8 Tips For Preventing Falls By Elderly Parents

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Falls can happen to anyone and be very dangerous. They can lead to injury, hospitalization, or death in some cases. The elderly is especially susceptible because of the changes that occur in their bodies as they age. They need extra care and concern to prevent any serious injuries from falls. In this blog post, we will discuss eight tips for avoiding falls by your elderly parents.

Let's take a look at these tips.

1.    Install Grab Bars

Installing grab bars can be a relatively inexpensive and easy upgrade to your parent's bathroom. If they have trouble getting in or out of the shower if their feet are unsteady when standing from sitting on the toilet or even helping them turn around while brushing teeth, you must install sturdy grab bars. Not only will this make the bathroom safer, but it will also make your parents feel more secure and confident getting in and out of the shower.

2.    Remove Tripping Hazards

Make sure that you remove all the tripping hazards. This will include anything not flat on the ground, such as toys, shoes, and clothes left in the middle of a hallway or room. Your parents will not be a fan of stepping on things in the middle of a dark house, and it will also be more dangerous for them if they are unsteady on their feet.

3.    Provide Physical Assistance

During a fall, elderly parents often have trouble getting back on their feet without assistance. If they are at home and unable to reach for the telephone or doorbell to call for help, it is best if someone nearby can assist them as soon as possible. If the fall occurs outside of the home, it is vital to immediately find someone nearby for assistance.

4.    Make Stairways Safe

The most common cause of falls is due to accidents on stairs. Make sure that the stairway has a railing installed and it's in good condition. It should be well lit, with no tripping hazards such as loose carpeting or rugs.

5.    Ensure Furniture Is Sturdy 

Ensure all furniture in the home is sturdy and stable. Consider replacing old or worn-out items with new ones, such as chairs with armrests for support and prevent balance issues. Ensure all rugs, carpets, and mats are secure. If necessary, consider replacing these items with hardwood or tile floors to provide a solid base for balance and weight distribution.

6.    Wear Appropriate Eyewear

If you wear glasses, please make sure that the lenses are anti fog and anti-scratch. Never wear your eyeglasses during nighttime or if it rains because this will prevent you from protecting yourself when there is a risk for accidents.

7.    Build Ramps

Ramps are a good investment for ageing parents. Not only do they allow your elderly parents to come and go from the house with ease, but it also gives them easy access into their vehicle if need be.

8.    Allow For Easy Phone Access

Please do not place your parents' phones in locations where they have to twist and turn their necks. Avoid placing the phone on a high shelf or another hard-to-reach area, as this can cause discomfort when trying to answer the phone.

The Bottom Line 

Elderly parents are at higher risk for falls than other adults. Falls can cause significant injury and even death. The good news is that you have the power to reduce your elderly parent's risk of falling by following a few simple strategies that we have mentioned.

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