Air Fryer Recipes for Busy Moms to Cook Fast and Healthy

Are you always in a hurry to cook breakfast for your kids before they go off to school? Read this article to learn rapid cooking hacks using air fryers.

Air Fryer Recipes for Busy Moms to Cook Fast and Healthy
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It takes time to prepare healthy and delicious meals. You can not expect quickfire dishes to be of sublime taste and overly healthy. The cost of cooking a safe, hearty meal is not just down to the price of ingredients, but also the time spent on the process of cooking, along with the expertise of the cook. Thus, moms all around the world suffer from this dilemma, as they do not get enough time to prepare breakfasts before their children have to go to school or the dad has to leave for work.

Knowing effective cooking hacks can be highly beneficial for busy moms in this fast-paced world. They can prepare wholesome meals quickly, without spending a long time in front of the stove or microwave. Some kitchen appliances, like the air fryer, are brilliant in such situations due to their speed of operation, unique credentials, and relative ease of use. This article focuses on healthy cooking hacks for busy moms - mostly using air fryers.


Easy Air Fryer Recipes to Prepare Quick Meals


An air fryer is one of the best kitchen appliances busy moms can get for preparing quick meals. These devices are absolutely ideal for cooking and frying green produce in the most delicious way. A multitude of vegetable recipes for air fryers can be attempted if you know the correct ingredients, measurements, and procedures. These appliances cook relatively fast, using less oil, and are highly convenient to clean after use. Below is a list of some easy recipes that moms can aim for during hectic schedules.

Air-fried Tomato Slices

Cooking fried tomatoes in an air fryer is an easy process. All you need is a couple of juicy tomatoes, some flour, buttermilk, cornmeal, and a couple of eggs. The procedure is also pretty straightforward. Turn the air fryer on to initiate pre-heating. Take a bowl containing flour and gently mix the buttermilk and eggs into it. You can add the cornmeal to the same mixture or prepare it in a separate dish and mix it afterward. Slice the tomatoes into thin pieces. Thicker pieces are also viable in this setup but would take more time to be completely cooked in the fryer. Immerse the slices into the mixture and spread the now-processed ingredients all over the slices proportionately. This should make the ingredients ready to be placed in the fryer for the cooking to begin.

By now, the air fryer should be heated to your desired limit - ranging between 350 and 450 degrees. Gently release the coated tomato slices into the fryer. Make sure you add small amounts of oil in the mix to ensure the food does become excessively dry. The air fryer should take approximately ten minutes to finish cooking. Soon you will have a delicious dish of air-fried tomatoes to be served to your family.

Air-fried Cauliflower Nubs

Cauliflower tots or nubs can be prepared using an air fryer. The ingredients required are steamed cauliflower, Parmesan and minced cheddar cheese, tomato ketchup, flavorings like pepper, chives, and salt - depending on your preference. The initial procedure is similar to cooking air-fried tomato slices. The air fryer needs to be preheated to about 400 degrees before the ingredients can be placed for cooking. Hence, turn your fryer on before starting to process the ingredients.

The cauliflower needs to be riced by a process called pulsing. This method will need the cauliflower to be soaked in water and need to be dried afterward. Absorb the water from the riced grains using tissue paper or a piece of cloth. Make sure the grains are not pressed too hard which might destroy the consistency of the minute crumbs.

The rest of the procedure is seemingly easy. Transfer all the aforementioned ingredients including the cauliflower grains into the already heated air fryer. Give it some time to process as the components need to be infused into the grains to make them large and convenient enough to chew. Once done, take the dish out and start serving the delicious nubs of air-fried cauliflower to your family.

Air-fried French Fries

Arguably the most common dish that is cooked in air fryers, French fries are the staple food in the world of fried delicacy. All you need is a stock of peeled potatoes, salt, pepper, and oil. The relative lack of fancy ingredients coupled with the unique taste air fryers provide makes it an ideal dish for busy moms to prepare almost every day if needed.

The procedure is simple. The air fryer needs to be preheated to about 400 degrees before the fries can be cooked. Chop the potatoes into miniature sticks that are consistent. Unevenly chopped portions can look amateurish, making it unappetizing. The potato pieces need to be completely drenched in boiling water for a good ten minutes to make them soft and easy to chew. After the pieces start to absorb water and swell, remove them from water and dry gently using a paper towel. They need to be fully cooled afterward.

This is the step where you add the seasonings and oil into the potato sticks. Make sure you mix them well. Once done, add the pieces to the air fryer and cook for about 10 minutes. Keep checking the color of the fries until they turn light brown. Take them out as the fries reach that state and start serving the delicious, steaming pot of French fries to your family.

Some dishes to be Mentions

There is a wide assortment of dishes that busy moms can try to cook using an air fryer. In this section, we have listed some of the most popular ones that have not been described in this article. Check the list below.

●     Zucchini fries.

●     Egg Puff Tarts.

●     French Toast Sticks.

●     Mozzarella Balls.

●     Potato Wedges.

●     Chicken Wings.

●     Chicken Strips.

●     Turkey Tenderloins.

●     Chicken Drumettes.

●     Chicken Parmesan.


Clever Life Hacks Moms Can Follow to Cook Faster

Busy moms can adopt certain ways to hasten the process of cooking. These methods might not necessarily be involved with cooking procedures, but can prove to be beneficial for moms looking for quick fixes to their prolonged cooking dilemma. Moms having young, school-going children can make use of technological gadgets like mobile phones and tablets to keep their children quiet while they cook in the kitchen. Screen time is not always bad for the kids. Proper utilization of these devices can prove to be beneficial for them in various ways. You can try giving them an appetizer prior to serving their meals. This can pacify them for a while, reduce their hunger, and allow you time to prepare the meal. Make sure you are providing them with healthy appetizers that are not very fulfilling as to destroy their appetite for the main course.

Some schools provide free lunches for the students. However, once in a while when they halt these services, the mothers are the hardest hit. They have to prepare meals for the children every morning with little time in hand. Effective hacks can do them a world of good in such situations.

Additionally, certain food ingredients require extensive pre-processing before they are ready to be cooked. Cereal grains like oats need to be soaked in water for a considerable amount of time to make them edible. Although you can consume raw oats, it is quite unheard of as a routine morning diet and may cause unwanted digestive problems if you consume it raw. A simple solution to this problem is to soak the oats the night before. This allows the oats enough time to absorb the water and soften up - making them ready for consumption the moment you wake up in the morning.

Many people tend to wash their vegetables prior to chopping them into chunks and washing the pieces again. This is a waste of time that busy moms do not usually have in hand. A simple hack is to avoid washing the green vegetables twice. Just wash it once, thoroughly, after making the slices, which would ensure the outer layer is also clean - thus saving time in the process. Try to keep the slices thin and small. This would enable the dish to be cooked faster due to the quicker dissipation of heat through the pieces.

Finally, practice the habit of preheating the appliances where it is suitable to do so, prior to cooking anything in them. This saves time by intensifying the speed of cooking. Try to use electronic kitchen appliances whenever possible, instead of using manual means. These devices are specialized in their tasks and can streamline the process of cooking - again, saving time in the process. The nutrition of their children is of high priority for all mothers in the world. Ways that make the process easy for them should be embraced with open arms.


Speed of operation is often crucial to achieving the feats we desire. Busy - mostly working - mothers do not have a lot of time in hand every day for household tasks like cleaning and cooking. They need effective life hacks to perform these chores without adversely affecting their professional lives. For cooking, the use of air fryers can greatly reduce the time required to prepare certain types of dishes that would take way more time if cooked traditionally. Proper knowledge of using air fryers can, thus, greatly benefit such busy moms in their quest to manage their way through monotonous cooking sessions.

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