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My Year 12 Life

Education  21 February '17

Teen Documentary 'My Year 12 Life' Highlights Joys And Pains Of Students' Final School Year Before College

The Australian series, which airs on ABC, started airing the kids' video blog documentary on Monday, Feb. 20.

Indiana slain teens

Teens/Young Adults  20 February '17

Possible Break In Indiana Double Homicide: Man Photographed At Trail Where Teenagers Vanished Becomes Suspect In Case

Two Indiana teens were found dead after vanishing from a hike and police might have cracked a lead regarding the suspect.

'Fifty Shades Darker' - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Relationship  20 February '17

Sex And Teen Girls: How Parents Can Use 'Fifty Shades' To Teach Daughters About Sex

Materials from the books and the movies are everywhere so instead of shutting these down, parents might as well discuss these with their teenagers.

Angelina Jolie First They Killed My Father

Relationship  20 February '17

Angelina Jolie's Boys, Maddox And Pax, Earn Praises From 'First They Killed My Father' Author Loung Ung

The teens helped on the set when their mom decided to adopt the book into a movie.

Police Line

Teens/Young Adults  17 February '17

Gang-Related Murder: 4 Adults, 6 Teens Suspects In Death Of 15-Year-Old Virginia Girl

A 15-year-old girl was found dead in Virginia and nine people were arrested.

Woman Focuses On Facelift When Her Rare Condition Could Kill Her

Teens/Young Adults  16 February '17

Granny Teen: Young Woman Fears Deadly Rare Condition That Made Her Look Like A 50-Year-Old At 16

Zara Hartshorn originally thought she was just suffering from premature aging but a doctor said she had a serious disease that could kill her.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

Teens/Young Adults  15 February '17

University Of Southern Mississippi Student Jokes About Ramming Himself Into Hotel Window, Falls To His Death; Potentially Intoxicated

A University of Southern Mississippi student fell to his death while at a hotel after he joked about ramming himself into the window.

Teens Love Kylie Jenner

Teens/Young Adults  15 February '17

Thousands Of Teen Girls Skip School For Kylie Jenner's Pop-Up Store Opening In New York

Some kids were there with the permission of their parents to not go to classes that day.

Daily Life At A Secondary School

Education  14 February '17

Meet Some Of The Brightest Teenagers Who Could Find A Cancer Cure Or Save The World

Over 2,000 students submitted their work for the Regeneron Science Talent Search and the top finalists was narrowed down to 40.

Reagan Tokes

Teens/Young Adults  13 February '17

Missing Ohio State University Student Found Dead With Gunshot Wound; Sex Offender Arrested For Murder, Rape Charges

A sex offender is believed to be responsible in the death of an Ohio State University student.

Bullied Boy Who Went Into A Coma Wakes Up With An Invitation From Anthony Rizzo Of The Chicago Cubs

Teens/Young Adults  11 February '17

12-Year-Old Boy Survives Beating And School Bullying, Get Attention Of Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo

Bullying can sometimes be very violent as the case of a 12-year old boy who got beaten into a coma.

Danielle Bregoli

Teens/Young Adults  9 February '17

Infamous 'Cash Me Ousside' Teen From 'Dr. Phil' Punches Airline Passenger, Gets Kick Off Flight

Danielle Bregoli, 13, was with her mom when the incident inside the airplane happened.

Tim Piazza

Teens/Young Adults  9 February '17

Penn State Student Dies After Falling Down Fraternity House's Stairs; Paramedics Called Only 12 Hours After

Tim Piazza partied with the Beta Theta Pi members and witnesses told police he was intoxicated.

University Of Birmingham Hold Degree Congregations

Education  9 February '17

California Teen Gets Early Graduation Rites So His Dying Dad Could Witness It

Noah Le'Cap offered his diploma and mortar board to his father, Alfred, in the graduation the school mounted at their house.

Teens face Increased Risk Of Brain Damage With Dripping

Teens/Young Adults  9 February '17

Parenting Alert: Teen Dripping Exposes Them To More Risk

Vaping has replaced the traditional cigarettes but teens have turned to dripping, exposing them to more risks of brain damage.

On The Set Of 'Scrubs'

Teens/Young Adults  8 February '17

Teen Dies After Migraine Misdiagnosis, Exam Stress Or Brain Tumor?

Emma Sim's story provides a good lesson. School kids suffering from migraines and similar symptoms should not simply dismiss it as exam stress or too much computer use.

Arthur Adams

Teens/Young Adults  8 February '17

Mother Of Teen Shot Dead By Walmart Customer Over Stolen Diapers Laments Son's Senseless Death

The mom of the teenager killed in Walmart for allegedly stealing diapers over the weekend said she believes his son should not have been killed.

Wal-Mart Prepares For 'Black Friday' Shopping Mania

Teens/Young Adults  6 February '17

Orlando Walmart Shooting: Suspect Shot Dead By Customer, Teen Tried To Steal Diapers

The 19-year-old teen was with three to four accomplices who fled the scene using a stolen vehicle.

Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In Germany

Teens/Young Adults  6 February '17

What Happens To A Teen Who Doesn't Clean Her Room? iPhone Charger Impales Her Foot [PHOTO]

She had the presence of mind, however, to take photos of her injury to post on Twitter.

Parenting Does Not Come With Manuals And Instructions

Teens/Young Adults  4 February '17

Flowchart Parenting: Searching For The Best Methods To Raise Children

There are no clear-cut methods to raise children. Parenting can be complicated and challenging because kids are unique.

Kenneth Suttner

Teens/Young Adults  3 February '17

Bullied Teenager Takes Own Life, Charges Filed Against Restaurant Manager Where Teen Worked

A teenager took his own life after being bullied at work.

Boy, 15, arrested after shooting gun inside Boston school building

Behavior  2 February '17

Teen Fires Gun On Another Teen In Boston Public Schools' Administrative Headquarters; 15-Year-Old Arrested, To Be Tried In Juvenile Court

The attacker is going to be arraigned on Feb. 14 following the incident cops believe to be gang-related.

White and Black students

Education  1 February '17

White Privilege Essay Writing Contest In Connecticut Facing Backlash; Should Teens Discuss Racial Issues?

Parents believe that the organizers overstepped with the chosen topic.

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