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Gordon Douglas Chalmers

Teens/Young Adults  12 March '17

Australian Man Poses As Justin Bieber Gets Arrested, Faces More Than 900 Child Sex Charges

An Australian man impersonating singer Justin Bieber was charged in more than 900 child sex offenses.

Texas Transgender Bill

Teens/Young Adults  9 March '17

Texas Bathroom Bill On Its Way To Implementation After It Passes Key Votes

The Texas bathroom bill might be implemented soon after the bill passed key votes.

Gavin Grimm

Teens/Young Adults  8 March '17

Transgender Bathroom Case Of Gavin Grimm Sent Back To Lower Court After SC Refuses To Hear It

The case of the transgender teen in Virginia who wanted his case to be heard in the Supreme Court was sent back to the lower court.

Oliver Funez

Teens/Young Adults  8 March '17

North Carolina Teenager Faces Accusations Of Decapitating Mother, Sheriff Calls It A 'Gruesome Scene'

A teenager is accused of decapitating his own mother.

Identical Twins Valedictorian Salutatorian

Education  8 March '17

Identical Twin Brothers Finish As Valedictorian, Salutatorian In NY High School

Nicholas and Matthew Rizzo earned the top spots with their impressive GPAs, 107.90 and 107.77 respectively.

Former mayor Anthony Silva

Teens/Young Adults  7 March '17

Former Mayor Once Linked To Playing Strip Poker With Teens Now Facing Embezzlement Charges

A former mayor accused of playing strip poker with teenagers was arrested on embezzlement charges.

Video Game Addiction Can Ruin Lives

Teens/Young Adults  7 March '17

Computer Addiction: How Video Games Almost Destroyed A Teen’s Life

Cam Adair used to play video games at their basement for 16 hours straight, but he has since recovered from his addiction.

College student

Teens/Young Adults  3 March '17

Peanut Butter Applied On A College Student's Face For Fraternity Activity Causes Deadly Allergic Reaction

A college student revealed to his mother that peanut butter was rubbed on his face during a fraternity activity and his allergic reaction was so severe it was almost deadly.

Ben Keita

Teens/Young Adults  3 March '17

FBI Set To Review Death Of Muslim Teen Found Hanged After Medical Examiner Changes Manner Of Death From Suicide To Undetermined

The FBI will once again review the death of a Muslim who was found dead and hanged near his home.

Inflammatory Diet

Teens/Young Adults  3 March '17

Poor Diet In Teen Years Linked To Higher Breast Cancer Risk In Adulthood; Researchers Detail 'Inflammatory Diet' Dangers In New Study

Parents, here's another reason why it's important to teach kids to eat healthy while they are young.

Pediatricians Warn Against Underage Pot Use

Teens/Young Adults  1 March '17

Teen Addiction: Pediatricians Warn Parents On Dangers Of Pot

The legalization of marijuana both for medical and entertainment purposes pose a danger to teens whose brains are still developing.

Sleepy Teens

Teens/Young Adults  28 February '17

Sleepy And Tired Teens Have Higher Chances Of Committing More Crimes As Adults, Study Says

A new research claims teenagers who feel sleepy and tired have higher chances of committing crimes when they become adults.

Many teen sex assault victims get subpar ER care, study says

Teens/Young Adults  28 February '17

Teen Sexual Assault: American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Guidelines For Screening, Treatment And Care Of Abuse Victims

Pediatricians need to be prepared on how to handle assault and rape victims properly as it matters to their recovery.

Teens are an easy target for Human Traffickers

Teens/Young Adults  24 February '17

Teens, Human Trafficking A Concern; How Educators Can Help Kids Understand Its Dangers To Prevent More Victims

Schools can help raise awareness about this global problem that affects thousands of young kids and their families.

Rashawn Brazell

Teens/Young Adults  24 February '17

Man Allegedly Responsible For 2005 Beheading In Brooklyn Claims Innocence, Reasons He Cannot Even Dissect A Frog

A man had outbursts in court regarding the charges made against him regarding the beheading of another man in Brooklyn in 2005.

Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen

Teens/Young Adults  23 February '17

Pro-Life 16-Year-Old Girl Rips Teen Vogue Suggestion On What To Give A Friend Post-Abortion [WATCH]

Autumn, a member of Students for Life America, gave other suggestions on helping a friend who terminated her pregnancy.

President Donald Trump

Teens/Young Adults  23 February '17

Trump Administration On Transgender Bathroom Law: Expect Changes On Guidelines Amid Lifting Of Obama's Federal Protections

The president's men might alter some of the guidelines of the controversial transgender bathroom bill.

Spencer Kolman

Teens/Young Adults  22 February '17

Chicago Teen Who Underwent Heart-Lung Transplant After Surviving Cancer Recovering

Spencer Kolman is doing well after his November procedure. His doctors are optimistic about his chances.

Same-sex marriage

Teens/Young Adults  22 February '17

Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Has Another Positive Effect: Decreasing Suicide Rate Of LGBT Teens

After the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, it was recorded that there was a decrease in the suicide rate of teenagers.

St. Charles shooting

Teens/Young Adults  21 February '17

Cleveland Playground Shooting: 17-Year-Old Victim Dead, Identified By Police

Police are still investigating if this shooting was a random act or the teen had been targetted.

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