How New U Life Helps Busy Parents Achieve (and Maintain) 'Whole Body Health'

Photo: (Photo : How New U Life Helps Busy Parents Achieve (and Maintain) ‘Whole Body Health’)

Parents in today's busy world are asked to balance everything from their careers to family meals, but far too often this all comes at the cost of their own health.

We all want to create a happier and healthier home for our families, but how to actually achieve this proves elusive for most. Diets and workout routines can certainly help us trend in the right direction, but for real and substantial long-term change, sometimes it's necessary to ask the experts.

Alexy Goldstein, CEO and founder of New U Life, has been helping people for almost three decades not just find whole body health, but to maintain it as a part of their daily lives.

"As we age, certain physiological effects take place, which often put additional weight upon already busy parents," notes Goldstein. "The aging process is inevitable, but the effects are not necessarily irreversible. Recent scientific research has found solutions that can help us not just as parents, but as people, achieve an overall healthy body and mind."

Renewed Energy

If there's one thing parents could always use more of, it's the same level of energy that children seem to have a limitless supply of. This occurs as cellular efficiency tends to dip as the body produces less testosterone for men or estrogen for women along with human growth hormone - commonly referred to as "HGH" for short.

"Due to a decrease in key hormones like HGH and general wear and tear on all the moving parts of the body, it becomes more and more difficult to match the energy level of children as we get older," says Goldstein.

"But it's not written in stone anywhere that it has to stay that way. With the right routines and supplements, you can work to regain the same hormonal levels as before, and once that is achieved, a renewal of natural energy occurs. From there it's just a matter of maintaining those biochemical levels."

With more energy comes more opportunities to do what we love most, but it's just important to give attention to the recovery process.

Recover Faster

As we age, our recovery process takes longer, but unfortunately the world and our children function at the same speed. Studies show that as we age muscles rebuild more slowly as protein synthesis takes longer to occur within cells, meaning the same amount of rest might not give the same returns as it did in years past.

"After a long day, we could all use a little rest," suggests Goldstein.

"But it's undeniable that we recover easier and faster while we are young. With whole body health brought about through treatment though, you can cut down on the time necessary to recover by giving our cells a little supplemental boost. This helps you get back on your feet faster, and ultimately gives you more time at your best."

While it's important to be mindful about how often and hard we exert ourselves, the recovery aspect of whole-body health is just as vital.

Live Longer

The average lifespan in the USA is 79 years old, but we can do much better than that with the right tools and practices. While the fountain of youth has yet to be found, science has shown that regular HGH treatment can expand our natural lifespan by reinforcing our body's most important systems.

"There's nothing in life more precious than our time with loved ones," says Goldstein. "And all the money in the world means little when compared with it. By keeping your body at its optimal condition with whole body health, you are far more likely to avoid both injuries and sickness that could derail you from a healthy happy life."

A longer lifespan is important, but equally so that we have a high quality of life throughout it. For those seeking to not just live longer, but have full functionality throughout the years, maintaining whole body health is essential.

More Time for What Matters Most

Whether it's alone time with your spouse or teaching your children valuable skills, those most important to us want us to be present and healthy rather than just hanging in there. An authentic sense of vitality is the cornerstone for having a healthy relationship with our bodies and loved ones.

"Whole body health doesn't mean feeling stronger or faster," explains Goldstein. "It's a concept that encompasses much more than the strictly physical. Our minds follow the lead of the body, and it becomes especially important as we age to take care of both. It's not a mountain top to climb and then never think about again, but something we all have to work towards every day."

The world asks so much of parents these days, it can be difficult to carve out the necessary time and effort to properly take care of themselves. The rewards for doing so, whether by treatment or routine, are being ready and able to enjoy the best parts of life.

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