Esoteric Collector Items Your Child Might Enjoy

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Technology dominates our world. Everything is online. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing tech to advance even more, kids are growing up with screens and it's having a negative impact. Even school has been on the internet during this time. Any parent should be concerned about this. Children need to grow up outside, amongst other kids, and with tangible things to touch and learn from. 

One way to change the way your children grow up and how they view the world is to encourage them to collect physical items. There are a lot of different physical collector items that will show them the value and sentimentality of tangible items. Here are some options to spark a part of the mind that technology doesn't.


What kid doesn't love comics? Whether you collect old and fragile comics that you may not even read or new comics that boast modern art and stories, encouraging your kids to read and collect comics will change the way they view the world. It's vital for your children to do things off of the computer, phone, and tablets. When they read and covet comics, it will open a part of their creativity and imagination that they never knew existed.


Does your child love music? Another way to open their horizons, boost their creative juices, and learn that the internet is only a part of life is to listen to and collect vinyl records. Placing the needle down on the record and taking a look at the large cover art will change their perspective on music. They will be able to read the liner notes and learn about how records are made. Everyone loves music and vinyl is heralded as the best way to listen to it. Purchase a turntable and some records for your child and it just may be what inspires them.

Old Books

Old books have a special smell, feel, and look. They are clearly from another time. Not only is it important for your child to read, giving them hard-copy books will help them spend less time on devices. One way to get your child to read is to entice them with collecting old books. If they have a fascination with the past, old books will transport them into another time. Not only are they a great way to tap into it, books can be incredibly valuable and a great way to start collecting.

Vintage Clothing

If your children like clothes, collecting and wearing vintage clothing is another hobby to get them excited about older things that don't include technology. While this is particularly relevant for young girls, boys can also be interested in vintage clothes. Whether you actually have the kids wear the clothing or just collect it, clothing is another area that can inspire young people to get involved in something that isn't on the computer. It may even motivate them to design clothing, learn about different eras of history, or encourage them to dress up creatively.

Statues & Figures

What ever happened to action figures and statues? Kids used to collect them more frequently before the internet. If you have some of your old action figures and statues, you could get your kid started by giving them as a gift. There are still all kinds of collectible figures and statues created every year. They are a coveted item still. Whether they are simply admiring the figures or are playing with them, these collectibles are a great option.

Whatever your child is into, there are plenty of collector items that they can use in a variety of ways. Technology is taking over our lives. It's key to interject tangible things into our lives. With old books, comics, records, vintage clothing, and collector items like statues, you can inspire your kids to be creative and imaginative.

They will inspire your children to think outside the box and work towards creating something special in your life. If kids only interact with technology, they will grow up in a particular way. With a diverse variety of experience, your kids will be able to utilize technology while understanding that there is much more to life than spending time on devices. You will be doing the right thing for your children.

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