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Inappropriate Student Teacher Relationship

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

2 Girls Who Had Sexual Relationship With Their Gymnastic Coach Did Not Feel Bad Feeling Towards The Suspect, Suspect Avoid Jail

Two girls were sexually abused by their gymnastic coach while training in a gymnastic school. The girls were teenager with age one 15 and other 16 during the incident. They did not show any bitterness to the suspects.

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

Behavior  5 December '16

Teen Murders His Grandfather While Using Kik App; He Now Speaks About The Crime

A teen is being charged with first-degree murder after killing his grandfather with the help of an app.

Service Dog Helps Wounded Veteran Cope With PTSD

Behavior  5 December '16

New Study Shows How Teens Could Fight Depression

This new study just might solve depression in teens.

Essential Facts About The Teens: How To Handle Them and Prevail Over The Peer Pressures

Relationship  5 December '16

Essential Facts About Teens: How To Handle Teenage Years And Prevail Over Peer Pressures

It’s one of the hardest things parents deal with. Even if they’re trying to raise their child the right way, as soon as they walks out the door, he’s going to be exposed to all sorts of negative influences.

Sparsh Shah

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

Have You Heard Of Sparsh Shah? 13-Year-Old With Osteogenesis Imperfecta Raps Better, Has More Swag Than Eminem

A 13-year-old boy raps like Eminem and does not let his illness, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, stop him from doing what he loves.

Maria Ladenburger

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

Senior EU Official’s Daughter Maria Ladenburger Raped And Murdered? Afghan Teenager Asylum Seeker Claims Responsibility

The daughter of a top official in the European Union was murdered.

David Grunwald

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

Missing Teenager David Grunwald In Alaska Believed To Be Found, Another Teen Taken Into Custody Over Death

A missing teenager's body is believed to have been found.

2016 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Transparent' Season 3 Premiere

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

Jewish Teen Gets $25K Bar Mitzvah Money, Buys 800 Nike Pairs To Donate To Less Fortunate Kids

Drew Frank's parents have instilled in him the value of helping others even as a little boy.

President-Elect Donald Trump And Vice President Elect Pence Hold Election Victory Rally In Ohio

Teens/Young Adults  4 December '16

Teen Gets Instant Fame After Donald Trump Retweets His Post On Twitter

Know this teenage boy is from Twitter who gets instant fame after Donald Trump noticed his tweet.

Teenage Girl Defining Herself

Teens/Young Adults  6 December '16

Cyber- Bullying is NO JOKE!

What is the truth about this unkind activity in this modern day? What do the lawmakers need to do in order to stop it?

San Lorenzo Bikini Show And Hammock Show After Party At W South Beach For SWIMMIAMI 2016

Teens/Young Adults  4 December '16

Eating Disorders 'Anorexia' And 'Bulimia' Causing Death Worldwide?

There has been a growing number of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa among the demographic worldwide.

Online Fantasy Sports Sites, FanDuel And DraftKings, Under Scrutiny Of Government

Teens/Young Adults  3 December '16

Why Online Gambling Is A Major Threat To Vulnerable Children

Children are getting far away from smoking and drinking problems but survey says they are getting digitally addicted.

The T.J. Martell Foundation 2nd Annual Chad Brown Memorial Poker Tournament

Teens/Young Adults  3 December '16

Gambling Commission Research Shows 450,000 Children Are Gambling. What's Next?

Teenagers rate of gambling is more than smoking, online gambling is also one of the sources they acquire.

MPP Teen Sam Oosterhoff's Swearing-In Delayed

Behavior  2 December '16

MPP Teen Sam Oosterhoff Not Supporting New Parenting Bill? Pro-Adoption Teen Politician's Swearing-In Delayed

Progressive Conservative Sam Oosterhoff was sworn in Wednesday, a day after the Canadian legislature voted unanimously in favor of Bill 28, which gives legal rights to gay parents.

Mike Yenni Interview with Fox 8

Teens/Young Adults  2 December '16

Republican Politician Denies He Is Gay After Texting A Teenage Boy Inappropriate Messages

GOP politician said he is not gay amidst the allegations of him sexting a teenage boy.

Anti-Trump Protesters Continue To Demonstrate Across The Country

Teens/Young Adults  2 December '16

Democratic Presidential Teenage Elector Joins National Movement Against President Donald Trump

A 19-year-old Clinton elector from Vancouver, Washington state said she’s joining a nationwide effort in an attempt to deny and contradict the presidency of Donald Trump in the Electoral College. She announced her joining last Wednesday.

Relentlessly bullied teen kills herself in front of her family

Teens/Young Adults  1 December '16

18-Year-Old Teenager Shoot Herself In Front Of Her Family, Teenager Victim Of Cyberbullying

A Texas family is pleading for help in search of the people responsible for cyberbullying 18-year-old Brandy Vela who took her own life last Tuesday. The teen committed suicide after she was persistently cyberbullied.

Austin Harrouff breaks silence on TV show

Teens/Young Adults  1 December '16

Cannibal Frat Boy Austin Harrouff Searched About Selling Soul To The Devil Prior To The Florida Couple Murder, Investigators Say

Investigators revealed some search subjects from Austin's computer prior to the killings. The search queries range from the creation to the illuminati.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan

Teens/Young Adults  30 November '16

Ohio State University Student Attacker Latest Update: Somali Native Might Have Been Inspired By Islamic State Or Al-Qaeda

The Ohio State University attacker who injured 11 people might have been inspired by militant groups such as Islamic state or the al-Qaeda.

Anton Martynenko

Teens/Young Adults  30 November '16

Man Sentenced In Sextortion Scheme For Tricking Boys Into Thinking He's A Modelling Agency Manager, Lets Them Send Nude Photos

A man reportedly tricked a total of 155 teenage boys to sending him nude photos after posing as a modelling agency manager.

Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term

Relationship  1 December '16

Teen Girls Close To Their Mothers Are Likely To Stay Virgins Longer, Study Reveals

Mothers are usually more open about sex talks and this bears a lot of weight and influence if they have a good relationship with their daughters.

Florida Prepares As Hurricane Matthew Barrels Towards Atlantic Coast

School Age  30 November '16

Are You Cramming For Exams? Goodluck Scoring An A

Every student who has panicked while reading the same page of a textbook over and over again may suspect this.

Frigid Conditions Persist In New York City

Teens/Young Adults  30 November '16

14 -Year-Old Girl Accused Of Property-Related Offenses Doesn't Show Up In Court

Department of Territory Families was criticized by NT judge for not looking after a troubled teenage girl.

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