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Hug High School

Teens/Young Adults  9 December '16

Knife-Wielding Nevada High School Student Shot By Campus Police Officer In Critical Condition; Investigation Underway

A teenager who had a knife on him and was fighting with another student at a high school in Nevada was shot by a police officer.

Sex Trafficking sting in Orlando, Florida

Teens/Young Adults  21 October '16

More Details Emerge Over Death Of 14-Year-Old Florida Teen Lured To Sex Trafficking, Forced To Ingest Xanax While Commanded Into Prostitution

A 14-year-old teen died from drug overdose as she was forced to ingest Xanax while forced into prostitution.

Largest Street Gang Bust In New York History Centered In Williamsbridge Section Of The Bronx

Teens/Young Adults  7 October '16

Townville Elementary School Shooting Update: Prosecutor Wants To Try Teen Suspect As An Adult

The teenager who opened fire at Townville Elementary school might be tried as an adult.

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