Family-Friendly Attractions in Denver

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Denver is a truly unique city that has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. Not only is Denver a fantastic place for young professionals looking to jumpstart their careers, but it's also a fantastic location to raise a family.

The area has a wide variety of family-friendly attractions, meaning those that are looking for family activities to do after securing one of the Denver apartments won't be disappointed.

So if you're in Denver and want to plan a fun family weekend, where should you turn to? Here are the top family attractions in Denver.  

Denver Zoo

One of the best places to take your children to in Denver is the Denver Zoo. The attraction spans over 80 acres and houses animals from all over the world. The Denver Zoo has always been one of the country's most innovative zoos, being the first location in the country to use natural enclosures rather than traditional caged areas.

The Denver Zoo is a great place for your children to see all kinds of different animals including primates, felines, birds, and reptiles. Children love animals, especially those of the exotic variety, so they will certainly love a trip to this zoo.

Children's Museum of Denver

Another fantastic educational attraction to take your children to is the Children's Museum of Denver. As the name suggests, the museum has a primary focus on educating and entertaining young children. The museum's exhibits are designed to challenge young inquiring minds and inspire them to discover and explore.

Exhibits include an art studio, an adventure forest, and a mini farmer's market. There's such a wide range of activities to enjoy at the Children's Museum of Denver that you'd be hard-pressed to find something that your children don't enjoy.

Confluence Park

If you're looking to take your children out for some outdoor fun, Confluence Park is the perfect location to do so. Confluence Park is the perfect place for walks, bike rides, and hikes, giving your children a chance to be active. The area also has baseball and soccer fields as well as basketball courts, meaning it's the perfect place for some games.

Even if you don't want to get too active, the park is still the perfect location for a picnic. Living in the city can feel restrictive, especially as a kid, so it's always nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors at a location like Confluence Park.

Downtown Aquarium

Much like visiting the Denver Zoo, taking your child to Denver's Downtown Aquarium is a great way for your children to experience animals they might have never seen before. There is a wide variety of marine life that you and your children can see here including rare fish, stingrays, and octopi.

There also are plenty of other things kids can enjoy at the aquarium including special educational events and even rides. Visiting the aquarium is quite an experience, and is definitely something you can enjoy with your children.

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