New York City Prepares For Visit Of Pope Francis

School  21 November '16

Is Your Toddler Missing Out On Sleep? Here's What You Need To Do

Toddlers still don’t have mature body clocks, which means that biologically their sleep is different to an adults and usually much more disturbed.

The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Louisville, Kentucky

Toddler  21 November '16

How To Teach Your Toddler To Share With Others

Sharing is a lifelong skill, which we can start to introduce at the toddler stage, but it’s tough to teach toddlers.

Utopia Challenged. Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Toddler  21 November '16

Top 3 Reasons Why Toddlers Resist Bedtime, In Random Order

Parent Herald talks about top three reasons why toddlers resist sleeping or napping time. They also reiterated useful tips from American Sleep Association on how to stay put a child in dreamland.

2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3

Toddler  20 November '16

A Psychological Approach To Egocentrism: Why Preschoolers Are Poor At Hiding?

There’s something highly exciting for children about escaping someone else’s glance and making oneself invisible.

Vigil Held For Woman And Teen Boy Shot And Killed By Chicago Police

School  20 November '16

Mental Disorders Lead To Dangerous Consequences

Mental illness has wide-reaching effects on people’s education, employment, physical health, and relationships.

Texas Motor Speedway - Day 1

Toddler  20 November '16

Optimizing Preschool Learning: When Benefits Become Long Lasting

Early childhood programs result in higher test scores and lower chance of being held back in a grade.

Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

Infant  20 November '16

Accused Daycare Child Molester: Attorneys Running Back And Forth

Attorneys volleyed back and forth Thursday afternoon when it was to determine charges against Heather Koon, an accused sex predator.

Patriots Tight End and Children's Book Author Martellus Bennett visits Read to a Child's Lunchtime Reading Program at Boston Public Schools' Tobin K-8

Toddler  20 November '16

Kids In Canada Are Amongst The Least Active Kids In The World

It's well-established that Canadian children are not as active as they could be. A new study suggests they may be among the least active kids in the world.

Communicating with Your Child: What Would You Say

Teens/Young Adults  20 November '16

Traps That Make It Difficult For Any Parent To Raise Their Child

Child behavior problems can quickly feed into a perception of yourself as having a dysfunctional family.

Issues of Helicopter Parenting

Toddler  20 November '16

7 Why’s To Never Say Sorry For Being A Helicopter Parent

Being a helicopter parent is no mistake that you’ve made. You are just doing your best to be a parent to your child not to others; their child hasn't felt any moment their parent act like their one.

Prada Presents 'Past Forward' By David O. Russell - New York Screening

Toddler  19 November '16

Television: Good Or Bad For Your Children?

How much impact TV has on children depends on many factors: how much they watch, their age and personality and so on.

Major Gun Show Held In Virginia

Toddler  19 November '16

Pull Your Children Down From Their High Horse, Their Struggle Is Imperative For Their Future Self

Kids are reluctant to push themselves beyond their limited physical or mental comfort zone after experiencing parental protectiveness.

Southern Miss v LSU

Toddler  19 November '16

Stress May Not Always Mean Mental Illness

There’s been a big rise in the number of young people seeking help for their anxieties.

Vigil Held For Nine-Year Old Jamyla Bolden Shot By Stray Bullet While Doing Homework

Toddler  19 November '16

Why Parents Should Ditch Spanking As A Form Of Discipline

It's pretty safe to assume that parents don't like being "the bad guy" in their kids' eyes,

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns Throughout Iowa Ahead Of State's Caucus

Toddler  19 November '16

Colorful Animated Books Help Kids Relieve Their Stress

The Poofas help kids to identify their thoughts, enabling them to feel a sense of empowerment in controlling their thoughts

Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty

Development  19 November '16

Skipping Breakfast And Sleep: May Lead To Childhood Obesity

Study challenges view that soaring obesity rates among children are caused solely by eating too much.

2011 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

Toddler  18 November '16

Distressing Childhood Correlated With Dysfunctioning Blood Regulation

A difficult childhood may be associated with a risk of poor blood pressure regulation, according to new research.

Nautica Malibu Triathlon Presented By Equinox

Development  19 November '16

Victims Of Bullying In Childhood Have A Great Effect In The Future

Researchers find a possible link between childhood bullying and weight gain in adult years.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

Toddler  19 November '16

What Are The Effects Of Stress For Children's Health

A stressful childhood might predispose some people to struggle with high blood pressure as adults.

Florida Prepares As Hurricane Matthew Barrels Towards Atlantic Coast

Toddler  20 November '16

Is Learning In Childhood More About Education Or Outright Indoctrination?

When indoctrination decides what education ought to be, it results in a type of learning that's void of creativity and open-mindedness.

CANALI & PRYMA Celebrate the US Launch of the CANALI Online Boutique

Toddler  19 November '16

Experts On Child Development Raise Doubts Over The Recent UPC iPad Study

Researchers found that children can learn just as well from interactive media as from face-to-face instruction.

New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

Toddler  18 November '16

Are You Destined To Be Overweight Or Are You Choosing To Be Obese?

Obesity is a very complex disease, and many factors can contribute to it and cause it, including genetics, behavior, and environment.

Cherry Blossoms Begin To Bloom In Washington, DC

Infant  18 November '16

Environmental Influences Are Key Factors In Brain Development

Adverse childhood experiences are important determinants of psychiatric disorders, with effects that persist across the life course.

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