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17-Year-Old Cannot Process Food Due To Rumination

Children  22 April '17

Teen Unable To Digest Food For 6 Years Gets Free Treatment For Rumination - What Is It?

Mya, 17, feeds thru a tube as she vomits any food she takes due to a condition called rumination. Find out what it is in this story.

Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins

Children  21 April '17

Authorities Find Teacher And Abducted Student In CA After Six Harrowing Weeks

The authorities had captured the Tennessee teacher who abducted a student he reportedly had an affair with.

Teen opened up about anorexia

Children  20 April '17

17-Year-Old Model Opens Up Why Anorexia Almost Killed Her

Phoebe Combes opens up about her anorexia and how it caused her skin to rip apart.

Pot Smoking Pregnant Teens

Children  20 April '17

Pot Smoking Among Pregnant Teens More Common Than Non-Pregnant Girls

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted a survey on pot smoking and pregnancy among 410,000 women.

Hijab In Muslim Women

Children  20 April '17

Muslim Teen And Her Dad's Heartfelt Text Exchange Corrects Wrong Notions On Hijab-Wearing Women

Laamya, 17, told her dad she wants to take off her hijab and he replied in manner most people with wrong notions about Muslim women did not expect.

Life-Proof Traits Young Adults Need After College: Are Your Kids Ready For The Work Life?

Children  19 April '17

Life-Proof Traits Young Adults Need After College: Are Your Kids Ready For The Work Life?

Most young adults think college is hard until they enter the workforce. Here are the few skills needed to succeed in a job.

Ph.D. Students Are  More Prone To Experience Mental Health Concers

Children  19 April '17

Ph.D. Students Are More Prone To Psychiatric Disorders, Study Finds

A recent study found that Ph. D. students are more prone to experiencing mental disorders.

New York Teens More Interested In Video Games Than Sex & Tobacco

Children  18 April '17

New York Teens More Interested In Video Games Than Sex & Tobacco?

There is a downward trend among teens who prefer sex and tobacco, as research show that New York highschoolers prefer video games more.

Blanket Jackson Is The Forgotten Son

Children  18 April '17

Blanket Jackson Abandoned? Paris Jackson Worries For 15-Year-Old Brother's Welfare As He's Raising Himself Without Adults

Michael Jackson's youngest, Blanket, lives without family in his grandmother's seven-bedroom house. Katherine has been away to London for three months.

13 Reasons Why | Featurette | Netflix

Children  17 April '17

'13 Reasons Why' VS. Handling Teen Suicide: Netflix Show Fails Real Rape And Bullying Victims Too, Experts Say

Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" has critics applauding and mental health experts criticizing. The show about teen suicide is definitely hitting some tough issues.

Teen Fights  For Planned Parenthood

Children  17 April '17

Planned Parenthood Defunding: 16-Year-Old Girl Corners Republican Lawmaker, Asks Why He's Taking Away Her Rights

Deja Foxx, 16, said she spoke up for many women in America who rely on Planned Parenthood for women's health issues.

Instagram Icaon

Children  15 April '17

Teen Accidentally Kills Himself While Going Live On Social Media

Teenager accidentally shoots himself while going live on social media.

Parents aged 14 & 15, fear they'll never see their baby again after smuggling her out of hospital

Children  16 April '17

Teen Parents Smuggle Their Newborn Out Of Hospital For Fear They Will Lose Her [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

Jayden Lavender, 14, and Jenifer Morrison, 15, thought to hide out was their best choice after they were told baby Aria won't be going home with them.

Riley Hancey

Children  14 April '17

Hospital Denies Utah Teen Of Undergoing Lung Transplant After Posistive Marijuana Test; Teenager Nearly Dies

A Utah teen tested positive for marijuana and he was supposed to undergo a lung transplant but the hospital denied it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Children  13 April '17

The Cons Of New York's Free Tuition For Four-Year Courses

New York became the first ever state to offer free tuition for specific students taking four-year courses in a college or a university.

Chilean students

Children  12 April '17

Chilean Students Rally To Call On Government For Overall Education Improvement

Students in Chile rally to demand the government for an education overhaul.

Teens Love Chick-Fil-A

Children  12 April '17

What Do Teenagers Like? New Survey Reveals Where Their Allowances Go

Piper Jaffray's new survey on teen spending habits shows what the younger generation love spending on.

Teen Stuns Prom Crowd After Getting Dumped By A Girl; Arrives With Kylie Jenner As Date

Children  11 April '17

Teen Stuns Prom Crowd After Girl Dumped His Promposal, Arrives With Kylie Jenner As Date

Kylie Jenner crashed a California prom and surprised everyone for going out with a lucky junior student, and no one knows how the pair arrived to date each other that night.

Teen Vies For Seat In Denver Public Schools Board

Children  10 April '17

Homeless 18-Year-Old Is Youngest Candidate To Run For A Denver Public Schools Board Seat

Tay Anderson is the student body president of Manual High School and he wants to be on the Denver Public School board.

Emma Stone Won Best Actress For 'La La Land'

Children  9 April '17

Emma Stone Finally Responds To Teenager Who Asked Her To Be His Prom Date

Jason Staudenmaier loved "La La Land," the actress' award-winning film, and it inspired him for his prom-posal to Emma Stone.

Student Journalists

Children  6 April '17

New Principal Resigns From Post After Student Journalists Question Credentials; What Did They Find Out?

A group of high school journalist students questioned the credentials of their new principal, which led to the latter’s resignation.

Teen Plotted Pope Francis' Assassination

Children  6 April '17

Pope Francis Assassination: US Teen Admits Guilt For Plotting To Kill Pontiff During His Philadelphia Visit

Santos Colon Jr., 17, admitted to planning the assassination for two months. He made a mistake when he hired a sniper, who turned out to be an FBI agent.

Teen Writes #BlackLivesMatter In Standford Essay

Children  6 April '17

Teen Writes #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times In College Essay, Earns Stanford Acceptance

Ziad Ahmed, 18, wrote the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on his essay for Standford but his other accomplishments might have also impressed the university.

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