Natural Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

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It's long been said that being a mother is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet - and well, it's been told for so long and so often because it's true! Whether you stay at home, work full time, or anywhere in between, your children always come first, and quite frankly, it's easy to feel run down sometimes. When we look our best, we feel our best, and as another adage says, "fake it 'til you make it!" So, sometimes, even though we're exhausted and stretched thin, it's nice to know that we're still looking good; we've still got "it," and that can make the long days a little easier. Not everyone loves putting on a full face of makeup every day, though, and not everyone has the time to do it even if they wanted to. So, what are some easy, natural beauty tips for mothers to look their best and, in turn, feel their best? Keep reading.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Sure, there's homework to help with, snacks to make or lunches to pack, and piles of laundry everywhere. Even those blessed with the most supportive partners still see our to-do lists overflowing with the odds and ends that come with parenthood on top of already busy schedules. But, it would be best if you still made an effort to guard your sleep. Most of the time, many of the tasks on your post-it notes can wait until the next day or when you have more energy. And, the best way to get said energy is to make sure you're getting at least eight hours of sleep a night. Sure, you may not get it on your "date nights" or when there's an emergency, but in all other instances, make an effort to tuck in as early as you can.

If you're the mother of a new baby, you've undoubtedly heard the advice "sleep when the baby sleeps." Well, as hard as it is to take that advice, please do. You need your rest, too, mama, and though it may be coming in spurts as your newborn naps, grab it while you can! They don't call it "beauty sleep" for no reason, so no matter where you are in your motherhood journey, catch those z's.

Visit a Dermatologist

Sounds simple right? But so many of us want a quick fix for beauty. What does that look like? Under Eye concealer, foundation, and mascara or lash extensions. Well, not only does the cost of all that makeup add up, but it also comes with the price of time. It takes a while to get that refreshed, beautiful face just the way you want it. By working with a dermatologist, you can address any skin issues you may be having and thus eliminate the need for foundations and other facial makeup. You can also talk to a dermatologist about how to get Latisse online. Not only do lash growth serums give you the length and fullness of extensions, but you also don't have to go in every week or two for a fill-in, which saves you time. And let's face it - most women, when asked if they were going to be on a desert island and could only bring one type of makeup? They resoundingly say mascara. So show your lashes some love!

A dermatological spa can also help you develop a roadmap to fix things that may be bothering you. While plenty of prescription creams can help with fine lines and wrinkles, you may be more comfortable with and want the instant results of injectables like Botox or Dysport. You can also get filler where you may want it. Whatever makes you feel your most confident and beautiful is all that matters, and you deserve it for all the hard work you're putting in day in and out!

Watch What You Eat

And no, we're not talking about your weight. Body weights fluctuate throughout our lifetimes, especially after carrying babies. On top of that, every body type is beautiful. Louder for the people in the back! But, what you eat does impact your skin, dental, physical, and mental health. So adopting healthy eating habits not only gives you the energy to complete all the duties of motherhood with a little more ease, but it keeps you looking naturally beautiful. Over Processed and sugary foods wreak havoc on your skin, hair, immune system and even harm your mood. So, it's best to be mindful of what you consume.

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

It's easy to compare ourselves to people on social media these days. Around every corner and just a scroll or two down is some influencer whose body bounced back in a month, and she seems to have a picture-perfect life. But remember, it's just that - a picture. She doesn't have it all together and struggles the same way you do. Thankfully, more and more insta-famous mothers are coming out and admitting this or sharing unedited photos of themselves; the transparency is refreshing for sure, but not as common as it could be. Not comparing yourself to others will keep you confident, and nothing is more attractive or beneficial to "natural beauty" than a confident woman! So, take the tips mentioned above and be yourself because you're perfect just the way you are. Good job, mama.

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