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Cyberbullying And Boys' Bad Behavior

Parenting  10 April '17

How To Prevent Cyberbullying? Experts Blame 'Negligent Parenting' On Bad Online Behavior In Boys; Here's A Solution!

Psychologists see cyberbullying and negligent parenting as becoming a pandemic and to counter these trends, schools have a bigger role of teaching boys how to behave online.

A Day In The Life Of The New York Riveters Women's Hockey Team

School  2 December '16

Boys Are Better Than Girls In Physics And Maths: TIMSS Results Demonstrate

Grade 12 males are consistently performing better than females, whereas Asians outperformed their international competitors.

Gender Neutral Parenting: Rearing Boys And Girls Equally

Behavior  26 November '16

Gender-Neutral Parenting: How To Raise Boys And Girls Equally

Is pink only for girls and blue solely for boys? Gender neutral parenting counters the norms and standards but is it too much freedom for kids who need guidance?

Miami Open Tennis - Day 11

Health/Nutrition  13 November '16

Stress Effects Vary Differently Per Gender; The Facts Will Shock You

New study says that boys and girls handle stress differently.

Universal Pictures And Legendary Pictures' Premiere Of 'Straight Outta Compton' - Arrivals

Dads  9 November '16

Zayn Malik's One Direction-Inspired TV Show 'Boys' On NBC Takes Off - Will 'Pillowtalk' Singer Turn To Acting?

The network is keen on making the television series a broadcast and digital product, but other details like casting and air date are not yet confirmed.

Zayn Malik’s New Career: Producer Of A New Boy Band TV Series, Will He Be Acting?

TV/ Movie  8 November '16

Zayn Malik News: One Direction Singer Launches Hollywood Career? Gigi Hadid’s Boyfriend To Star in ‘Boys’ TV Series? Harry Styles, Others Jealous?

Zayn Malik is currently making discussions about starring a role in a new Boyband TV series he and Dick Wolf will be producing.

Colchester Dog Attack

Toddler  15 October '16

Colchester Dog Attack Claims There Were No Signs Of Trouble Prior To The Incident

The dog attack in Colchester that killed a 4-month-old boy and left his 22-month-old brother severely injured had no peculiar signs before it happened.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

Infant  7 July '16

See The Top Baby Names For The First Half of 2016

It's time to round up the most popular baby names for the first six months of the year.

A toddler, enjoying his baby book.

Parenting  8 April '15

6 Baby Books For Boys & Girls on Their First Year

Seeing your little one get curious and explore his or her surroundings is one of the joys of being a parent. Visualizing through images is a good way for them to start learning and one effective method of doing so is by exposing them to picture books.

Abusive relationships

Health/Nutrition  25 March '14

Does aggression in sports translate to violence at home?

Adolescent boys who played football, basketball or both were about two times more likely to have recently abused their girlfriends compared to other boys, according to a California study.

Formula milk should be sex-specific, little boys need more fat

Parenting  19 February '14

Formula milk should be sex-specific, little boys need more fat

Formula milk should be sex-specific, with more fat given to baby boys, a recent study suggests.

Part of Boy's Skull Was Inserted in His Stomach After Football Accident

Health/Nutrition  31 December '13

Part of Boy's Skull Was Inserted in His Stomach After Football Accident

A 12-year old boy’s skull was inserted to his stomach as doctors treated potentially deadly brain infection brought about by a football accident, according to the Daily Mail.

Boys Have Become More Susceptible to Eating Disorders: STUDY

Health/Nutrition  6 November '13

Boys Have Become More Susceptible to Eating Disorders: STUDY

A recent study confirmed that men, like women, are now more susceptible to eating disorders.

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