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Elizabeth Thomas

Issues  26 April '17

More Details Surface About Elizabeth Thomas' Life Before Disappeance With Former Teacher Tad Cummins

Elizabeth Thomas, the teenager abducted by her former teacher, received abuse from her mother.

Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins

Teens/Young Adults  20 March '17

Teacher Abducts Former Student; Authorities Believe Abduction Was Planned

A 15-year-old teen is missing and it is believed her former teacher abducted her.

Rachael and Jarvis Madison

Family Life  7 December '16

Missing Woman Found Dead After Fleeing Estranged Abusive Husband Who Claimed He Did Not Kill Wife

Remains were found by authorities and it is believed to belong to Rachael Madison.

Theresa Wiltse

Family Life  22 November '16

Kidnap For Ransom Case: Woman Abducted Found Dead After Suspect Receives Money; Arrest Followed

A 69-year-old woman was abducted for ransom by people she knew but was killed even before the abductor got the ransom money she asked for.

Town Of Vallejo, California Declares Bankruptcy

Family Life  4 August '16

Kidnapping Case: Woman Files Lawsuit Against Vallejo Police For Treating Her Abduction A Joke

Denise Huskins and boyfriend, Aaron Quinn has filed a lawsuit against the Vallejo police for mishandling her abduction. The police said that based on uncommon circumstances, the kidnapping case of Huskins appear to be a hoax.

The Search For Missing 5 Year Old April Jones Continues One Month On From Her Disappearance

Behavior  27 July '16

Former Virginia Tech Students Indicted Of 13-Year-Old Girl's Abduction And Murder

David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers were indicted on charges of murder and accessory to the crime respectively that led to the death of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell last January.

Family And Friends Hold Vigil For Jessica Lunsford

Family ♥ Story  26 July '16

Thirty Years Gone: Mother Stills Looks For Her Children Abducted By Husband

After thirty years, Charles Jason and William Vosseler are still missing. There are still no significant leads for the children.

Police Continue Investigation Over Vicious Attack On Two Boys

Toddler  8 July '16

AMBER Alert Saves 4-Year Old Kid From His Father Who Abducted Him After Fighting WIth His Mom

Arthur Moniz,36, and Noah Moniz, 4, were found safe after the father fled away with his son following a domestic dispute.

People's Choice Awards 2016 - Press Room

TV/ Movie  22 June '16

'Pretty Little Liars' Update: Ashley Benson Says Hanna's Fate is Brutal; Abduction Will Affect Caleb-Spencer Romance

Hanna's abduction will reportedly affect the relationship of Spencer and Caleb and Ashley Benson dishes more on the fate of the character in "Pretty Little Liars" season 7.

London Protest Against The Kidnapping Of More Than 200 Nigerian Girls

Teens/Young Adults  9 June '16

Rare Sighting: Florida Mom And Kidnapper Play Tug Of War, Pulling 13-Year Old Daughter From Arms To Feet [WATCH]

Identified suspect, Craig Bonello is facing child abuse and kidnapping charges after attempting to abduct 13-year old girl at Dollar General Store in Citrus County. The incident was caught on video that showed how the girl's mother saved her daughter's life.

German Monastery Raided Over Child Sex Abuse Claims

School Age  13 May '16

Missing Tennessee Girl Found Safe: Heroic Strangers Rescue 9-Year-Old Who Was Allegedly Abducted By Uncle

The heroes held the suspect at gunpoint as they waited for cops to arrive at the scene.

DNA, Abduction

Health/Nutrition  8 August '13

DNA Confirmed Wrong Boy Returned following 1964 Abduction

The FBI reopened an alleged 'closed case' on Thursday after DNA results showed no match between the boy who was returned from a 1964 abduction and his parents, according to the Associated Press.

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