Rethinking Dyslexia

SPED Kids  18 November '16

Conquering Dyslexia: A Success Story

The article entails a nine-year old child conquering a disorder – dyslexia. The child was recognizably having a hard time reading, as per the article; his reading capabilities was that of a 5 year-old. The teacher’s assumptions were bleak, stating that the child simply wasn’t smart enough.

Parenting Tips: How To Pull Things Together & Stay Sane When You're An Ill-Tempered Parent

SPED Kids  17 November '16

A Call for Action: How These Group Changes Your Views On Dyslexia

Monday, November 2016 the Knoxville School Board conducted a meeting. It concerned about children with dyslexia.

Reunited At Last

SPED Kids  16 November '16

Autistic Boys Going Missing

Josiah Stevens and Christian Tickets– both with autism spectrum – made the police of Phoenix, Arizona busy searching.

iPad Apps for Autistic Children: Grace

SPED Kids  16 November '16

Could This App Detect Autism Among Kids? App Has Almost 94 Percent Accuracy, Researchers Find Out

Early detection of autism disorder in kids is now possible through an app. Scientists from University of Buffalo have developed a mobile app which can determine autism disorder in children as young as two with accuracy rate of almost 94 percent.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  15 November '16

Parents Of Children With Autism Encounter Overwhelming Challenges

Bringing up a child with autism can be challenging for parents, especially when other people do not understand the issues.

Island Records And Marriott Rewards Present ISLAND LIFE Featuring Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, American Authors, Kiesza and Timeflies With Host Keke Palmer, And Special Guest DJs Ansolo And Sam Feldt

SPED Kids  14 November '16

'Hideaway' Singer Kiesza Shares That Dyslexia Made Her Brain Extra Creative

"Hideaway " singer Kiesza shared personal details in regards to her learning disability, dyslexia, and how it made her brain more creative.

alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Fall 2016 Presentation

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Dealing With ADHD: Prescribed Medications To Treat Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Treatment (ADHD) can help relieve the symptoms and make the condition much less of a problem in day-to-day life.

Despite Hardship, New Orleans Teen Goes To Prom

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Parent Your Teenager Well, Then Get Out of the Way

Once we let go of trying to control our child’s behavior and choices, we actually gain much more power.

Training Cops Help People On The Spectrum

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Training Police Officials: Helping individuals on the spectrum

For a decade, a man from Norwood, Massachusetts, Lt. Martin Baker, devoted his time lecturing on information about autism all over the United States of America.

Hope For Individuals With Autism

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Job Path: A Program That Offers Job To People With Autism.

People with developmental disabilities can now find jobs through a program. No matter what you are, everybody now has a chance to get a job.

Teen With Autism Gets To Play Football

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Hitting The Gridiron With Autism

Last Friday, Jeffrey Creighton, a teen suffering from autism finally got the chance to suit up for the Chantilly High School Chargers.

Students with autism May Find This Institution A Haven

SPED Kids  13 November '16

New Course for Autistic Students Begins With “The Tribe”

People with autism are treated way different from “normal” people. Some organizations and groups are willing to make an autistic person feel and get the same privileges as possible and luckily, some people are motivated through experience and love to help people with autism.

The Dilemma of Gender Dysphoria

SPED Kids  12 November '16

Gender Dysphoria: A Lookout For People With Autism

Autism and identity crisis may have some relationship at all. According to a study, individuals with autism are more likely to experience high level of deviation.

Autism Awareness

SPED Kids  12 November '16

The Autism Society of Albany, New York Intend To Elevate Public Awareness

Before autism had been perceived a lot differently, but now with the growing awareness about this condition, people are becoming more welcoming to individuals with autism. This gives incomparable joy both to these individuals and their families.

Exceptional Minds on ABC News

SPED Kids  12 November '16

'Exceptional Minds': Animation Studio That Welcomes People With Autism As Employees

Individuals with autism are given the chance to enhance and show off their skills in animation.

The Honda Classic - Preview Day 2

SPED Kids  11 November '16

Parenting SPED Kids: Can Parents Help Reduce ADHD Symptoms?

Parenting an ADHD kid can be frustrating and overwhelming, but as a parent there's alot you can do to help reduce the symptoms.

Nostradamus & Baba Vanga Predict Trump’s Future ‘Black’: Are Angels Protecting Him?

SPED Kids  10 November '16

President Donald Trump’s Claim Vaccines Cause Autism Debunked By Health Experts, It Is NOT TRUE!

President Donald Trump’s claim about vaccines causes uproar among health experts. Health experts reacted on President Trump’s claim that vaccine can cause autism. In the end, health experts still recommended vaccines.

Having Difficulty in Reading

Dyslexia  10 November '16

How To Make Dyslexia An Asset

A learning disability is not related to a child’s intelligence. Most people that have learning disabilities have average or above-average intelligence.

This School Is Helping Young Adults With Autism Make Movie Magic | NBC Nightly News

SPED Kids  10 November '16

Young People With Autism Create Hit Films Through A Vocational School And Animation Studio In California

Exceptional Minds is the current residence of young people with autism and can do exceptional animation designs. Most of these talented individuals work like veterans in the Hollywood.

Man Hits Autistic Teen During Running Event

SPED Kids  8 November '16


After pushing a teen during a running event at Cobbs Hill Park, a man was arrested. The teen who had fallen behind is an autistic.

Early Autism Detection

SPED Kids  8 November '16

Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Detection

The diagnosis of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder is usually spotted in early childhood. Early identification of this brain disorder would most likely make the life of the patients and their caretakers to be better.

Erik’s Ranch

SPED Kids  7 November '16

Erik’s Ranch: A Place for Adults with Autism

A Paradise Valley resort from Trail Creek Road opened its doors for adults with autism seven days ago. The non-profit organization created by Kathryn Nordberg, offers young adults on the autism spectrum to not only live there but also work there, it aims to help adults with autism live independently and have opportunities that are meaningful and rewarding.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Crucial States Ahead Of Tuesday's Presidential Election

SPED Kids  7 November '16

Autism Parents: Should They Vote For Hillary Clinton As The Next POTUS?

Why would autism parents like Hillary as president? Why not Trump? Both are kids' lovers so what makes the difference?

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