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Breastfeeding mom

News  3 February '16

'Breastercising' Mom Shamy Kieser Under Fire Due To Breastfeeding While Exercising

Shamy Kieser is under fire right after her husband posted her photo on FB, breastfeeding while exercising.

Happy Dog

Parenting  3 February '16

Five Reasons Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

Experts say that a wagging tail doesn't always mean dogs are happy; wagging can mean a lot of things.

Teenager eating fruit.

Food  3 February '16

Daily Fiber Helps Reduce Breast Cancer Risk In Teens

Latest study shows that teenagers who consume 20-30 grams of fiber daily are at a lower risk for breast cancer.

Catherine Zeta Jones

null  3 February '16

Catherine Zeta Jones Might Just Consider Plastic Surgery If She "Feels Like It"

Catherine Zeta Jones denies having undergone plastic surgery, however, she might just do it if she feels like it.

Marijuana user

News  3 February '16

Study Shows Marijuana May Affect A Person's Ability To Recall Words

According to a latest study, long term use of marijuana can affect one's ability to remember words.

Genetically Modifying a Cell

News  2 February '16

UK Scientists Get The Green Light To Modify Human Embryos Genetically

British scientists were given the go signal by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to modify genes of human embryos.

Happy Dog Owner

Parenting  2 February '16

Dogs Vs. Cats: Studies Show Dog Owners Are Happier And Less Neurotic Compared To Cat Owners

This latest study may be disconcerting for cat owners, but it reveals that dog owners are happier compared to cat owners.


Trending News  2 February '16

NASA's Light Based Modem Will Be World's First To Reach Speeds Of 1GB

NASA developed a light-based modem that will reach one gigabit of speed, allowing faster communication between earth and space.

Overweight Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy  1 February '16

Pre-Pregnancy Obesity And Diabetes Linked To High Risk of Autism In Children

A new study revealed that pre-pregnancy obesity and diabetes raises the risk of autism for the unborn child.

The Lack of Knowledge About Diabetes Can  Be Fatal For Diabetics

Health/Nutrition  1 February '16

Researchers Found Connection Between Type 2 Diabetes And Tendon Pain

Latest study reveals that Type 2 diabetes and tendon pain are closely linked to each other.

Dinner is almost ready!

Food  1 February '16

Fry These Foods To Make Them More Nutritious

Don't be afraid to start frying as there are certain foods that become more nutritious after you have fried them.

Full term pregnant woman eating

Pregnancy  1 February '16

Seven Body Changes You Might Not Have Noticed But Have Experienced During Pregnancy

Learn about the seven bodily changes that you will experience but not notice whenever you are pregnant.

Young Boy with Autism

Parenting  1 February '16

Autism In Children May Be Detected By Reading Facial Expressions On This iPhone App

"Autism & Beyond" is a new iPhone app that may detect autism in children by reading facial expressions.

Blood Sugar Test Type 2 Diabetes

Health/Nutrition  30 January '16

Risk For Type 2 Diabetes Increased in Women Suffering From Insomnia

A latest study shows that women who have sleepless nights have a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes.

Schizophrenia Sufferer

Health/Nutrition  30 January '16

Genetic Clues May Lead To Figuring Out The Cause Of Schizophrenia

Scientists have found some clues in the genes which could help them find the cause of schizophrenia.

Teenager Drinking

News  30 January '16

Drinking 'Dewshine' A Mixture of Racing Oil and Mountain Dew, Left Two Teens Dead

Two teens died after having drunk "Dewshine," a homemade concoction made from methanol and Mountain Dew.

Depressed mother in maternity hospital.

Pregnancy  30 January '16

Mothers Who Suffered Depression During Pregnancy May Pass Mental Condition To Daughters

A new study has revealed that depression during pregnancy may be passed on by mothers to daughters.

Breastfeeding mothers in China

News  29 January '16

Global Economy Could Benefit from Breastfeeding To The Tune Of $300 Billion

Breastfeeding isn't only good for babies, it also provides $300 billion worth of benefits to the global economy.

Wearable Tech

News  29 January '16

Wearable Sweat Monitors Can Track Health by Reading Body's Biochemical Data

Scientists from the University of California have developed wearable sweat monitors that can track one's health by reading biochemical data.

Pregnant resting woman

Pregnancy  29 January '16

Exposure To Flame Retardants During Pregnancy Can Lead To Cognitive Problems In Children

A recent study conducted in Cincinnati showed that exposure to flame retardants during pregnancy leads to cognitive problems in children.


News  29 January '16

A Study Of Colony-Like Insects May Shed Light As To Why People Commit Suicide

A recent study has found that the eusocial behavior of self-sacrifice of colony-like insects may help understand human suicide.

Teenager undergoing depression

News  29 January '16

Antidepressant Warning: Studies Reveal Teenagers Under 18 Using Antidepressants Have Higher Suicide Risk

A study has revealed that teenagers under 18 are prone to commit suicide if they are taking antidepressants.

3d printed heart model

Toddler  29 January '16

Kidney Transplant Of A 3-Year Old Girl Made Possible With The Aid Of 3D Printing

The successful kidney transplant of a three-year old was made possible by using 3D printed models of her abdomen.

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