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Bullying On The Decline

Parenting  5 May '17

Bullying Declining In Schools? Study Probes What Led To The Decrease

Did those anti-bullying campaigns actually succeed in curbing the incidence of bullying in schools?

MPAA In Washington DC Hosts Screening Of The Weinstein Company's 'Bully' With Panel Discussion

Behavior  2 September '16

Anti-Bullying Video Created By 12-Year-Old Boy Makes Huge Impact Online - Meet Jonah Maxwell!

This was a personal project for Jonah, who knows what it was like to be bullied in school.

President And Mrs Obama Speak At White House Conf. On Bullying Prevention

Behavior  27 May '16

Solving The Bullying Problem: It's Beyond Punishment

All States in America have anti-bullying laws but bullying persists, suggesting that punishment is not the solution.

Prince William

Family Life  23 September '15

Prince William Talks Against Homophobia, Bullying; Honors Mother's Memory At Charity Event

Prince William said he knows he can count on his wife, his brother, father and grandparents and even his dog, Lupo, to come to his defense if ever he was bullied. The 33-year-old royal and heir to the throne revealed this fact at an anti-bullying seminar mounted by his mother's charity, the Diana Award.

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