7 Best Educational Games for Kids to Activate Thinking

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There are many brain development games and exercises that will keep children away from screens, help them improve their thinking, and keep them amused and stimulated at the same time: brain games for boys and girls!

While we also recommend establishing some screen time restrictions before giving your children a gadget, these alternatives ensure that your children learn something.

Here are seven of the greatest educational games for developing a child's capacity to think creatively.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a collaborative online virtual environment developed by the National Geographic Society. Through games, adventures, parties, and online social aspects, it educates children about biology and the environment. This is one of the biggest virtual worlds for children, with 160 million registered members. If you're concerned about online play, be assured that the parental settings are very excellent, enabling you to restrict access to the game if desired.

Gamestar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic is an online game and community developed in collaboration with E-Line Media and the Institute of Play with the express purpose of teaching children the guiding principles of game design in a highly engaging setting. Gamestar Mechanic is composed of three components: Play, Design, and Share. A summary of how it works is as follows:

1. Your kid will begin with an exciting single-player adventure in which they will learn about game design concepts while earning "sprites."

2. Once they have shown a certain degree of skill, they may utilize their sprites to create their unique games!

3. If your kid desires, they may post their game in Game Alley and evaluate and contribute to other players' games.


GoNoodle's mission is to assist parents and teachers in getting children active via entertaining video material. As stated in their app description, "make screen time more active with 300+ videos including children's music, dancing, yoga, mindfulness, and stretching!" Whether you want to host a dance party for your children to keep them moving or make house cleaning more enjoyable, GoNoodle has the right video.


Prodigy is a free, interactive math platform utilized by over 50 million students and instructors worldwide. It is curriculum-aligned, covering all key arithmetic topics from first to eighth grade. Above all, Prodigy Education's goal is to instil a love of learning in every student on the planet.

Your kid will fight in math duels against in-game characters after building their customized math wizard, similar to how role-playing games such as Pokémon do. They must answer a series of questions to win. Additionally, the game's difficulty level adjusts to your child's learning style and grade level.

These games are beneficial for a child's mental growth and health. Likewise, the government should prioritize health and develop initiatives to assist it. For instance, India just launched PMJAY to facilitate the health of poor communities. Moreover, these initiatives will boost mental awareness, and many schemes such as SSMMS will be developed.

Thinkrolls 2

This physics puzzle game includes rolling aliens that educate children about velocity, mass, and gravity, among other concepts. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases with classic games, and the game does not need an internet connection.

Tinybop Games

It includes puzzle games with spoken letters and clear illustrations to assist your kid in learning to read. Originator, the publisher of Endless Alphabet, also publishes various other games, including Endless Reader, which teaches children sight words, and Endless Spanish, which significantly improved their children's Spanish vocabulary.


Colorfy is a high-quality digital coloring book for children of all ages. With over 1000 images to paint, your kid will have various flowers, animals, patterns, gardens, mandalas, renowned paintings, and other imaginative photos.

Additionally, this coloring game features a unique augmented reality virtual gallery that allows your kid to view how their artwork might seem in the real world!

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