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Cancer Treatment Center Offers Hope For Afflicted

Body  21 April '16

Cancer 2016 News & Update: Study Says Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Has 98 Percent Cure Rate For Prostate Cancer

Researchers discovered that an alternative method of delivering radiation therapy to prostate cancer patients is more efficient than traditional approaches.

City Harvest Presents The Brooklyn Local

School Age  20 April '16

American Children Who Eat Sweets After Meals Are More Likely To Be Overweight, Study Says

A U.S. study suggests that low-income toddlers who crave sweet foods after meals are at risk of getting obese.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  20 April '16

Dealing Children With Autism: Early Intervention Program Helps Parents To Improve Autistic Kids’ Interaction, Development

An intensive and cost-effective early intervention program is assisting parents in nurturing kids with autism.

Ascot Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup And Concert

Dads  16 April '16

Microsoft News & Update: Tech Company To Release ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ This May

A new edition of Minecraft, aimed at educators, will soon begin rolling out in beta format.

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2015 - Red Carpet

null  15 April '16

Proud Mother: Victoria Beckham Posts Adorable Instagram Video Of Son Cruz Singing In Pitch Perfect, Fans Call Him The Next Justin Bieber

Eleven-year-old Cruz Beckham has been dubbed as the new Justin Bieber after his proud mom shared an Instagram video of the youngster singing charmingly.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  14 April '16

‘Motherhood Penalty’ Affects Women With Or Without A Child, Experts Say

According to experts, motherhood penalty is an institutionalized bias that is applied to all women in the workplace.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Visits His Scottish Golf Course

Politics  13 April '16

US Election 2016: Donald Trump Kids’ Eric & Ivanka Won’t Be Voting For Him In New York, Feel ‘Very, Very Guilty’

Two of Donald Trump's children will not be voting for him in the New York primary after they forgot to register as Republicans.

Government Plans Education Summit

School  12 April '16

Sleep-Friendly Schools: Massachusetts To Delay Start Of School Day To Let Students Get Healthier Sleep

Massachusetts is set to lessen the number of sleep-deprived students by implementing sleep-friendly class hours.

Detroit Teachers Hold Rally And 'Sick Out' To Protest Working Conditions

School  12 April '16

Education In The US: Detroit Parents Make Extreme Sacrifices To Take Their Kids To Better Schools

Some Detroit parents have to set aside their professional and personal obligations to send their children to high-performing schools.

Children Interacting With Tablet Technology

SPED Kids  9 April '16

iPad Grant: Martinsburg Pre-school Teacher Receives Fund To Purchase iPad Minis For Children With Special Needs

A Martinsburg teacher uses iPad grant to redefine how she teaches pre-school students with special needs.

19th Commonwealth Games - Day 2: Weightlifting

School  9 April '16

Women In STEM: Successful Pros Discuss Gender Barriers At Work And How To Eliminate Them

Women, who succeed in STEM fields, shared how to tackle gender gaps and biases at workplaces.

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