Stay Healthy Traveling During the Fall

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Ah, do you feel it? The cool night air, the crisp days, and the smell of pumpkin spice in the air at your local coffee shop? Yup, it's that time of year, where the leaves turn colors, the weather becomes cooler throughout the day, and the kids are back in school. Of course, that doesn't eliminate traveling opportunities. It just prioritizes efficient planning and timing.

One of the many things to keep in mind when you plan your travel is to plan your trip and give yourself some time to explore. I always leave enough time on my trips to wander, whether to a new landmark or an eatery. It's one of the best aspects of traveling for me, the wandering around the part, where you get to find hidden gems and local favorites.

Whether it's wandering around somewhere new or somewhere well known to me, like in Chicago, finding a new spot is part of the excitement and fun of the adventure. The benefits of traveling during the colder months are numerous. You can see the changing trees and flowers, feel the rush of cold air on your cheeks, catch some great farmer's markets with their late harvest selections, and much, much more.

Even though traveling during the fall is more complicated than during the willy-nilly freedom of summer, there are plenty of opportunities to wander and discover. It's just you'll need to take a little more time to plan and take on some added precautions during the cold and flu season. In order to travel during the school year, especially in the fall and winter, there are some added precautions to take.

Get Your Flu Shot

Getting an annual flu shot protects you from suffering some of the more severe adverse aspects of the flu while helping minimize the chance you could spread the flu to others. This is an essential point in light of the current COVID crisis that is already impacting local hospitals. Therefore, minimizing the impact of a flu season is a good idea.

Wear Your Mask

It's been shown that masks help you from expelling any potential germs while in some instances also protect you from breathing in any potentially harmful germs at the same time. High-filtering masks that have NIOSH approval are ideal, and wearing masks indoors, regardless of health, is highly recommended to prevent illness and the spread of disease.

Wash Your Hands

This may seem silly, but remembering to wash your hands regularly, especially before you touch your face is a great suggestion. Best practices are to wash your hands any time of potential exposure to germs, whether from using the toilet, taking the garbage out, handling foods, or any time you touch a surface. It's recommended to wash your hands under warm water and with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Get Enough Sleep

The last thing you want to do when running around to discover all the new sights, sounds, and foods on your trip is to sleep. I get it, the excitement and adrenaline will carry you, but sleep serves a vital function for your health. Sleep is when your body tries to regenerate and health itself and boost the immune system. So if you want to enjoy your trip and stay healthy when you get home, get enough sleep, defined as 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

Eat Well And Take Vitamin Supplements

Eating healthy shouldn't limit you from enjoying all the restaurants and eateries on your travels, but be aware of the types of foods you eat, how much, and when. Also, as you will be sampling many different things, you may not be getting the proper nutrients you need, so consider personalized vitamin packs that you can purchase ahead of time.

Traveling during the summer is one thing. However, traveling during the fall is a whole different experience. The sights, the coolness, the holiday decorations are all reasons I like to travel around during the fall. The key is to have a great time, stay safe, and be well at the same time. I really enjoy taking a trip in the fall as it's also a great way to see things without all the crowds, making it a more enjoyable trip for you and your loved ones. 

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