Eager To Find Out: Is it a Boy or a Girl?

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Can't wait to find out? You are not alone! 

More and more parents are eager to find out if they're having a boy or a girl. If you are tired of wondering and waiting, here are 15 fun ways to predict the gender of your child.

Of course, knowing the gender of your child can help you get ready in all kinds of ways. You'll know what color to paint the room, what color clothes to buy, and what gifts to suggest to your folks. 

Many parents find that knowing their baby's gender in advance, helps them prepare emotionally and psychologically. 

While folklore gender prediction methods are not scientifically proven for 100% accuracy, many parents swear by them. Here we go.

Baby Indications

1. Kicking and Active

Many people believe that boys are energetic fetuses, while girls are often more relaxed and calm in utero.

2. Head Shape

Examine the ultrasound and look especially at the baby's head. If you're having a boy, the heads often are shaped more like a square. If you're having a girl, the head may be rounder.

3. Heart Rate

Heart rates are known to vary for boys and girls. If your baby has a slower heart rate, such as below 140 beats per minute, chances are more likely you're having a boy. Faster heart rates are associated with having a girl.

4. Looks Like a Basketball

Check out how you look in the mirror. If your baby resembles the shape of a basketball, it could indicate that your baby is a boy. If your baby's shape is more spread out, it may be a girl.

Mama Indications

5. Morning Sickness

Some folk tales say that if you don't have morning sickness or it stops after the first trimester, you're having a boy. If the morning sickness continues, it's a girl.

6. Glowing Skin 

Folklore indicates that if you're having a boy, you've got that glow. If you're looking peaked and sallow, it may be a girl.

7. Size Matters

Mirror, mirror on the wall...do tell what is the gender of it all? Check out your breasts in the mirror. Traditional lore says that if your left breast is larger, you're having a boy. If your right breast is larger than your left, you're due for a girl.

8. Skin Signs

More wives' tales here...if your skin is smooth, you're likely to be carrying a girl. If your hands are dry, chapped, and coarse, you may be having a boy.

9. Cravings Galore

What's your taste-salty or sweet? Folks say that if you're craving salt, pickles, and chips-it's a boy. If you're hankering for unicorn cupcakes and everything sweet, it's likely to be a girl.

10. Pee Predictions

Boil up a head of red cabbage and save the water. Mix the water with a cup of your urine and check out the color. If it turns purple, you're likely having a boy. If the water turns pink, plan for pink-it's a girl.

11. Sides Matter

After you wake up from a nap or nighttime rest, pause. Notice which side you're sleeping on and make some important conclusions. If you're sleeping on your right side, you're likely carrying a girl. If you've been sleeping on the left, it's a boy.

12. Brain Strain

Are you forgetting everything? Can't recall where you put your keys, wallet, or how to do simple math? Go ahead, blame it on your brain...and the girl you're carrying.

13. Eating Like Wild

Has your appetite gone crazy? If you're eating more than you ever imagined, you may be having a boy. Researchers have found that moms who are carrying boys tend to eat more protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

14. Icky Picky

Do you hate certain foods that are your usual favorites? If so, blame it on the boy you're likely to be carrying. Studies show that expectant moms may feel disgusted by certain foods, as a way to protect the male fetus.

15. Take a Fun Quiz

If all these methods have made you more curious, don't stop now. Take a fun gender prediction quiz to see whether you may be having a boy or a girl. Chances are, you'll have a good laugh, a chance to play, insights to share, and an entertaining way to predict the future.

Boy or girl? Whichever way it turns out, you've got a 50-50 chance of making an accurate prediction. Don't worry - you'll find out soon enough for sure.

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