5 Easy Back to School Breakfast Ideas

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After being a parent for a while it becomes more challenging when it comes to feeding the family a hearty and filling breakfast to start their day. You need something that everyone will enjoy, something filling but not too time-consuming, and foods that are interesting and healthy. 

These 5 recipes will allow your children to be ready for the day and remain full and focused. You might choose to have an easy grab-and-go meal prepared or have a family sit-down breakfast before school for the family. Either way, this article will give recipes suitable for both kinds of breakfasts. 

1. Overnight oats 

If you never had overnight oats, it is basically a no-cook oatmeal method. You soak the raw oats with milk rather than making oatmeal on the stove or using the microwave. This makes the recipe a cold breakfast (perfect for hot days) instead of a warm meal. 

After soaking it overnight, in the morning you can pull it out of the fridge and have a creamy, dense, and healthy breakfast that everyone will enjoy. You can soak them for 2 hours as well but usually, recipes recommend soaking them overnight because they become more flavorful. The consistency is like a porridge or pudding. This recipe is easy and convenient, the time it takes to put all the ingredients together is less than 10 minutes. 

Oats are a super healthy ingredient, they are rich in fiber that will help keep you full. They are also a great source of protein with a high amount of antioxidants. 

2. Avocado and eggs on toast

One of the most common breakfasts that are easy and rich in health benefits is avocado on toast. This meal is a simple pleasure, the ingredients are most likely already in the fridge, and combining them all together just tastes perfect. This meal has so many variations that it won't ever get boring. You can use different types of bread, sourdough, whole grain, or even muffins and bagels. 

Avocados provide great healthy fats that will aid in keeping the kids full until snack time at school. The egg on top is a great source of protein for the first thing in the morning, see a great recipe for poached eggs and easy breakfast on Corrie Cooks. Lastly, toast is a healthy carbohydrate to pump up their energy levels. This balanced meal is the perfect quick and easy back-to-school breakfast meal. 

3. Breakfast burritos 

For busy back-to-school mornings, breakfast burritos are just what you need. They are crammed with all the classic breakfast tastes in a simple egg tortilla that your family will adore. These burritos are not only made to be ready to prepare quickly but you can also freeze them when you truly are rushed to have the ultimate grab-and-go breakfast. Two minutes in the microwave means you have prepared a whole meal for everyone to enjoy. 

The best thing about this meal is that it doesn't get old. You can prep up these burritos at the end of the week and freeze them for days where everyone is rushing to get out of the house. They're also a great meal for a sit-down breakfast so everyone can enjoy it together and compliment your cooking.

4. Egg Breakfast Cups

The number of egg recipes that can be whipped up for protein-packed and filling breakfasts is uncountable. However, there comes once in a while that you can find a recipe that won't easily get boring. 

These egg muffins can be made easily and require only 5 minutes. So convenient and ideal if you need a healthy, easy to take breakfast to work or to school. There are so many modifications you can make with these. This meal can be made from scratch which means you'll be able to use anything you have in the fridge - no need to prep by buying groceries for this easy meal. Different flavors can be experimented with and they can be paired with almost any type of grain. Eating these with some plain rice and soy sauce is just as good as with a piece of toast and butter. 

5. Crepes 

If you're looking for a comfort sweet breakfast then crepes should be at the top of the list. They can be made faster than pancakes or waffles and they are just as good - possibly even better. The recipe for crepe batter is also very simple, just requiring flour, eggs, milk, salt, and sugar. It is also just as easy to make a vegan crepe batter

Crepes can be paired with anything your heart desires. The seasonal fresh fruits, Nutella, peanut butter, jam, or even just with sugar and lemon. Any of these toppings will make a great and yummy breakfast. Your family won't be able to get enough of them. 

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