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Boss gives back to devoted employee by buying her a car

Health/Nutrition  5 December '16

Cancer Survivor Employee Who Never Missed Day Of Work Got New Car From Boss

A cancer survivor and hardworking daycare employee got a new car from her boss. It is her reward for being loyal and hardworking despite her condition. Now she never comes to work late.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Health/Nutrition  29 November '16

New Study Shows 2 Genes That Increase The Risk Of Dying From Breast Cancer

Know what are these two genes that are to blame for the fatality rate of breast cancer victims.

Lance Armstrong And Mayor Gavin Newsom Tour Breast Cancer Center

Health/Nutrition  20 November '16

New Study Suggests Past Depression Has Something To Do With Breast Cancer

The link between past depression and breast cancer has been found and you might want to bookmark this information.

Science Museum Explores The Future Of 3D printing

Body  8 July '16

Cancer Breakthrough: 3D Printing Gives Cancer Survivor a Second Chance, Prosthetic Jaw Created

Shirley Anderson had to get his lower jaw removed because of cancer, but now medicine and technology have given him a second chance.

UCSF Cancer Center Uses Latest Technologies To Battle Cancer

Health/Nutrition  5 February '16

World Cancer Day 2016: With A New Hope For Cure

February 4, 2016 is a celebration of life for cancer survivors with a new hope from President Obama through medical research.

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