Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

Toddler  15 February '17

What Kate Middleton, Prince William Set Up At Home To Protect Prince George And Princess Charlotte's Security And Privacy

The royal family is moving to London and the parents want to ensure that their children will not have to endure public scrutiny.

Night of Sheer Terror

Toddler  10 February '17

Desperate, Terrified Mother Turns To McDonald's Drive Thru For Help To Keep Two-Year-Old Daughter From Father

A mother was terrified and desperate to keep her child's father from getting her daughter so she asked a McDonald's drive thru employee to take her kid.

Young Children Express Their Answers In A Survey Through Emoticons

Toddler  10 February '17

Emoticons To The Rescue: How To Help Kids Express What They Feel

Emoticons are not only useful in communcating one's feelings through the mobile phone or in social media but also in studies involving children.

Water - Photo Illustrations

Toddler  9 February '17

Mom Kills 4-Year-Old Daughter For Not Brushing Her Teeth — Here's What Really Happened!

Police and medical investigations showed that Nohely was a victim of child abuse.

Maurice Mobley

Toddler  8 February '17

Man Registered As Sex Offender Charged, Arrested After Florida Boy Accidentally Shoots And Kills Sister

A man registered as a sex offender was arrested and charged on gun charges after an eight-year-old boy found the former's gun and lead to him shooting his younger sister.

The Royal Family Attend Church On Christmas Day

Toddler  7 February '17

Donald Trump To Gift Prince George, Princess Charlotte Cowboy Saddles During US President's UK Visit

The Brits, however, don't want the American leader to have a face-to-face with the royal family.

Suspect in Lefkow Murders Commits Suicide

Toddler  6 February '17

Toddler Found Wandering At Night At Northeast Austin Road, Mother Arrested And Charged

Police are filing a case of child abandonment against 27-year-old Jessica Espinosa.

Holiday DUI Checkpoints Yield Hundreds Of Arrests In Northern California

Health  6 February '17

Dad Arrested For Allegedly Burning 2-Year-Old Son, Police Pursues Case After Family Member Brought Child To Hospital

Michael Shamel Davis, 27, has been charged with risk of injury to a minor.

Johnson And Johnson Recalls Children's Cold Medicines

Health  6 February '17

Kids Cold Medicine Not Good For Toddlers, Here's What Experts Recommend Parents Must Do

This is a must-read for parents, especially at this time when the cold season is active.

The UK Reacts To Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

Health  6 February '17

Donald Trump Muslim Ban Separates Ailing Toddler Getting Medical Care In US From Parents

The dad had to go back to Iraq because his wife gave birth to their second child, whom they named Trump.

Parents Call For Childcare Subsidies

Health  4 February '17

Chemical Burns, Eye Injuries In Toddlers On The Rise Due To Laundry Pods, Experts Caution Parents

Liquid detergent packets must be kept out of reach from children at all times to avoid injuries.

Last Trip Home: Family Mourns Soldier Killed In Friendly Fire Incident In Afghanistan

Health  2 February '17

Utah Moms Form Solid Friendship Under Unusual Circumstance: Their 4-Year-Old Girls Have Same Type Of Cancer

They acknowledge the challenges they face but knowing another family is hurdling through the same thing has helped them cope.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Is Characterised By Too Much Self Worth And Need For Adoration

Development  1 February '17

Personality Disorders: How Do Children Become Narcissistic?

Personality disorders such as narcissism are deeply-rooted in childhood.

Marcelo Burlon x Tyga Capsule Collection - Party

Health  31 January '17

Rapper Tyga Buys 4-Year-Old Son Grills, Gets Slammed For Bad Parenting

People are concerned that Tyga would be damaging his son's teeth for the sake of style and vanity.

Heather Knight

Toddler  30 January '17

Mom Of Missing Toddler In Anderson, South Carolina Arrested, Charged With Child Neglect

Heather Knight's son Devon Burton wandered off at dawn on Friday.

Brazilian girl

Toddler  27 January '17

Brazilian Toddler Survives Operation After Parents Asked Help On Facebook; 5-Pound Facial Tumor Threatened To Suffocate 3-Year-Old

A little girl from Brazil is now recovering from her operation that removed the five-pound facial tumor near her jaw.

Will Teaching Children Good Behavior Discourage Their Independence?

Development  27 January '17

Teaching Children Manners: Debate Rages About Modern Etiquette

Children should enjoy their autonomy and preferences but it should never be at the expense of good manners.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Red Carpet

Behavior  25 January '17

'Frozen' Actress Kristen Bell Deals With Toddler Tantrums In The Best Way; Parents Listen Up!

Dax Shepard's wife has some wise words for moms and dads with kids below 3-year-old.


Toddler  20 January '17

Ohio Mother Faces Charges After Showing Child Taped To The Wall Via Facebook Live

A mother took to Facebook to show her son taped to the wall.


Toddler  20 January '17

North Kentucky Daycare Employee Faces Child Abuse Charges

A North Kentucky daycare employee was arrested after she was accused of physically abusing children.

Prince George To Attend Wetherby Pre-Prep School

Early Learning  19 January '17

Is Prince George Joining Wetherby School's 'Chaotic Mob'? Notting Hill Residents Complain About Its Pupils

Locals aren't pleased with the noise from the school and it might soon attract reporters when Kate Middleton and Prince William's first-born begins his classes there.

A Day Inside German Children's Daycare

Development  17 January '17

Daycare Staff 'Forces' 4-Year-Old Boys To Kiss In Spin The Bottle, Mother Says Son Now In Counseling

The mom was sickened to watch a video of her child and she's now speaking up about it.

Mom Horrified By Green Mold in Juice Bottle From Gregg

Health  16 January '17

UK Mom Frightened After Finding Green Mold In Greggs Juice Bottle

There are reasons why moms are discouraged from giving bottled fruit juices to their children. This contaminated bottle juice from Gregg is just one of these reasons.

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