Lee Speaks Out: Fostering The Right Of People With Down Syndrome Is A Must

Sen. Mike Lee speaks on the senate floor of Utah about the protection of people with Down syndrome that they are already protected by the Laws, and that every community must do too.

Yellow Ladybugs Help Girls With Autism Socialize

Autism  10 December '16

How Yellow Ladybugs Help Girls With Autism Socialize

Every girl needs a companion, unfortunately it is hard for young ladies with autism to sustain friendship and socialize. Girls like them are often isolated and and sometimes excluded in social gatherings.

Ohio teen with autism makes 3-pointer in first basketball game

Autism  9 December '16

This Is What Happens When Friendship Meets Autistic Teen

Isaiah Upshaw is an autistic junior varsity player. Find out how he got his moment because he met his friend Matt.

Community Groups Protest Proposed Chicago School Budget Cuts

SPED Kids  9 December '16

Chicago Public Schools Special Needs Education Funding Changes Take Heats From Parents

There should be no competition between special needs and traditional education but the budget changes are forcing teachers, students and parents into this bad situation.

Brooklyn child with autism leaves school unnoticed, found on rooftop several blocks away

SPED Kids  8 December '16

6-Year-Old Boy With Autism Found In Dangerous Setting After Running Away From School

A little boy who has autistic syndrome has been found in a dangerous setting after went missing for some hours from his school. The child is safe now and her mother blames the school for the incident.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  7 December '16

The Struggles Of Children With Special Needs: Why Their Families Won't Give Up

A Single Father drives six hours every week to get his son the education he deserves.

Santa Listens To Tots Christmas Lists

Autism  6 December '16

US Malls’ Sensory-Friendly Santa Applauded For Ensuring A Comfortable Experience For Children With Autism

Malls in the United States have introduced sensory-friendly Santas for children with autism. The experience catered to these kids' special needs, such as the absence of bright lights and loud music.

One Common Household Element That Might Be Putting Your Children At Risk For Autism

Autism  5 December '16

One Common Household Element That Might Be Putting Your Children At Risk For Autism

Two novel researches uncover the link between Mercury and autism among children. Parents are advised to keep their children safe from the harmful element.

Owen Suskind Talks About Autism, Finding His Voice With Gilbert Gottfried

SPED Kids  5 December '16

Child With Autism Got Reconnected To His Family And World Through Obsession With Disney Movies

Child with autism who lost his verbal and social skills after diagnosed with regressive autism has regained back his voice and self after watching repeatedly Disney movies. The child lost his motor and speech skills when he was two but was able to get back through watching Disney movies.

Expert Claim Hacker Lauri Love Can Commit Suicide When Extradited to US

Behavior  5 December '16

Hacker Lauri Love Can Commit Suicide If Extradited To US

Suffilk University Electrical Engineering student hacker Lauri Love is pleading against extradition to the US as autism medical expert claims that his mental health places him at high risk of committing suicide when placed in American prison.

National Adoption Day Marked At Miami Children's Museum

SPED Kids  4 December '16

Utah Woman Keen On Giving Affection To Special Children; Devoted Her Life To Them

Christie Jameson adopted 35 children out of which 26 were special children.

Treatments of Autism Discovered

Autism  4 December '16

New Treatments Of Autism

New discoveries were made by several studies to enhance the treatment of the behavior of the people with autism. One study suggests to us FMRI or the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to be able to identify the children who could best respond to the Pivotal Response Treatment. This study is published in the journal Translational Psychiatry. Another study found out that oxytocin is needed to increase social motivation by supporting neural networks related to social behavior.

How Santa Makes This Kid With Autism Truly Happy

Autism  4 December '16

An Unforgettable Christmas Experience For Children With Autism

There was a special event hosted by a north Edmonton mall whose goal is to provide children with autism an unforgettable unique and comfortable Christmas experience.

Understanding Dyslexia

Dyslexia  3 December '16

Untold Truth About Dyslexia

Millions of the population in America suffers from the common learning disability called dyslexia. People of all ages who acquire dyslexia say it’s not easy and they’re likely to be misunderstood. Gabrielle Emanuel of the NPR Ed team, who is also a dyslexia, often encountered question “what’s it like?” many times so she decided to come up with some answers. It was November 28, 2016, when she visits Lindamood Bell, a reading center in Washington D.C.

Autism Awareness in Somali

Autism  3 December '16

Somali Community Autism Awareness

Autism won't be any more common among Somali-legacy children in Minneapolis than it is among white kids in the city. However, the seriousness of the formative issue seems harsher in this minority bunch. Six-year-old Anas Ahmed could scarcely be contained as he rushed over his playroom. Of Maria Ahmed's has four youngsters, two boys, and two girls. Both of her sons — Anas and his eight-year-old sibling, Ayub — have an autism range issue. While Ayub's condition has enhanced with age, Anas keeps on battling with autism.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  2 December '16

Special Education Rights Activists Have Reservations Over Senator's Stance On Education For Disabled Children

Jeff Session's past judgments spoke for themselves and analysts state that most likely FAPE would remain an unfulfilled dream.

Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

Autism  2 December '16

How Placebo Treatments Fool Parents Into Thinking That Their Child With Autism Is Getting Better

Parents who use alternative autism treatments choose to believe that their child is getting better than accepting that they have been fooled. Usually, these treatments are placebos that don't contain any ingredient that can affect a person's health at all.

Autism Speaks: World Focus on Autism 2016

SPED Kids  2 December '16

Breakthrough In Autism Spectrum Disorder Study Sheds Light To Possible Treatment

A newly conducted study showed another breakthrough in understanding autism spectrum disorder. This milestone brought forth new hopes of treatments in the near future.

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