Toddlers Know When Parents Are Lying

Development  1 December '16

Parents Beware! Toddlers Know When You Are Lying

Parents lie to their children thinking that it would go unnoticed but they shoukd think twice because studies show that children as young as two and a half years old will know if parents are telling the truth.

Violence Continues To Plague Chicago, 40 Shootings Over Weekend

Toddler  1 December '16

Parenting 101: Mom Shares How She Talk To Her Kid About Death

Explaining death to children can be very troublesome for most parents. However, talking about it openly and honestly will greatly help them clearly understand and know what is going on.

DARPA Robotics Challenge Showcases Cutting Edge In Artificial Intelligence

Toddler  30 November '16

Toddler Robots Are Helping Understand The Learning Patterns Of Young Children

Children learning match the automatic ability of the robots to sense the objectivity of the environment.

'Toys'R'Us And Make-A-Wish Honor World Wish Day With The Ultimate Birthday Celebration for Dallas-Area Wish Kid'

Development  30 November '16

What Matters More When It Comes To Parents' Time Spent With Children?

Parents self-condemnation over not spending enough time with their children is misplaced.

Toys'R' Us Welcomes Holiday Shoppers

Toddler  30 November '16

Recreating Popular Toys That Help Disabled Children Realize The Power Of Mobility

Dr. Galloaway is doing an interesting kind of job and is helping out children having disabilities in regards to mobility.

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Health  30 November '16

Health News: Staying Up Late Causes More Damage To Children’s Brains Than Those of Adults

Does staying up late cause severe damage to children's developing brain?

Activists Protest Racism And Hate In Brooklyn

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

Student Activist Considers Children Protection Services Insufficient, Calls For More Efforts

Martin Kollie, the 27th anniversary of UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) speaker, urged the world leaders to do more for children.

Baskin-Robbins 70th Birthday Celebration

Toddler  30 November '16

Are Parents Spending Too Much Trying To Throw Off The Perfect Birthday Party For Kids?

High-cost custom-made cakes and expensive décor are becoming a norm when it comes to throwing lavish birthday parties for children.

Fire Crews Train Ahead Of Start Of State's Wildfire Season

Toddler  29 November '16

How To Save Your Asthmatic Child From The Usual Pain They Go Through

There were 770 asthma-related emergency room visits in Washington Heights and Inwood among school-aged children between 5 to 14 years old in 2014.

MTV News Election Night: 'The People's Playhouse'

Toddler  30 November '16

Stuttering May Be Linked To Changing Patterns Of Speech, Language and Neural Circuits

A new theory concerning stammering or speech deficiency has come to surface in the past couple of days.

Candle Light Vigil Held For 9-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Chicago

Toddler  29 November '16

The Suicide Prevention Hotline Surges As Election Sweeps By U.S Residents

The unanticipated outcome of 2016's election has disturbed people living in the U.S, especially the youth among many others.

Civilians Return To Recently Liberated Towns South Of Mosul

Toddler  29 November '16

Child Brought To Syria By Mom Believed To Be Future ISIS Fighter, Mom Arrested

A child brought by a British mom to Syria was supposed to become a future ISIS fighter, before her mom was arrested at Heathrow Airport. It was proven in the court that the mom tried to provide the terrorist group a fighter by bringing her son over Syria.

Iowa: The First Battleground For The 2016 Presidential Nomination

Toddler  29 November '16

The Overwhelming Era Of Technology: Why Everyone Agrees On Giving iPads To Children

Experts are grappling with a question, to what extent should the technology be accessible for children and at what age?

4-Year Old Boy Diagnosed With Fatal Child Alzheimer's

Health  28 November '16

4-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Fatal Child Alzheimer's

On May 11, 2016, little Carter Sarkar of California was diagnosed with a fatal "Child Alzheimer's" disease, otherwise known as Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns Throughout Iowa Ahead Of State's Caucus

K-12 Reform  28 November '16

Showering Homeless Children With The Everlasting Love Of Books

A librarian in Bronx has taken the initiative of opening the entrance of books and wisdom to homeless kids.

Children's Citizenship Ceremony Held At President Lincoln's Cottage

Family Life  28 November '16

Helicopter Parenting: What's In It For Parents?

Hovering over children, watching their life play out and removing hurdles may ease them temporarily, but not quite in the long term.

London 2012 - Shopping - Twinings On The Strand

Health  28 November '16

The Most Amazing Simple Cures And Relief For Kids’ Stomach Pain In The World

Parents tend to worry when their kids don't know how to articulate their feelings, especially when they are in pain. Tummy aches are common in children. Find out these simple yet amazing remedies to cure children's discomfort.

Parenting Problems: How Do You Cope With Having A Speech Delayed Child?

Development  27 November '16

Parenting Problems: How Do You Cope With Having A Speech Delayed Child?

How do parents with speech delayed children cope with the diagnosis?

Million Moms March Protests Police Aggression Against Minority Youth

Toddler  28 November '16

When It Comes To Parenting, Nobody Actually Knows What It Has To Offer

The most important question that arises in the minds of most parents is whether parenting is rewarding or not.

Glamour And L'Oreal Paris Celebrate 2016 College Women Of The Year

Toddler  28 November '16

Beauty Apps For Kids: Why Using A Mobile App That Makes Children Look Prettier Deemed As A Problem

A new iPhone app has been targeting kids who want to beautify themselves due to the dominant celebrity culture.

Pre-School Sweethearts Get Engaged Live on The View

Toddler  26 November '16

This Couple First Met When They Were Toddlers And Lost Communication After That; See What Happens After 30 Years

This couple's love story will inspire you and would make you hope and believe in love again.

Major Gun Show Held In Virginia

Toddler  27 November '16

Four Year Old Toddler Shoots His Two Year Old Cousin; Parents Charged

Thanksgiving did not end up well at this house when a tragic incident unfolded leading to one child being in critical condition.

2016 Nashville Universe Awards

Family Life  26 November '16

Have Siblings? Count Your Blessings Because They Make Us More Sane And Happy

Our longest-lasting relationships can often be the most complex but understanding the bond with brothers and sisters can improve our lives in powerful ways.

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