Seats On Wheels For The Twins: Double Stroller

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It's a beautiful moment to welcome twins into your life. They come with everything in a double quantity, be it happiness or a baby stroller. But, no worries, we have a solution for all your difficulties to carry both babies in your travel or grocery shopping plans, a double stroller

Here is a handy guide that elaborates on all details about it.

Know about the double stroller

A double stroller is a one-of-a-kind assemblage that lets you carry twins or two babies in a single stroller. They are available in two formats.

Abreast design: This has two stroller frames arranged side-by-side. It is comfortable and lets the kids interact. But, it is quite troublesome to carry it through the narrow lanes and doorways.

Tandem design: It has a linear arrangement of two baby seats, like a bicycle for two peddlers. This one is more convenient to move around with.

Double strollers are appropriate for situations when both babies need to be carried simultaneously, or there is only one parent to handle both. It prompts easy handling and comforts the baby while strolling during shopping.

Quality checks for a double stroller 

There is a certain set of features that certify a baby-friendly stroller. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Weight Capacity: Give a trial check for mass and pressure before buying a stroller. A weighing window should be considered because babies grow at a faster pace during early childhood. This helps in avoiding accidental falls and injuries to the babies.
  2. Five-Point Safety Harness: Examine the belts, analyze the grip and tightness for safety assurance. Check the framework material used for the fabrication of the stroller to examine the durability. It should be non-toxic because kids tend to intake everything at their disposal.
  3. Seat Alteration: This is one of the most important features of a stroller. Try to reassemble it in the buying center. Inspect for the adaptability to car seats, reclination, and sitting positions of the baby for neck and back supports. Check the front and back seat adjustments along with canopy height.
  4. Handles & Wheels: Ensure that handles are height adjustable and not too smooth because those are hard to have a grip on. The wheels should be fit to move the stroller on rough surfaces, uneven terrains, and lawns. They should be tough enough to be transferred from staircases. Rubber or air-filled tires guarantee better longevity. The wheel should be equipped with breaks for stability reasons. Footrests and wheel locks are always appreciated. The strollers with swivel wheels are best for parents who wish to accompany their babies to jogs and evening walks.
  5. Storage Spaces: The double strollers are equipped with a large size basket below the seats. It can be utilized for keeping food, toys, diapers, baby kits, and specific requirements as per the parent's wish.

Child trays are detachable plate-like structures that can be attached to the baskets as the front surfaces to keep edible stuff for the baby to eat. Sideway hooks and toy attachments add to the beauty of a double stroller.

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