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Kate Middleton

Moms  21 April '17

Kate Middleton Joins Talk On Mental Health, Reveals Motherhood Can Make Moms Feel Isolated

Kate Middleton recently joined the talk on mental health and revealed how motherhood can be "lonely" sometimes.

Tinder In Numbers

Dads  14 December '16

Tinder Now an Apple TV App; Works With Apple TV Remote?

It is unknown if Tinder will also arrive for android smart TV

Baby Bundle Parenting App Launch Event

Family Life  12 December '16

How A Parenting App Can Help Parents Adjust Their Children's Screen Time

The Learning Potential App, designed by the Australian federal government, is free and has been downloaded 120,000 times since August 2015.

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando

Behavior  5 December '16

Teen Murders His Grandfather While Using Kik App; He Now Speaks About The Crime

A teen is being charged with first-degree murder after killing his grandfather with the help of an app.

Glamour And L'Oreal Paris Celebrate 2016 College Women Of The Year

Toddler  28 November '16

Beauty Apps For Kids: Why Using A Mobile App That Makes Children Look Prettier Deemed As A Problem

A new iPhone app has been targeting kids who want to beautify themselves due to the dominant celebrity culture.


Dads  11 November '16

PayPal Update: Money Transfers Via Appleā€™s Siri Now Available

PayPal account holders can now ask Siri to send or request money using the iPhone or iPad app, as the online payment service expects a surge in transactions during the holidays.

Director of Epicurious Eric Gillin

Dads  2 November '16

New Epicurious App Offers More Than 1,000 Newbie Friendly Food Recipe Videos

This is not a drill and aspiring chefs in the family kitchen need not fret. Epicurious is launching their latest app with more than a thousand recipes in an easy to follow, video tutorial format.

Fleur East Celebrates Launch Of Prime Stations On Amazon's Prime Music Streaming Service

Technology  14 October '16

Amazon Music Unlimited or Spotify: Which Is The Better Music Streaming Service?

Amazon has recently launched the Amazon Music Unlimited music streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify, but can Amazon really stack up against Spotify?

Pokemon Go

Games  18 September '16

'Pokemon Go' News And Updates: Niantic Announces Arrival Of New Features, Codes Give Away Hints On What To Expect

There will be new updates in the widely-popular game "Pokemon Go."

Sony Playstation

Games  24 August '16

Playstation Now Service Could Be Played In PC, Gamers Will Use Dualshock 4 With Wireless USB Controller Adapter

Playstation Now will be coming to PC via Dualshock 4.

150 Years German Red Cross: Senior Citizens Care

Mind  5 August '16

Health and Technology: Dementia Apps Help Patients From Memory Loss And Re Connects Their Memories

Apps are aiming to help people with dementia.

Edvard Munch's The Scream Goes On Display Ahead Of Auction

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  26 July '16

Android News App: Prisma Launch On OS Broke The Internet? AI Technology Gives Selfie Addicts A New Craze?

The Prisma app, which applies artificial intelligence technology and is used for photo editing was initially only availbale on iPhone but was recently launched for Android users.

Pokemon GO App Popularity Soars As Australians Join Worldwide Craze

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  14 July '16

Pokemon GO News & Update: Weirdest Stories So Far On Niantic Game? Did You Hear That One About The Cheating Boyfriend And More

Pokemon GO by Niantic and The Pokemon Company is fast collecting monsters as well as weird stories about and by players of the phenomenal mobile app game.

86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  30 June '16

'Pokemon GO' Latest News: Niantic Collaboration Departs From Original RPG Modus? Geolocation Is Key In Smartphone App Version?

"Pokemon GO" unleashes monsters in the real world with smartphone geolocation as The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs collaboration departs from original RPG experience.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco

Education  14 June '16

Coding Made Easier: Apple Unveils Swift Playgrounds, App Teaches Kids How to Code Using A Specific Language

Apple has unveiled their new app called Swift Playgrounds, which aims to teach kids how to code.

Massachussetts To Enact Mandatory Health Insurance Law

Health/Nutrition  5 March '16

Instant Blood Pressure App Pose Risk to People With Hypertension, Study Says

A blood pressure app post risks to its users by showing inaccurate results, experts say.


Health/Nutrition  3 April '14

Think Dirty app saves women from harmful makeup

The Think Dirty phone app can save women from harmful makeup containing chemicals such as phthalates, parabens and polysorbates.


Health/Nutrition  28 March '14

App helps diabetics lower blood sugar with doctor's help

A new smartphone app may be more effective in helping diabetics lower their blood sugar with a doctor's input.


Health/Nutrition  26 March '14

App detects baby's progress and heartbeat in the womb

A new smartphone app allows pregnant mothers to listen to their baby's heartbeat while in the womb and track their progress on a regular basis.

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