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Sex Trafficking sting in Orlando, Florida

Teens/Young Adults  21 October '16

More Details Emerge Over Death Of 14-Year-Old Florida Teen Lured To Sex Trafficking, Forced To Ingest Xanax While Commanded Into Prostitution

A 14-year-old teen died from drug overdose as she was forced to ingest Xanax while forced into prostitution.

Family Life  26 April '15

Baltimore Freddie Gray March: Violent Riots Ensue After Arrests in the City

About 2,000 marchers walked their way through the Baltimore city hall to seek justice for Freddie Gray's death. 25-year old Gray lost his life the previous week inside a police vehicle, as reported in Deustche Welle. Gray passed away on April 19 after having sustained a spinal injury while in police detainment.

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