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Alyssa tazing!

Teens/Young Adults  1 February '17

Ohio Teen Uses Stun Gun On Cop For A Good Reason — It's Her Dying Wish! [VIDEO]

Doctors told the 16-year-old who has leukemia that she has only four months to live.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Education  1 February '17

Nebraska Lawmaker Passes Bill To Help Teen Moms Graduate From High School

State data shows that 70 percent of teens who get pregnant no longer go back to school.

WWU linguistics professor delves into J.R.R. Tolkien's languages

Education  1 February '17

Highly Intelligent Teenager Creates Own Language Like J.R.R. Tolkien, Cites Her Work As An Artistic Endeavor

Melissa May definitely has a gift with words and she's using her talent quite well.

A Woman And Her Son Go Tobogganing

Teens/Young Adults  31 January '17

Parenting A Teenager: How To Avoid The Angst

Raising teens can be lonesome especially when they start to establish their independence but parents should find the joy in guiding them without feeling guilty.

Sydney Galleger

Teens/Young Adults  30 January '17

Teen Dies During Oral Surgery, Family Sues Eden Prairie Dentist For Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

The family of the teen from Eden Prairie who died during an oral surgery sued the dentist.

Malia Obama

Teens/Young Adults  30 January '17

Malia Obama Attends Dakota Access Pipeline Protest During Sundance Festival

The 18-year-old daughter of former president Barack Obama was seen protesting with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Special School Helps Teen Combat Childhood Obesity

Puberty  30 January '17

Don't Fault Teenagers For Smelling Bad, Study Reveals They Are Not Aware Of Their Body Odor

It turns out that the nose doesn't always know, according to this new study.

Theresa May Hosts The Polish Prime Minister

Behavior  30 January '17

Live-Streaming Suicide Is New Social Media Concern For Parents, What Can Be Done About It?

It's high time for moms and dads to have a conversation about this disturbing trend.

Chris Haworth

Teens/Young Adults  28 January '17

Florida High School Students' Plan To Commit School Massacre Foiled; Whistleblowers Alert Police, Two Teens Now In Custody

Two Florida students attempted to commit a school shooting.

Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry

Teens/Young Adults  27 January '17

Driving High On Marijuana: Parents Need To Discuss Dangers With Teenage Kids, Young Adults

A good talk will go a long way especially since pot smoking is legal in many states today.

President-Elect Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower In New York

Behavior  26 January '17

Suicide On Facebook Live Is On The Rise? 14-Year-Old Girl From Miami Is Latest Victim

Something should be done to stop these social media incidents from escalating.

Teenage Boys Dies After Double Stabbing In East London

Teens/Young Adults  25 January '17

Teen Stabbing In London: 15-Year-Old Quamari Barnes Murdered Outside School, Attacker Arrested

The victim was stabbed by a boy of the same age as well. It's the second incidence of teenage violence in London this month.

Computer Wonder Boy Learns Computer Coding From YouTube

Teens/Young Adults  27 January '17

Teenager Rejects $6.26 Million Website Deal For WeNeed1

Any adult would jump at the opportunity to be a millionaire but it is not enough for this teen who turned down an offer for his website.

London From The Air

Teens/Young Adults  26 January '17

Father Of Stabbed Boy Finally Breaks Silence, Says He Was A 'Perfect Son'

The dad of Djodjo Nsaka, the 19-year-old boy who was stabbed in a fight near Wembley, has finally started talking about his son.


Teens/Young Adults  24 January '17

Study Suggests E-Cigarette Might Increase Possibility Of Non-Smoking Teens To Try Smoking

A new study claim e-cigarette is not a deterrent for kids to try smoking.

Stabbing incident

Teens/Young Adults  24 January '17

Dallas Man Stabs Mother And Daughter; Teenager Succumbs To Injuries While Motive Remains Unclear

A teenager and her mother were stabbed by her husband, leaving the daughter dead.

Afghan Women And Children Suffer In Kabul's Mental Institution

Teens/Young Adults  24 January '17

Why Teens Should Seek Mental Health Help To Avoid Depression Later In Life

Mental Illnesses such as depression are common among youngsters these days and if treatment is not started early they can end up suffering a lot more in the future.

Responsible Parenting Means Monitoring The Children's Online Activities

Teens/Young Adults  23 January '17

Digital Parenting: The Importance Of Learning The Texting Lingo Of Children

Monitoring the children's online and phone activities would be easier for parents if they are familiar with the texting codes being used nowadays.

Women's  March

Teens/Young Adults  23 January '17

LGBTQ Teens Won't Stop Fighting For Their Rights As Donald Trumps Calls Women's March As 'Hallmark Of Democracy

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States and he said the Washington Women's March was the hallmark of democracy while teenagers from the LGBTQ community released a message to the president.


Teens/Young Adults  23 January '17

Iceland Offers The Best Idea To Stop Teens From Using Drugs, Should Rest Of The World Do The Same?

Iceland stopped the use of drugs, as well as smoking and drinking in most of the teens.

Fighting Obesity By Checking Out Food Servings

Health/Nutrition  20 January '17

Fighting Child Obesity: Expert Suggests To Ban Second Helpings Among Children

An obesity expert has identified second helpings as the culprit behind children's obesity. Parents are urged to stop giving extra food to their kids to help maintain their weight.

Siberian Teens At Internet Cafe

Teens/Young Adults  19 January '17

Social Media Overuse: The Reason Why Teenagers Are Not Getting The Right Amount Of Sleep

With the development of technology and introduction of smartphones, studies suggest some teens are losing sleep because of spending too much time on social media.

Aspirin And Viral Infection Can Lead To Reye's Syndrome

Teens/Young Adults  19 January '17

Reye’s Syndrome: Why Parents Are Warned About This Deadly Condition

Reye's Syndrome is a rare condition that can result when parents give their children aspirin after recovering from a flu. Awareness among parents and children will help combat the deadly illness.

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