Teens/Young Adults

Another teener dies in choking game which has become popular online.

Teens/Young Adults  6 January '17

Choking Game Kills 13-Year-Old Teenager In Australia

Another teenager died from the choking game, which has become a fad among young people. Unfortunately, the trend also took the life of several others.

Mentally-challenged man

Teens/Young Adults  5 January '17

Chicago Police Take 4 Teens In Custody Amid Ongoing Investigation Over Torture Of Mentally Challenged Man Seen Via Facebook Live

A man who is said to be mentally challenged was tortured and it was broadcasted via Facebook Live.

Multiple Injuries Caused By Drive-By Shooting In Chicago

Teens/Young Adults  5 January '17

Chicago Teenager Lethally Shot And Killed By Sheriff Deputy, Police Still Investigating The Incident

Teenager fatally shot by a sheriff deputy officer during an emergency call response on Sunday night near Villa Park Chicago.

Rolesville High School

Teens/Young Adults  4 January '17

Police Officer Slammed Female Rolesville High School Student On The Ground; Cop Gets Suspended As Investigation Started

A police officer was seen in a viral video slamming a female student from Rolesville High School.

Prescription drugs

Teens/Young Adults  3 January '17

New Study Suggests Playing Team Sports While In High School Does Not Necessarily Link To Heroin Or Prescription Drugs Use

A new study says that heroin or prescription drug use is not always linked to playing sports in high school.

Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

Teens/Young Adults  3 January '17

3 Teenagers, 9 Others Wounded After Shootings Transpired In Chicago On New Year's Day

Twelve people are injured after being shot since New Year's Day.

Increased number of teens, kids abusing opioids

Behavior  3 January '17

Opioid, Substance Abuse Among Teenagers Are Being Tackled As Recovering Users Help Their Peers

Recovering substance abusers are helping their peers in terms of recovery from substance abuse.

Parenting Teenagers Academy

Teens/Young Adults  3 January '17

One Mom Finding Sweet Spots In Parenting Teenagers? Secret To Successful Teen Parenting Revealed!

One mom shares she has found the sweet spots in parenting teenagers, which have helped her enjoy parenting teens. This mom proved parenting teenagers is not really difficult.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Teens/Young Adults  31 December '16

Brave Uber Driver In Sacramento Saves 16-Year-Old Teenager From Sex Trafficking

An Uber driver rescues a 16-year-old teenage girl from being sex trafficked

Keoshia Ford

Teens/Young Adults  30 December '16

Tennessee Teen Victim Of A Gang Shootout In 2012 Dies After 4 Years Of Treatment

Keoshia Ford was severely injured after surviving a gang shootout in 2012. She fought bravely for four years but succumbed to her injuries recently.

Twin Brothers, 14, Start Charity Site To Break The Age Barrier | #ShareKindness | TODAY

Teens/Young Adults  30 December '16

Is Being Charitable Still Important Among Children? Kids That Do Good Founders Explain Why The Value Of Charity Remains Significant [EXCLUSIVE]

The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on the value of charity and the 14-year-old twin brothers and Kids That Do Good founders share why giving back to the community is important.

Philadelphia Mills

Teens/Young Adults  29 December '16

Fights Between Teenagers Break Out At Philadelphia Mall; Altercations Planned Via Snapchat?

Teenagers fought once again at a Philadelphia mall and it was believed that the altercations were planned via Snapchat.

Clear-Up Begins After The Glastonbury Festival

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Are Later School Start Times Beneficial To Teens?

Starting school late has quite a number of health benefits in store for children.

Rose Parade

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Local Teenagers Who Have Saved Lives Via CPR Will Be Honored At This Year's Rose Parade

Teenagers who have saved lives via CPR will be honored at the Rose Parade this year.

Forest Park accident

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Two Teenagers Struck After Trying To Cross Forest Park; One Teen In Critical Condition

Two teenagers were struck by a vehicle while they were trying to cross Forest Park.

Fox Valley Mall

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Fox Valley Mall Closes Due To Teenage Brawl; Eight Juveniles Face Charges Including Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Police

A group of teens started to fight at the food court of Fox Valley Mall.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Teens/Young Adults  26 December '16

Is Social Media A Replacement For Drugs Among Teens?

Social media may have reduced the number of teens who use drugs but screentime has now become the new vice.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's Duel

Behavior  27 December '16

Study Reveals People Who Read 'Harry Potter' During Their Childhood Grew Up To Be Better Adults

A recent study suggests that individuals who managed to read "Harry Potter" while growing up turned out to be better adults.

Boy Dies on Water Slide | Eyewitness Account

Teens/Young Adults  26 December '16

Teenage Boy Dies After Falling From Waterslide In Wisconsin

A teenage boy is dead after falling from a large outdoor water slide in the Wisconsin Dells that was not open to the public.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Behavior  24 December '16

Why Parents Are Warned About The 'September Baby' Phenomenon

What parents need to know about "September Baby."

Claire Theobald

Teens/Young Adults  23 December '16

Adopt-A-Teen Drive Does Not Get Enough Donations For All Edmonton Teenagers; 4,791 Of Them Might Not Get Presents This Christmas

The Adopt-A-Teen drive did not get enough donations this year.

Joy Vs. Angst in Parenting

Opinion  23 December '16

Parenting Is A Source Of Joy Not Angst

The pressures of parenthood has made parenting very stressful, but parents should find joy in parenting.

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