Mom Shares How She Found Light In Becoming A Parent Of A Child With Special Needs

Autism  1 December '16

Mom Shares How She Found Light In Becoming A Parent Of A Child With Special Needs

Parenting is overwhelming--more so when one has a child with autism--which is why this mom shares how she found worth in rearing a kid with special needs.

Dad's Desperate Search for Discontinued Cup Gains World's Attention

Autism  1 December '16

Dad Succeeds In Worldwide Sippy Cup Search For His Son With Autism! Manufacturer Delivers Hundreds Of Cups

A desperate dad asked for the internet's help for a sippy cup for his 14-year-old son with autism. People across the world responded in kind and even the cup's manufacturer contributed.

'Big Brother' $250,000 Winner Can't Believe She Won

SPED Kids  2 December '16

'Big Brother': Talks About Potential Finale "Split Vote" And Future Digital Works Then Even The Winner Is Shocked That She Won

Both Jason Roy and Morgan Willett had very vocal online fan bases, and very vocal critics, so they seemed pretty levelled fan-base-wise but isn't it surprising that Morgan pulled out the $250,000 prize from "Big Brother"?

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  30 November '16

Mom Of Child With Down Syndrome Encourages Parents Of Children With Same Condition To Celebrate Their Babies

After Chris and Carissa had a child with Down syndrome, it has become their advocacy to celebrate infants with Down syndrome. Today, they are celebrating together with so many parents with kids who Down syndrome.


Dyslexia  30 November '16

Dyslexia: New Research Revealed Intensive Reading Classes Could Help Manage Dyslexia

A new research revealed that dyslexia can be managed by a series of intensive reading classes focused on reading exercises along with letters and number manipulation.

Autistic Child, A Child Prodigy

Autism  30 November '16

A Student ‘Defies’ Autism Spectrum With An Outstanding Scholarship

A Senior and both Capstone Fellow and Magellan Scholar in the University of South Carolina and who has Autism, Jory Fleming, is among the 32 winners of Rhodes scholarship and will have a chance to study for 2 years at the one of the most well-known and prestigious university in the World,the University of Oxford in England.Rhodes is one of the oldest and most prestigious scholarship in the World and Jory Fleming took the spot in becoming a part of the Rhodes Scholarship winners for this year.

Can A Video of Children With Down Syndrome Be Offensive To Women Rights?

Down Syndrome  27 November '16

Can A Video Of Children With Down Syndrome Be Offensive To Women Rights?

French TV channel bans short-film of children with Down Syndrome. Judges uphold decision saying it was an attack on women conscience.

Dyslexia and Its Dilemma

Dyslexia  27 November '16

New Glasses Treatment – Transforming Lives of Dyslexic People

A research in a primary school in Devon revealed that a new glasses treatment could transform the lives of dyslexia sufferers.

Dysglycemia Diet: Types Of Food Affecting ADHD

ADHD  26 November '16

Dysglycemia Diet: Types Of Food Affecting ADHD

Dysglycemia diet, a nutrition scheme utilized to stabilize levels of blood sugar metabolism, aids in managing ADHD and its effects.

People With ADHD Are Natural Entrepreneurs

ADHD  26 November '16

Are People With ADHD Natural Entrepreneurs?

ADHD, while viewed by some as a handicap for professional success, has been breaking stigmas for quite some time and we never had an inkling towards it.

How To Detect Autism Early

Autism  27 November '16

Detecting Early Signs of Autism Using a Smartphone App

A smart phone app that makes it easier for moms and dads to discover early signs of autism in their children was designed by an undergraduate student who teamed up with group of scientists.

Why Autism Is Us

Autism  27 November '16

This Is Asperger's Syndrome Advanctages And Difficulties

This is the first time a comedy team has emerged in the autism spectrum and they are ‘Asperger’s Are Us.’

The Final Stage Of Man

Autism  26 November '16

Human Evolutionary Success and Autism’s Contributing Factors

Autism has been a great part of humanity’s evolutionary success and it’s history goes back from about a hundred thousand years ago. This abnormality has long since been a great contributor to our success today.

Autism Speaks: World Focus on Autism 2016

Autism  26 November '16

How Challenging To Raise A Child With Autism: Parents Share Experiences In Autism Journal

When a child suffers from autism, what should parents do to support him or her and ease their life.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Autism  25 November '16

Rosie O'Donnell Slammed For Promoting Baron Trump's Autism Rumors

Rosie O'Donnell received negative feedback from her fans after pushing the rumors that Baron Trump is autistic.

Child Prodigy

Autism  26 November '16

How Determination Led This Person With Autism Towards Great Sucess

A man with a heart of a lion. A man so determined he became what he ought to be.

Eye Contact And Autism

Autism  25 November '16

Autism: The ReasonWhy Young Children Fails To Give Eye Contact

When autistic toddlers fail to look at other people’s eyes, it doesn’t really mean they dislike it as shown in the new eye-tracking measures. But rather they just fail to acknowledge the importance of the message conveyed in other people’s eyes.

Teacher Bullies Student With Autism

Autism  25 November '16

Discrimination To Children With Autism

Autism is a disorder which makes people had difficulty through communicating and having some complex in forming relationships with other people. People who have this disorder is bad at speech and in using language. Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism and there is no medical detection or cure for it.

 14- year old Ben Has a blue Tommee Tippee

Autism  26 November '16

Ben’s Cup Sparked Responses Around the World

A post on Twitter by Marc Carter from Devon is about his 14- year old son Ben, that has a blue Tommee Tippee two-handed cup that he used for drinking since he was two years old. His son has an autism and only drink from a particular cup that was no longer manufactured.

A Different View on Autism

Autism  25 November '16

Young Adults’ Journey Having Autism Spectrum

Autism is a disorder that begins in childhood that causes problems in forming relationships and in commuting with other people. Western Kentucky aid to help students with ASD with their program Kelly Autism Program for them to enhance their social and communicating skills.

Finding The Rainbow In The Autism Spectrum: Coping Tips For Parents

Autism  25 November '16

Finding The Rainbow In The Autism Spectrum: Coping Tips For Parents

When problems heavily cloud parents of children with autism, discovering their rainbow amid the storm can be quite challenging. Coping is essential for the parent-child duo, but how?

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorders

ADHD  24 November '16

What Is ADHD And How Is It Treated?

What should parents do when their child is diagnosed with ADHD?

Lassie Joins Save the Children 'Prep Rally' Before Katrina Anniversary

SPED Kids  24 November '16

Children's Speech Concerns NI Teachers

92% of teachers surveyed pronounced children who start primary one with behind debate and denunciation skills can tumble behind.

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