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Apple Introduces New Products

Behavior  14 December '16

A Guide To Parents To Know About Their Child's Terms Of Texting

If you're lost in the languages of the youths today, here is an article that would help parents keep up with it, especially if they are dealing with their teens.

Christmas Shopping Season is Underway

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

The Perfect Unique Gift Suggestions For Teens This Holiday!

Don't know what to give your teenage child this holiday? Here are some ideas.

10 Common Warning Signs of a Mental Health Condition in Teens and Young Adults

Behavior  13 December '16

Study Suggests That Australian Children In Pre-1990s Care Suffered Lifelong Disadvantage

Leaving care at an average age of 15, most children were left completely unprepared to face the outside world alone.

Immigrants Learn English As Second Language At Community Migrant Center

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

5 Biggest Challenges Face By Teenage Refugees! Refugee Teens Be Aware

Here are five biggest challenges facing teenager refugees nowadays. These include difficulty speaking and learning the English language, proper education, discrimination and bullying, teenage pregnancy and teen gangs or groups.

Pines Hill gas station shooting

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

Two Teenagers Arrested In Pine Hills Shooting; Mother, Innocent Bystander Dead After Shooting Ensued

Two teenagers were arrested in the death of a mother and the injury pf four others.

Immigration And Border Security Issues Loom Heavy In Upcoming U.S. Elections

Behavior  13 December '16

Why Teens Are Smuggling Immigrants Into US; Arrest Records Reveal Alarmingly High Numbers Of Teens Into Illegal Activity

The police are aware there's a bigger problem in stopping human smuggling actvities, but the minors have to be guided about the consequences if they do get involved.

Essential Facts About The Teens: How To Handle Them and Prevail Over The Peer Pressures

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Five Not-So-Secret Texting Codes And Five Coded Text Messages Teens Should Adopt

Teenagers primarily use text messaging as a mode of communication. In this method it’s much easier for them to hide the meaning of their conversations. If parents want to know what their kids are up to especially what they’re texting about, reading nowadays is not enough.

Perfect Parenting

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Influence of Parenting to Adolescents’ Rebellious Conducts

An advance inquiry produced from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence on December 9 2016 Friday : Misaki Natsuaki an instructor in the field of psychology and Laura Dimler a Calibrate student of psychology both scions of the University Of California Riverside discovered that when an adolescent perceives their progenitor’s strategy of raising them more dismissive than what their progenitors did they demonstrate amplified levels of hostile conduct.

Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Underage Drinking Ordinance Will Have Adults Responsible For Underage Drinking, Ordinance Has ‘Strong Chance Of Passing', Says Port Arthur Mayor

An organization wants parents or other adults liable for underage drinking in Port Arthur. The org if approved will hold adults responsible for providing a setting where underage alcohol drinking happens in house parties.

Tennessee Wildfire

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Teenagers Charged In Tennessee Wildfire Accused Of Playing With Matchsticks; More Details About Suspects Released

Two teens were reportedly the culprit for starting the Tennessee wildfire. They were said to be playing with matchsticks.

Pennsylvania Interstate 380 car crash

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Best Friends Dead After Tractor Struck Car; Fatal Crash Seen Online Via Facebook Live

A fatal crash took the lives of two teens and before the crash took place, a third friend who was with them was dropped off at her home.

'Every 15 Minutes' to Prevent Teen Drunken Driving

Teens/Young Adults  11 December '16

Teen Stress And Depression: How Parents Can Help Teenage Kids Cope With Feelings Of Stress And Depression This Holiday Season

A research recently found that teenagers often experience higher levels of stress compared to adults. That’s why Dr. Jennifer Salerno shared some tips on how parents can help their children cope with stress or depression.

Hug High School

Teens/Young Adults  9 December '16

Knife-Wielding Nevada High School Student Shot By Campus Police Officer In Critical Condition; Investigation Underway

A teenager who had a knife on him and was fighting with another student at a high school in Nevada was shot by a police officer.

Challenges Teenagers and Parents Face With Risky Teenage Behavior

Teens/Young Adults  9 December '16

Teen Behavior Problems Associated With Parent-Teen Discrepancies On Parenting Style, Says New Study

A latest study conducted by University of California, Riverside psychology professor and graduate student discovers differences between teenagers’ and parents’ perceptions of parenting approach contributes to youths’ behavior issues. Teens showed more raised levels of behavior problems when they viewed their parents’ parenting strategies more negatively than how their parents mean to.

Jasmine Preciado

Teens/Young Adults  8 December '16

California Teenager Who Stabbed A Pregnant Mother To Death And Killed Unborn Child Faces Charges

A California teenager is accused of stabbing a pregnant mother and the unborn child and has been charged.

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets

Behavior  8 December '16

Injuries- A Gateway To Teen's Drug Addiction?

Teens are getting addicted to drugs and it all started with their love of sports.

Meet the teen suing Obama over climate change

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Squad Goals: 21 Teenagers And Children File Lawsuit Against US Government For Not Guarding Them From Threat Of Climate Change

If permitted to advance forward, 21 young plaintiffs from Oregon will ask the court to hold US government accountable for disrespecting all their rights to property, equal protection, liberty and life. Now the young complainants are preparing for the day.

Mountain View High School

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Utah High School Stabbing Update: 16-Year-Old Teen Who Injured Five Other Students Has Suicidal, Harmful Thoughts Since He Was Young

New updates were released about the 16-year-old who stabbed five other students at a locker room in Orem, Utah.

Alaina Danielle Ferguson

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Engaged Texas Teacher’s Illicit Sexual Trysts With 16-Year-Old Teen Busted! High School Teacher Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Student At Fiancé’s Apartment

A teacher in Texas was arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Digital detox

Teens/Young Adults  6 December '16

Survival Game: 9 Teen Gave Up Their Cellphones For A Week

Nine students were challenged to go on a digital detox and they showed improvement in their school work, reading habits and even relationships.


Teens/Young Adults  6 December '16

76-Year-Old Man Only Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison After Raping Girl Until She Got Pregnant And Assaulted Her Younger Sisters?

A 76-year-old man molested a girl and her sisters until the oldest became pregnant at the age of only 13.

Oakland Warehouse Fire

Teens/Young Adults  6 December '16

Oakland Warehouse Fire Latest Update: Teens Among 36 Dead, Authorities Believe Charges May Be Filed

An Oakland Warehouse was on fire killing a total of 36.

Manuel Viloria-Paulino

Teens/Young Adults  6 December '16

Teen Accused Of Beheading Classmate? Massachusetts Suspect Reportedly Said He Did Something Bad After Alleged Crime

A teenager is accused of beheading a classmate.

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