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Behavior  22 December '16

Parenting Trends To look Out For In 2017!

Every ending has a beginning, it’s only natural for parenting to evolve as well. Technology as we know it improves time and time again and here are some of the parenting trends that will be big in the upcoming year.

'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World

Behavior  22 December '16

Dealing With Your Shy Tween In Coping With School

Some parents may have experienced a big change in their child and questioned themselves, "What happened?." Not only the child's figure has changed, but also the behavior may have changed as well. A happy child who used to have friends doesn't have friends anymore. A once-talkative child who is fond of telling you everything had already refused to talk. Your child who is confident had become silent and afraid to look to anyone.


Teens/Young Adults  22 December '16

Ikea Wants Teenagers To Stop Sneaking Into Stores For Illegal Sleepovers; Company Hopes To End Trespassing Craze

Ikea said in a statement that they want teenagers to stop going inside their stores and spending the night illegally.

John R.K. Howard

Teens/Young Adults  22 December '16

White Football Player Won’t Face Jail Time After Plea Deal Despite Sexually Assaulting Black Teen With Disability; State’s Decision Slammed?

The state of Idaho entered into a plea deal with a white football player acquitting him from spending time behind bars in a sexual assault case of a black teen with disabilities.

Why do women have periods?

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Nepalese Teen Found Dead While in the Process of an Ancient Practice

Roshani Tiruwa was found dead while in the process of chhaupadi, an ancient Nepalese practice. Her body was found inside her “chhaupadi shed” by her father three days after her menstrual cycle started.

Oakland trees

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Another Tree-Falling Event Takes Life Of Teenager, Family Sues California For Incident

A tree fell last year and the family of the killed teen is suing California.

Allen Ivanov

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Guilty Plea Entered: Allen Ivanov Pleads Guilty To Killing Ex-Girlfriend, Two Others At A House Party

A 20-year-old male pleaded guilty to killing his former girlfriend and two other people at a house party.

New Mexico teens

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Five Teenagers Facing Murder Charges After Stealing Church Deacon's Van, Mowing Him Over With His Vehicle

A church deacon died two months after he was in a coma because five teenagers ran over him with his car.

Bonhams Auction Preview Of Islamic And Indian Artworks

Teens/Young Adults  21 December '16

Canadian Teen Stabbed, Suspects Still Unknown

A teenager has been stabbed by unknown suspects just a few blocks outside his own home in Toronto, Canada. The teen’s health is now stable but justice for what happened is yet to be served.

Florida Officials Hold Exotic Pet Amnesty Opportunity

Behavior  20 December '16

Teen's Weird Reaction To Exotic Animals Result To A Birth Of A Meme

If you ever wonder how a meme is born, this teenager's facial expression would explain it.

HMAS Parramatta Departs for Gulf Duty

Teens/Young Adults  20 December '16

Teenage Sweethearts With Twinning Eyes, Nose, Mouth Become Internet Sensation After Sweet Photo Together Went Viral

Teenage lovers shared their sweet moments online; photos started attracting attention of many netizens. People commented the two young couple looked the same and must be related, but the two insisted they are not related actually.


Teens/Young Adults  20 December '16

Poultney Teen Arrested For Shooting Another Teenager; No Bail For Manslaughter Charge

Police have arrested a teenager for the shooting death of another teen.

Lawrenceville shooting

Teens/Young Adults  20 December '16

15-Year-Old Teen Arrested In Shooting 21-Year-Old Man Outside Daycare Center In Lawrenceville

A 15-year-old was arrested in the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old.

Rise In Children Seeking Transgender Treatment

Teens/Young Adults  19 December '16

Transgender Teen To Receive Payout Damages After His New Identity Exposé

Transgender teenage from Leicestershire, who has cutoff his connection with his parents, will get a sum of money worth £4,750 after a Leicestershire County Council accidentally spilled his new identity to the friends of his adoptive parents. The wrongful revelation left the teen unsafe and mentally unhealthy.

Police with gun

Teens/Young Adults  19 December '16

Two Teenagers Face Firearm Possession Charges After Shooting Four People Outside Charlotte Night Club During Party

Two teenagers reportedly shot four people outside a night club in Charlotte.

Several Washington Bars Defy Smoking Ban

Behavior  19 December '16

Teens Need More Convincing Strategies On Teaching Them The Dangers Of Cigarettes, New Study

Teens are not afraid on the dangers of cigarette smoking, new research has just proved it.

Evictions Start At Sacramento's Tent City

Teens/Young Adults  16 December '16

Homeless Sacramento People Receive Gifts From Teens And Kids

Some young people from Sacramento blessed the homeless people around by giving them gifts for this season. It was a blessing and the team wanted to continue the pursuit as the number of homeless people increases every year.

Middle School students need more sleep, later school starts to perform better

Teens/Young Adults  16 December '16

Teens Perform Better With More Sleep Hours, Later School Hours

Experts recommends eight to ten hours of sleep for teenagers as well as later school hours for them to perform well in school and in society.

U.S. Agents Take Undocumented Immigrants Into Custody Near Tex-Mex Border

Behavior  15 December '16

Simulated Infant Dolls Are Making Teenagers Discouraged To Be Teen Parents

These dolls help teenagers not want to be parents while they are young.

Tennessee Wildfire

Teens/Young Adults  16 December '16

Death Penalty Or Life Imprisonment? Teens Who Toyed With Matches And Causing Tennessee Wildfire Might Face Most Severe Punishments

Two teens are believed to have started the Tennessee wildfire.

Missing Teens' Families Plead For Answers At Woodland Vigil

Teens/Young Adults  15 December '16

Vigil For Two Missing Teens In Woodland Went Emotional

Enrique Rios, 16, and Elijah Moore, 17, went missing some weeks ago. Families and friends had a vigil at the New Life Community Church and it went emotional.

Christmas decors

Teens/Young Adults  15 December '16

Teens Possibly Responsible For Theft, Destruction Of Christmas Decors At 40 Homes Arrested! Glitter At Car’s Backseat Led To Arrest

Teenagers are believed to be behind the crime spree at 40 homes at Mountain Home.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Teens/Young Adults  14 December '16

Tablets, Smartphones And Other Gadgets Can Increase The Risk Of Obesity, Study Suggests

Teens have high risk of obesity when they spend five or more hours on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets, according to a study in Boston.

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