Going on a Holiday with the Whole Family? Here are 3 Packing Tips

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It's going to happen next week, you're travelling with family to your holiday destination. Anyway, you need to start thinking about what you're going to bring to keep yourself and especially your children entertained. As well as bringing enough clothes to make sure every spilling incident is covered and you don't need to do a load of laundry during the trip. So, here are 3 tips to make sure you have every single aspect covered.

1.  Get your kids involved

This may seem like it's going to be very chaotic, and it will most probably be. But with a little patience and guidance, it's easy. Teach them at a young age how to pack and they'll want to do it themselves afterwards.The trick is to get your young kids really excited for the holiday, but if they want to go to that really fun paradise, they need to help pack their own baggage. Let toddlers be allowed to grab their favourite toy and put it in the suitcase, middle schoolers can draw up a list and put everything together before packing it (always check beforehand) and high schoolers can pretty much look after themselves. And your eldest might even help your youngest children with packing their bags. In this way, it will become a family activity.

2.  Lists, lists, lists

We love lists, it's the most important thing when it comes to packing. Because with a good list, half the packing work is already done in your mind. So first check the weather of your holiday destination, is it going to be sunny throughout? Don't forget to take one very comfortable sweater for every family member, because you'll only be wearing it on the plane. Take for example your favorite hoodie for yourself, that Minnie Mouse sweater for your daughter and the most comfortable half zip sweater for men (Dutch: schipperstrui heren). 

The most important thing about making lists is being selective and thinking twice. Ask yourself, are we really going to need this? Are you really sure you're going to wear this? If you have fourteen outfits for eight days, is that really necessary? If you ask yourself these questions, there is a big chance you'll be able to scrap a few items.

3.  Roll your clothes

When it comes to the packing bit, you want to roll up your clothes instead of folding them. This will create more room and make sure the clothing doesn't wrinkle all too much. This is what they teach you at the army, so it must be true. If you roll (woollen) socks (Dutch: wollen sokken heren), underwear and other very small items into your shoes, you'll also save space.

Are you ready to go on holiday with your whole family? Let's get packing!

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