Why are American babies more social?

Behavior  25 December '16

Are US Babies More Social?

The temperament of children are highly influenced by the parenting style so the more liberal Americans produce babies that are more social according to research.

MOAS Conduct Rescue Operations Off The Libyan Coast

Toddler  23 December '16

How To Teach Children That Parenting Is Not Only For Girls, Learn From Dad’s Experience

Australian toddler, who likes playing baby doll, was taught by her father that parenting is not only for girls. To teach the toddler, the father supported the toddler’s fondness for playing a doll and even bought the toddler a pram for his baby doll.

Frank Zander Hosts Charity Dinner For Homeless In Berlin

Toddler  23 December '16

Risk-Embracing Parents Will Have Successful Children, Experts Say

Parents who are fearful in all decisions might end up having children who are anxious and afraid of taking risks. To avoid this, parents should adopt risk-embracing parenting style just like what psychologist Lynn Johnson did in his family and children.

Plywood box

Toddler  22 December '16

Horrifying Discovery: Indiana Toddler Found Locked Inside Plywood Box; 9 People Charged, 5 Of Them Are Teens

Nine people were charged after a toddler was found locked inside a plywood box in Indiana.

Mussie Debresay

Toddler  22 December '16

Unfair Punishment? Former Security Guard Mussie Debresay Gets 11 Years Behind Bars After Stomping Girlfriend's Two-Year-Old Daughter To Death

The man who stomped to death the child of his girlfriend was sentenced to only 11 years in prison.

How To Lose At Games Without Getting Mad: A Social Story

Toddler  22 December '16

Why Children Must Get Through Losing In A Game

Victory is good and sweet, however children have to learn that losing is not the end of the world. For kids, losing in a game or sports can teach an important lesson on how to handle life’s challenges and how recover from failing.

Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Toddler  21 December '16

Children Below 3 May Be Adversely Harmed By Prolonged And Repeated Exposure To Anesthesia, FDA Warns

Children below 3-years-old exposed either prolonged or repeatedly to sedation drugs and general anesthesia may be harmed seriously, the Food and Drug Administration has learned. Thus they issued safety warning of the possible effect of too much exposure to the drugs.

Nicole Carmon

Toddler  20 December '16

Chilling Discovery: Mother Left Toddler Son In Frozen Car For Seven Hours After Getting Into A Wreck

A mother is accused of leaving her child inside a frozen car for seven hours after she got into an accident.

Brain activity can detect the culpability of a criminal (Jorge Raga)

Behavior  19 December '16

Brain Science Can Also Track Potential Criminals In Their Early Age

Scientists are able to use brain tests on three-year-olds to determine which children are more likely to grow up to become criminals.

Oren Aharon Cohen

Toddler  19 December '16

Stranger Found In The Living Room Of A Home Holding Toddler, Father Awakened By Child's Cries; Man Says He Was Extremely Drunk

A stranger was found holding a toddler inside a home and the child's father was able to discover it because he was awakened by the cries of his child.

Road rage incident

Toddler  19 December '16

Road Rage Kills 3-Year-Old Boy; Manhunt Operation Underway For Suspect Who Shot Victim’s Grandmother’s Car Because It Was Slowly Moving

A man is alleged of shooting at a vehicle of a grandmother with her grandson and resulting to the death of the latter.

Should children be banned from restaurants?

Toddler  18 December '16

Banning Toddlers From Restaurants: A Good Or Bad Move?

Children can be very loud and this can harass restaurant customers who could not eat or even have simple conversations because of the noise. This has encouraged some people to suggest that toddlers should be banned in restaurants.

Woolworths Carols In The Domain 2016

Behavior  18 December '16

Parenting Inside Out: Parenting Education In The Justice System

Just when everybody thought that inmates could no longer become effective parents, a program comes along.

Two kids, one sandwich. Action Against Hunger The Sharing Experiment

Toddler  17 December '16

How To Induce Generosity In Your Kids

Why be generous? It’s a perfectly reasonable question for an innocent kindergartner or oppositional teenager to ask.

Parents Call For Childcare Subsidies

Health  16 December '16

Toddler Is Spared From Sepsis After His Mom Found Out Early Symptoms Of It

Know the symptoms of sepsis just like what this mother did that has saver her son.

Daycare workers charged with neglect after toddler injury

Toddler  15 December '16

Daycare Director And Employee Facing Charges For A Seriously Injured Toddler

A baby had swollen lip, bruising to her cheeks and deep cuts to her back after having been paddled by an 11-year old child in a daycare facility. The director and an employee are facing charges.

Holiday Shoppers Look For Bargains On Black Friday

Toddler  15 December '16

6 Suggestions That Promise Stress-Free And Fun Shopping Experience For Toddlers And Parents

Bringing children in shopping malls or grocery can often be problematic to both parents and children, however by following these easy steps, can make things much easier. Know and learn how to have a fun and hassle free shopping experience with toddlers.

Four-year-old Bristol girl

Toddler  15 December '16

Four-Year-Old Bristol Girl Saves Entire Family From Fire, Wakes Up Everyone Before The Fire Could Do More Harm

A four-year-old girl from Bristol saved her family by waking them up before a fire that started at the foot of her bed grew bigger.

Three Handy Tips To Help Parents Identify And Encourage Their Children’s Interest

Development  14 December '16

Three Handy Tips To Help Parents Identify And Encourage Their Children’s Interest

Research revel that question-asking is a great opportunity for parents to identify and encourage their children’s interest. Handy reminders listed too.

Celebrities At The Galaxy vs. Chelsea FC

Behavior  14 December '16

Easy And Practical Tips On How To Stop Your Toddler From Being Jealous Of Your New Baby

If you are noticing that your toddler is getting jealous over your new child, here are tips that could help with the situation.

Stanley Cup Fountain Unveiled In Times Square

Toddler  14 December '16

Children Are Not Old Enough To Handle Alcohol”: Doctors Warn Parents Keep Alcohol Away From Children

Doctors warn parents of toddlers to keep half-drunk wine glasses and beer bottles away from their children. Toddlers who got drunk on alcohol may experience comma, seizure and even death among toddlers.

Father And Son

Toddler  13 December '16

Life Hacks To Improve Parenting

When your life is already as complicated as it is and you receive an another job, and it’s called Parenting. Raising children costs a lot of time and requires a lot of work. If you are a modern parent who spends time on the internet, then there might be a chance you know what Life Hacks are. These are just effective little tricks to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

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