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Cheat-Proof Your Marriage

Issues  14 April '17

Cheat-Proof Your Marriage: Study Reveals What Couples Must Do To Stay Committed And Resist Infidelity

A lasting relationship requires work and couples who cheat-proof their marriage can effectively resist infidelity.

2016 Nashville Universe Awards

Family Life  26 November '16

Have Siblings? Count Your Blessings Because They Make Us More Sane And Happy

Our longest-lasting relationships can often be the most complex but understanding the bond with brothers and sisters can improve our lives in powerful ways.

NASCAR XFINITY Series Kansas Lottery 300

Parenting  15 April '16

Parent's PDA Might Be Good For Kids' Health: Study

Research shows that affectionate love between a mom and dad helps the children to become healthy.


Infant  28 March '16

Infant Education: 5 Things You Can Teach Your Baby Now

Teaching important lessons to your child should begin at infancy.

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